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Daniel Collins

Written by: Daniel Collins


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With apologies to the World Cup, there may be no better sporting championship than the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. For two months after a grueling 82 game regular season, 16 teams scratch and claw their way to the finals, where one team will get to hoist the 35-pound Stanley Cup. While the games themselves are exciting to watch, betting on the playoffs also provides a lot of entertainment.

Betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs is much different than betting on regular season hockey. Seeing that teams are playing against each other in a best-of-seven series, there are a lot more details to take into consideration. We are always looking for the best Stanley Cup Betting Sites, and after you read this page, we think you will be in a better position to find a site that suits your betting needs.

Features of A Good Stanley Cup Betting Site

While the general betting on hockey remains the same for games in the playoffs as for the regular season, having a group of different series to choose from over a two-month period allows you to watch trends, as well as opening up new ways to bet. Here are some of the qualities we look for in a site when reviewing it for the purposes of those who want to bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Types of bets available to players

There is a whole new set of bets that are available for Stanley Cup playoff bettors, and the best sites we find are the ones that offer as many options as possible. This can include bets on the outcome of a series, or how many games it will take a team to win that series. Odds on the Stanley Cup champion change after every round and this is where you can find some value if you are riding one team the whole way. Also, there are a series of individual player bets that you can make, such as who will win the playoff MVP award or lead the playoffs in scoring.

Live Betting during games

In-game betting is very popular in other sports, but for hockey, it offers a great set of bets for players. The games in the Stanley Cup playoffs are intense, and leads are never that safe. Many bettors are looking for updated odds during a game, and the best Betting Sites offer those in real-time allowing players to get their bets in before the tide turns in the game itself. Live Betting includes bets on which team might score next, which player will hit the scoresheet and of course odds that are constantly moving on who will win the game. Many players like to bet on a team that is down by two goals, as this is not at all insurmountable in a playoff hockey game.

Stanley Cup Playoff Promotions

If a site is looking to attract hockey fans, then it may extend its standard promotions to include some that are specific to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Sites may offer you special bonuses for betting on NHL playoff games or offer discounts on juice for certain bets. We have seen some sites have special contests where you choose the winners of every series and prizes are awarded to the players that come the closest to predicting the correct outcomes.

Live Streaming

For some of you, especially those who don’t live in North America, finding the Stanley Cup playoff games on television can be a challenge. This is why we list in our reviews which betting sites offer live streaming of the games. With these sites, you can be close to the action which definitely comes in handy if you are looking to make some in-play bets during the games you are watching.

The Best Stanley Cup Betting Sites

From all the reviews that our team has done of all the betting sites, we have compiled a list of the best sites for those of you who are betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs. The list that we have put together for you below contains sites that are very Canadian-centric, as well as sites that offer the best combination of promotions, banking options, and customer service. From our perspective, these sites offer players the best all-around hockey betting experience.


Even if you aren’t a huge hockey fan, we think you should give the Stanley Cup playoffs a watch. The games are incredibly intense, and viewing becomes even more exciting when you start to bet on the games and series as well! Hopefully, our primer on the best Stanley Cup Betting sites has been helpful, and if you want more information we encourage you to read some of our hockey betting strategy pages which will give you more insight on the types of bets that are available and how to take advantage of certain bets during the playoff season.