Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks is a professional football franchise based in the historic American city of Seattle, Washington. An expansion team for the NFL’s 1976 expansion, the Seahawks play in the National Football Conference West Division. The franchise has, since 2002, played its home games at CenturyField Field. Before this, the Kingdome (from 1976 to 199) and Husky Stadium (intermittently in 1994 and 2000/2001). Due to its location in the Pacific Northwestern United States, the Seahawks garner support from other cities in the region including Montana and Idaho.

The club’s kits, logo, and other trademarks and likenesses are dominated by its preferred colorway of grey, white, dark blue, and green. These colors are in different combinations throughout the two main kits as well as the two other alternate kits.

Colloquially, the Seattle Seahawks are known in different circles as the “12th man”, “12’s”, or the “12th fan” due to its supporters’ knack for creating a loud atmosphere during games. The Seahawks have twice held the Guinness record for the “loudest noise at a sporting event”, with the loudest of them measured at a whopping 137.6 dB. The team has also earned other (perhaps) less popular nicknames like “The Blue Wave” and the “Legion of Boom”.

The team currently has a front office staff comprising John Schneider (President), Pete Carroll (Head Coach), Chuck Arnold (President), and Jody Allen as both owner and Chairman.

Talking championships and other silverware, the Seahawks have one Super Bowl title to their name. In 2014, after a spectacular run both in the regular season and the playoffs, the franchise capped it all off with a win over the Denver Broncos to clinch the championship. Aside from this crowning moment, the Seahawks have also won ten division championships (in 1988, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, and 2016) and three conference championships (in 2005, 2013, and 2014). Some hold the opinion that the franchise’s lone Super Bowl trophy is a result of hard luck, considering that the Seahawks have appeared in three Super Bowl games, losing first to the Pittsburgh Steelers and then to the New England Patriots.

Despite the notable lack of silverware, the team has seen quite a number of its players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame – including legends like Cortez Kennedy, Walter Jones, Steve Largent, and Kenny Easley. These players each earned the honor after playing on the Seahawks team for all of their careers. All four of them have had their numbers (96,71,80, and 45 respectively) retired by the franchise in honor of their exploits in the game.

Despite a rich history of legendary players inducted into the hall of fame, the Seahawks’ current roster holds its own even in comparison. Boasting Russell Wilson (one of the best quarterbacks in the league) alongside players like Chris Carson (running back), Duane Brown (left tackle), Tyler Lockett (wide receiver), Bobby Wagner (linebacker), and Quinton Dunbar (cornerback), the team boasts a versatile, athletic squad with an equal mix of experience and youthful energy.

The Seahawks, over the years, have had three rivalries of note: with the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, and Green Bay Packers. The most recent of these rivalries is the Seahawks/San Francisco 49ers one. As both of these teams emerged in the mid-2010s as two of the strongest teams in the entire league, a deep-seated rivalry began to emerge, resulting in a heated atmosphere anytime both teams went head to head in a football game.

As part of a rich string of club traditions over the years, the Seahawks fly a hawk named Faith over and around the stadium before every game before the team emerged from the tunnel. Faith has since been replaced by another hawk named Taima and she now leads the team into their home games.

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