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Along with providing valuable information and insight to help you make smart sports betting decisions, we’re also here to keep you updated with the latest in the world of sports and sports betting.

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We provide betting previews, betting picks, betting odds, betting guides, and more for all of these sports.

We have daily previews and suggested best bets for games that we recommend you bet on. We seek to provide valuable context and a personal voice to the information that we provide.

Our writers are bettors too, and we feel it is a must to provide information and advice that we stand behind. We put our money where our mouth is and give you the best bets that you can make every single day!

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Are you looking for a one stop shop where you need to know everything about a game in the NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB?

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Our Matchup Pages provide:

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Before you place a bet, our Matchup pages will help you make the best plays possible, every day.

Sportsbook Reviews and Bonuses

It is important to know WHAT to bet, but it is also important to know WHERE to bet. We have you covered for that too!

We have in-depth reviews of the Top Legal Sports Betting sites out there, to help you weigh your options and figure out which Sportsbook is best for you!

Are the best odds the biggest factor for you? Are you drawn in by the most eye-catching promotions?

We’re here to help steer you in the right direction based on what you are looking for.

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There is so much to explore at Betting News and this is just scratching the surface.

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We are here to give you you just that.

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The Betting News Team

Daniel Collins – Head of Content/Writer

Daniel Collins or Sweatpant Jesus on Twitter has been an avid sports fan from birth. His father played semi-pro soccer in Australia and his grandfather was a minor league pitcher before getting drafted in the Army.

Since he could walk, Daniel has had a soccer ball at his feet or a basketball in his hands. He has followed sports his entire life, spending countless hours watching his favorite teams play, live and on TV.

He is a season-ticket holder for Arsenal FC in the UK and goes whenever he is in London. He has been to countless Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators games, as he is a native Nashvillian and loves Tennessee sports.

But above all that, he loves stats. He has always been fascinated by the analytics side of all sports and the edge that it brings when you understand the numbers.

Sports betting became legal in Tennessee in 2019 and that is when Daniel dove head-first into finding the value and learning the ins and outs of the beautiful world that is sports betting.

He applies his sports knowledge as a former athlete and avid watcher to his expertise of line reading and the spots where investments must be made. He spends countless hours finding the value and looking for the best bets, not because it is his job but because he truly loves sports.

When Daniel isn’t watching, writing about or betting on sports, he is probably outside enjoying nature, drinking a cup of coffee or a nice beer, or eating a delicious meal with his fiancé. Daniel speaks German almost fluently and was a professional actor and model for 8 years in Europe and the US.

Being a dual citizen of the UK and the US, he loves travelling and learning about new cultures and people. He loves sharing his experiences with his family, close friends, and his dog, Berta.

Life is truly beautiful and should be enjoyed every day. He hopes you find the joy in what you do and stops by his articles and enjoys what he has to say. Follow him on X @SweatpantJesus and as always, Peace and Love ✌🏼.

Eddie Griffin – Senior Writer

Eddie has been a sports fanatic for much of his life, which led him to sports media and sports betting.

Eddie’s love of sports and soaking up statistics and history began with sports reference and history books, preview magazines, and baseball cards in elementary school.

He first dabbled into writing about sports while in college and has since accumulated over a decade of experience in sports media. After spending a few years in other endeavors, Eddie returned to the industry in 2020. He has been with Betting News since January 2021 and has been in his current role since June 2021.

Eddie has been an avid sports bettor for almost 15 years. His favorite sports/leagues to bet on are basketball (college, NBA, and international), MLB, and tennis, but he loves to bet on–and follow–many sports.

If you were to look at his betting history, Eddie loves his overs. But he considers it a sign of growth that he can tolerate betting on an under at least once or twice a week now.

As a sports fan, Eddie longs to see Mississippi State’s men’s basketball team reach the Final Four again one day and for Luton Town FC to reach the Premier League in the near future.

Outside of sports, Eddie enjoys cooking, music, video games, and spending time with his family.

Even as an experienced bettor, there is a lot of information out there to take in. Waiting on the outcome of your bets can certainly be stressful, and bad beats and near misses can certainly be frustrating. But placing your bets shouldn’t be either of those things, even with so much information to sift through.

With that in mind, Eddie’s aim for Betting News is for it to be a resource that he enjoys and benefits from as a bettor just as much as everyone else does, novices and veterans alike.

You can follow him on X @BN_EddieG

Nate Hornung – Writer/Content Creator

Nate Hornung, better known online as Shaggy Bets, has lived and breathed sports since before he could talk. He was rarely seen without a ball as a child, and played virtually every sport growing up. You name it, Nate played it.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Nate loves his hometown teams. He spends plenty of Sunday’s at Arrowhead Stadium cheering on the Chiefs with his friends and family. Although the Royals and Jayhawks constantly break his heart, he can’t help but think they’ll win it all next year.

Nate has always been a numbers guy, and that’s what really got him into sports betting. He simply enjoys the process of interpreting statistics to predict an expected outcome. Whether or not the projection is accurate, Nate enjoys further analyzing why his bet won or lost.

Outside of sports, Nate spends most of his time with his beautiful fíance and two small pups: Scooby and Freddy. Naturally, it made sense for him to roll with the Mystery Machine theme and call himself “Shaggy”.

He and his fíance love to travel. During the summer they escape to The Lake as much as possible, and each winter typically consists of a Ski Trip to Colorado.

