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Joe Montana stands as the greatest quarterback to ever feature in the National Football League (NFL) history. Just like many veteran players, Montana rose from the bottom to be drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1979. His drafting came in the third round as the 82nd player in the overall selected list.

The former NFL superstar earned immeasurable respect, not only from his teammates but from the opposing teams too. Cincinnati Bengals’ Chris Collinsworth once commented that Montana wasn’t human, thanks to his extraordinary field skills, which earned him the nickname “Golden Joe”.

Montana’s Birth and History

Joe Montana was born Joseph Clifford Montana on June 11, 1956, in Pennsylvania, to Theresa Montana and Joe Montana Senior. His passion for football started at a tender age while still in school. He was inspired by his father, who played with him every night after work. He was a leader right from his hay days at Ringgold High School, where he rose to the position of vice president of his senior class. To demonstrate his love for football, he played as a quarterback right from junior school to his retirement.

How Joe Almost Ended Up in Basketball

After graduating from Ringgold High School, Montana was awarded a basketball scholarship to study at the North Carolina State University, but he turned it down. His roots, New Eagle, swayed Joe Montana’s decision. The western part of Pennsylvania has a reputation for football, and Montana wasn’t ready to rewrite the history. He was already a promising quarterback and therefore opted for the University of Notre Dame, on a football scholarship too.

Montana’s field performance at the university was exemplary, which saw him earn the nickname “Comeback Kid.” He led his time to unlikely wins in the fourth quarter more than four times. However, it wasn’t until his final year at the university that he was promoted to a first-string quarterback. His final game at the university was a big success after an incredible fourth-quarter comeback to beat Houston.

Joe Montana in the Professional Arena

After his 1979 successful draft with the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana made sixteen consecutive appearances for the team in that season. Two years later, Montana’s improved relationship with his coach, Bill Was, saw him leading the team that won the National Football Conference. In the same year, he led the same team again in Super Bowl XVI to beat Cincinnati Bengals.

Montana’s extraordinary comeback of all times was in 1986, against St. Louis Cardinals. He was just from surgery and a humiliating defeat to New York Giants when he led his team to win in the fourth quarter. In the same year, he won the AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Other notable achievements of the 64-year old hero include winning the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, three times in his entire career. He also won the UP NFC Player of the Year in 1981. Joe Montana retired in 1994 after featuring in the NFL for sixteen seasons.

Joe’s Love Life and Family

Montana divorced twice before getting married to his gorgeous actress wife, Jennifer Wallace in 1985. He was initially married to Kim Moses in 1974 and Cass Castillo in 1981. Joe and Jennifer are blessed with four children, namely Alexandra, Nicholas, Nate, and Elizabeth.

His Post-Football Life

Montana spent his last football days in Kansas City before passing the button to his successor, Steve Young. By the time he was leaving the 49ers, his salary had climaxed at $4 million. Montana is reportedly still earning from a couple of endorsement deals. Joe Montana is a loving man who would do anything to protect the people he adores. Late last month, he hit the headlines after saving his nine-month-old grandson from a home intruder. Montana was in the company of his wife during the home invasion.