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BettingNews.com is a comprehensive website dedicated to providing you the latest and most in-depth sports betting news in the industry, which is owned by the Fan Leads group.

We strive to cover topics in all of the major sports such as: National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, College Basketball, College Football, MMA, Golf, Daily Fantasy Sports, Soccer, Horse Racing and more!

Our goal is to bring you the best news from each of those sports that will keep you up to date with what is going on in the world of sports. Our news articles will not only be about sports, but they will have an emphasis on the betting side of sports. We also have a mission to provide our readers with great betting previews to get you ready to win money betting on sports. We have daily picks & previews covering games that we recommend you bet on. Our team has a great track record of winning and will continue to provide winners for you here at BettingNews.com!

Speaking of our team… Our team consists of some of the most experienced and brightest sports betting minds in the industry and is constantly growing to ensure we have the best coverage possible. Below is some more information on the current members of the team:

Earl Campbell – Earl is the resident MMA and golf expert here at BettingNews.com! Being a long time trainer in the MMA space, Earl has connections and knowledge of many fighters on the UFC circuit. He has been providing profitable MMA picks for years to his readers and exhaustively examines all details of a fight to ensure he’s looking at all the angles. We’re very happy to have Earl exclusively covering MMA on Betting News.

David Mendoza – David is our resident soccer expert who passionately follows all of the major leagues throughout the world. A fan since he was young, David brings detailed expertise for match-ups for some of the biggest games throughout the season. In addition to his soccer coverage, David is also a massive fan of MMA and NHL which he follows avidly when he’s not coaching his kids soccer team.

Vincent Barloni – Vincent is our in-house analyst of the global betting market, covering topics from new legislation and regulations to interesting product launches from gaming companies. With more than a decade of experience, Vincent brings an interesting angle to our readers on pertinent topics from the world wide gaming industry. Vincent also frequents regulatory hearings and conventions on gaming globally, helping to bring some fresh perspective to the sites subject matter.

Sam Goldberg – Sam is one of the most passionate horse racing enthusiasts we’ve ever met so we feel very fortunate to have Sam covering the weekend races at tracks around the world. He also exclusively authors all of the content within our horse betting section including in-depth guides and tips for betting on the ponies, while he moves between New York and Florida during the winter to follow the racing season.

Our goal is to become one of the powerhouse websites in the sports betting industry. We want to help you understand the world of betting on sports and give you some of the best games to bet on. As mentioned above, our writers have over a decade of sports betting writing experience and have been through the ups and downs of this industry. We want you all to be like our writers and experience much more of the UPS rather than the DOWNS!

As a bettor, you likely have places that you have placed your bets on before. If you are new to the world of sports betting, one of our goals is to help you along the way. We have betting sites that we recommend and will continue to do the work for you to provide the best places for you to make all your sports bets. We thrive on our loyal readers doing well at sports betting and want to make it our mission to continue that going forward.

As BettingNews.com continues to grow, we want to get you involved with Daily Fantasy Sports, as we have provided lineups in both Major League Baseball and the PGA Tour already. Daily Fantasy Sports has become a multimillion dollar industry right alongside sports betting. There is a ton of money to be won in the game of Daily Fantasy Sports, and by joining us at BettingNews.com we will keep you on top of your game.

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