Nate is constantly searching for the World’s Best Cheeseburger. The current title holder is Do-B’s Burger Barn in Emporia, KS.

Nate believes wholeheartedly that positivity can change the world. 

Hate is just the absence of love.

Follow him on X @Shaggy_Bets for all of his picks, completely unbiased KC sports takes, and other Tweets that sounded funny in his head.

Devon Platana – Writer

Devon is a Master of Journalism graduate who joined the sports betting world in 2020.

His favorite leagues to cover are the NHL, NBA and NFL, and has a soft spot for fantasy football specifically. Outside of sports, he enjoys the finer things in life like pasta, live music and getting even more tattoos.

Follow Devon on X @DevPlat

Chris Adams – Horse Racing Writer

Chris started his horse racing journey in 2009. Placing his first wager on August 14th, in the 3rd race on #7 Ohbeegeewhyen under the handling of jockey Dean Butler at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. The mutuel was payout was just over even money, but the race lit a fire that has been burning since.

Since that fateful day Chris has dedicated thousands of hours to the sport. He has been involved in many parts of the thoroughbred industry including serving as a mutuel teller, handicapper, and owner with the Little Blue Bird Stables partnership.

One of his favorite parts of horse racing has been sharing the sport with his two daughters (7 & 4) who have also fallen in love with the game. In 2023 his oldest daughter affectionately known as “Peanut” picked the correct exacta in the Kentucky Oaks  paying over $200 and leaving her the big winner for the weekend.

Follow Chris on X for more Horse Racing Tips and all of Peanut’s Picks!

Nick Zanghi– Writer/Content Creator

Nick Zanghi, also known as NZ, has been a sports lover all his life. Since childhood, he played hockey, basketball and baseball growing up. Out of all the sports, hockey is Nick’s true love, next to his wife and daughters of course!

As a true Long Islander, he was born, raised and currently resides there. He is married to his awesome wife and they have 2 beautiful daughters together. Aside from sports, Nick loves to spend time with his family and is a big fan of grilling because he was once a butcher.

Being a lifelong hockey fan, he has been a huge New York Islanders supporter since he was a little boy. Going to games, tailgating and events all over the island. Along with the Islanders, he is an avid NYCFC supporter, as well as a Giants fan and a Yankees fan.

Once sports betting became legal in NY in 2022, Nick found his niche with Shots on Goal Props. He took to sports betting immediately and loved all the markets, ways to bet and how money can be made. He loves to find the most value in his picks as possible.

In the crazy times we live in, the best thing we can do is Be Kind, you never know what someone else is going through.

Follow him on X @NZeee for all the vibes, articles and picks he has to offer.


Varun Sharma – Writer/Content Creator

Varun Sharma, or as you may know him, VSaaauce on ‘X’. He’s been watching sports his entire life, but he’s played for even longer. He played for his Senior Varsity Basketball team, High School Rugby Team, and played years of football from middle school to high school. Sports, any and all sports, have always been a big party of his life.

Varun started his sports gambling journey back in 2018, it started as a way to make a little money while in Medical School, but it’s since turned into so much more. Sauce is currently studying to get his Medical Doctorate in addition to writing and handicapping the NBA/NFL.

Outside of Medicine and sports, he loves a strong espresso, a sunny beach, and his fiancé [REDACTED].

He’s a huge Boston Celtics fan, cheers for his hometown Calgary Flames to no end, and you’ll catch him wearing the Green & Gold screaming “GO PACK GO” during football season. His teams may not make sense, but his loyalty is unwavering.

Sports betting has given Varun the avenue to share his thoughts, and reads on the game he loves; all while making money along the way.

Follow along as Sauce uses his experience and history betting these markets to help everyone make a little extra coin.

Colby Marchio- Writer/Content Creator

Colby Marchio, also known as Colby Marchio, is just a guy from Joliet, IL. Yes, the home of all of your father’s favorite athletes, such as Rudy, Mike Alstott, George Mikan, and Colby Marchio.

Like everyone else, he has been a fan of most major sports his entire life. Aside from his daily consumption of sports, he enjoys taking long walks across the city of Chicago, cooking anything he sees on TikTok, and debating if it is financially responsible to buy yet another pair of shoes.

The passion for gambling started in November of 2019. It was a beautiful fall Saturday afternoon and the LSU Tigers were in Tuscaloosa taking on the Alabama Crimson Tide. Colby had one of his friends put money down on the Tigers to win outright, a bold move for a rookie. LSU ended up winning and the rest is history.

Now in his second year working on Live on the Line a national televised sports gambling show featured on Bally Sports and Stadium. Colby does behind-the-scenes work while getting the occasional appearance to take care of their streak segment.

The daily gambler says, that he does not have a gambling problem, he just has a problem always wanting to be right.

If you would like to learn more about Colby, follow him on X/Twitter @C_marchio2 for cheap laughs and subpar wagers.

Rachel Doerrie- Writer/Content Creator

Rachel Doerrie, also known as Nemo, is a good ol’ Canadian, raised in Toronto, the hockey mecca of the world.

Her speciality is building models using various nerd math and makes her picks based on the outputs. She’s worked in the NHL and now builds models for NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. When she’s not nerding out, she’s recording the Staff and Graph Podcast.

You can follow her regular socials or the betting instagram @nemobets!

We are always on the lookout for new voices and perspectives here at Betting News. If you are interested in writing for us, reach out on X @YourBettingNews.