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NFL Betting Sites

Despite having a season that only contains 16 games per team, the NFL has done a magnificent job of marketing football as a year-round sport. The game is incredibly popular in North America, and the recent expansion of games being played overseas has led to rapid international growth as well. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the gambling on the NFL. While no one wants to discuss it, it is estimated that the betting handle on football is in the tens of Billions of dollars annually in the U.S. alone.

While the government continues to try to determine its stance on land-based sports gambling, we thought we would spend some time looking at NFL Betting Sites – what makes them good, what you should be looking for and which sites we would recommend you try. We’ve also covered big NFL events like SuperBowl for visitors looking for specific information and tips for wagering on the big game.

Features of a Good NFL Betting Site

With so much money being bet on the NFL every year, it has become the focal point of many online sportsbooks. While the game isn’t as popular in Europe, it still has traction there. Our reviews of NFL betting Sites cover all angles of a company, from when you first arrive to when you are wanting your cash. We won’t go into all the details here, but this is a rough idea of the most important items we cover when looking for sites to recommend to our readers.

Live Betting

A typical NFL game takes almost 3 hours to complete, and there are many ebbs and flows during a game. We look for sites that offer Live Betting options for players, as these tend to give you many more options to consider after you select the winner of the complete game. In-play betting has exploded in popularity and has recently found success with NFL bettors as well. Bets on which team will score next, the result at the end of a quarter and how many passing yards a quarterback will have in the second half are all Live Betting options that players love to bet on.

Prop Betting

Those of you that have been to a Superbowl party may have participated in some prop betting without even knowing. The bets on individual pieces of the game (result of the coin flip, which team will score first, which team will score last, etc.) are all prop bets. The best NFL sites are those that have loads of props for you to tackle for each football game. These bets are typically cleared after the event takes place, which means winning bets could be in your balance before the conclusion of the actual game.


Most sportsbook sites use the start of the NFL season as a reason to market heavily to new and existing players. During the late summer, you may find sites with aggressive bonuses and promotions to try to attract you to becoming a depositing player. However, the best sites don’t stop there, offering bonuses and promotions that are NFL-specific throughout the season. This could include a season-long handicapping contest, or something as simple as a Match Bet for every few NFL bets you make.

Regardless, we look for sites that have the best mix of offers for players of all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Betting

These days, mobile phones and tablets are able to perform the majority of the tasks once left for your PC. This includes being able to pull up a browser and place a wager on a football game. Add in the fact that Live Betting continues to be successful and you can start to understand why we put so much weight on sites with an excellent mobile platform. IN some countries, you will be able to download an app to your iOS or Android devices, but don’t worry if you can’t. The mobile version of most sites is compatible with the majority of devices, and the best ones offer a seamless betting experience.

Basic NFL Betting Strategy

We have a team of NFL betting experts on staff, and when we discussed putting together a strategy page for betting on the league, the entire group thought it would be a good idea. We sent each person off to come back with a list of their top strategies, then we compiled the most common of them in this list below.

Don’t bet on every game

With only 17 weeks of regular season in the NFL, the thought of most gamblers is to try to maximize winnings by placing a bet on each of the up to 16 games in a weekend. Our experts think this is a terrible idea, as you are likely to lose more than you win over the full week of games. Instead, we suggest you do your homework on each game, then come up with a shortlist of the games you feel the most comfortable about. After that, you can even tighten up the list more if you want. It is better not to spread your bankroll over too many games unless you are more interested in breaking even than winning money.

Check the Weather Reports

The NFL season takes place from September to January in the United States. Depending on where a game is being played, that could mean the weather could become a factor. OF course, if the game is being played indoors, this is not a concern, but if it is outside, the game could be affected by anything from cold to rain to snow and wind. The smartest gamblers wait until just before game time to place their bets so they can check on the forecasts in each city. A drop in temperature could affect a team that is from a warmer climate and can also affect the ball itself. Rainy or snowy conditions make it much harder for teams to move the ball down the field, which could affect scoring totals. Windy conditions will wreak havoc on kickers, and some fields are affected more than others by windy conditions. Overall, the weather can have a dramatic impact on a game even if the line isn’t moved, so there is an opportunity to take advantage of if you put your meteorologist hat on!

Injuries pile up

The NFL is not a sport for the faint of heart. It is a vicious game based on wrestling humans to the ground by any legal means necessary. With that in mind, injuries pile up during the season, and while not every player ends up on the Disabled List, a lot play hurt, which you need to take into consideration when making your bets. Read the reviews of games thoroughly, along with the updates from practice during the week. A player may be listed as starting a game but may have sat out practice to nurse an injury, which will likely have an effect on the game. Having the most knowledge of injured players will help you make a determination of a winner leading up to game time.

Take advantage of Live Betting

In-game betting has become very popular over the last few years in football, and having mobile access to your account gives you a chance to make bets while the game is in progress. There will always be an updated line while the game is on, meaning that if you think your team is going to make a comeback, then you can double down on your actions usually at better odds. Also, you can bet on parts of the game like which team will win the 3rd Quarter or who will score next, which can be far more interesting than picking the outright winner of the game.

Look at the Standings

While the NFL season is 17 weeks in length, many teams are out of the playoff picture with several weeks to go. With that in mind, you may find a team trying new offensive strategies or playing rookie players more when they are out of the playoffs. In the same vein, teams that have already secured a playoff spot may start resting their top players to have them as healthy as possible for a Superbowl run. This may not be noticeable in the line of the game, as it is often during a game when these changes are made. In these cases later in the season, you may be better off betting halftime lines as teams also tend to let their starters play a few series before taking them out. IN either case, these personnel decisions make betting on games in the final few weeks of the regular season far more difficult, so you need to put in the extra effort even when scouting teams that have been favorites throughout the season.

NFL Teams

Knowing the NFL team you plan to bet on or against will definitely help you come out on top when betting. We have pages for all 32 NFL teams, complete with schedules, results, statistics, betting information, and updated betting odds. Those pages are updated throughout the season, so you will have all the information you need to have a successful NFL betting season.

AFC East

AFC North

AFC South

AFC West

NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

The Best NFL Betting Sites

Now that you have some basic strategies in mind, you need to find the best places to make NFL bets. We have reviewed hundreds of sites that offer NFL betting, and have compiled this list of the ones we think are the best for our readers.

When we review a site, we look at the bets that are offered to players, along with the bonuses that are promoted. Many sites will offer NFL-specific bonuses and contests, which you should be taking advantage of to maximize the value of your deposit. We highlight sites that have excellent deposit bonuses and Match Bet offers, both of which go directly to your bottom line. We also look for sites that have the best mobile interfaces, as this is a critical part of making in-game bets quickly and accurately.

The sites we have listed below include some brands you have probably seen before, as well as many you are seeing for the first time. The main thing to remember here is that these are sites that our team recommends, and likely uses as well as we are gamblers just like you are.

Top 25 Players of All-Time

Below you will find our top 25 players in the NFL past and present. Listed in no particular order:

  1. Jim Brown “James Brown”
  2. Jerry Rice “Flash 80”
  3. Lawrence Taylor “L.T.”
  4. Walter Payton “Sweetness”
  5. Tom Brady “Tom Terrific”
  6. Joe Montana “Golden Joe”
  7. Reggie White “The Minister Of Defense”
  8. Peyton Manning “The Sheriff”
  9. Don Hutson “The Alabama Antelope”
  10. Dick Butkus “The Animal”
  11. Barry Sanders “Big Bad Barry”
  12. John Unitas “The Golden Arm”
  13. Anthony Munoz
  14. Joe Greene “Mean”
  15. John Elway “Duke”
  16. Dan Marino “Dan the Man”
  17. Ronnie Lott
  18. Otto Graham “Automatic Otto”
  19. Sammy Baugh “Slingin’ Sammy”
  20. Deacon Jones “The Secretary of Defense”
  21. Steve “Grit” Young 
  22. Brett Favre “The Gunslinger”
  23. Jack Lambert “Jack Splat”
  24. Alan Page “The Purple People Eaters”
  25. Deion Sanders “Prime Time”


The NFL provides an incredible amount of excitement in a short period of time, which is why it is important to stick to a strategy when deciding to make wagers on the games. We know that it can be tough to lay off some bets, especially when there are so few games to choose from each week. However, if you employ the basic strategies outlined above, you will be in the best position to both enjoy the games and walk away at the end of the day a winner.

We have to tell you that gambling on the NFL, like any gambling, is not easy. Regardless of how much research you do, you are still hoping to be right just over 50% of the time. With that in mind, we always recommend that you gamble with your head, choosing to stick with a bankroll that you are comfortable losing all of should things go badly. If you feel you need help with controlling your gambling, we have a page dedicated to problem gambling and where to find help. We are a community at this site, and we want all our readers to get the most entertainment out of gambling.