Super Bowl 56 Betting

With the NFL regular season now a wrap, it is time to look forward to the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl 56. In the North American sports landscape, no single event garners as much attention–and sports betting interest–as the Super Bowl.

Betting on the Super Bowl isn’t just for diehard, year-round bettors either. The NFL’s annual season finale draws in many a casual observer or new bettor every year.

That is especially true in the present, with legal sports betting expanding across North America. That has opened up the opportunity to engage in Super Bowl betting at safe, regulated sportsbooks. Super Bowl 56 betting is sure to generate a wealth of interest and wagers from new and old bettors alike.

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Last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. For the first time in Super Bowl history, a team played in and won the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Super Bowl 56 will take place on February 13, 2022, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, the shared home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams.

While the Chargers just missed out on the NFL playoffs, the Rams are in the playoff field and have been one of the leading Super Bowl 56 betting contenders throughout the 2021 season.

With so much to sift through with regards to where to bet, the available betting options, and what bets to make, Super Bowl betting can easily feel like an overwhelming experience, whether you are a new to betting or an experienced bettor.

With that in mind, Betting News is here with everything you need to bet with confidence.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

When it comes to Super Bowl betting options, bettors have a lot to choose from with regards to what to bet and where to bet.

Before determining what to bet, determine where to bet. For many bettors, promotions heavily factor in which sportsbook(s) they choose.

Major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Finals are popular times for sportsbooks to offer promos, mostly geared toward drawing in new bettors.

Those promotions can be deposit bonuses, free bets, contests, or special lines or odds boosts. Super Bowl 56 betting promos will be plentiful, given the significance of the event. So, prioritize shopping around and thinking about which promotion interests you most.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Betting Odds

There are many Super Bowl betting options, but the outcome of the game itself always generates the most interest.

Betting on who will win the Super Bowl is not limited to just one part of the year. Throughout the year, you can bet on Super Bowl futures odds for the upcoming Super Bowl.

In addition to betting on who will win the game, spread betting and total betting (how many points will be scored) are the other main Super Bowl betting options.

Once the Super Bowl matchup is known, you can bet on the moneyline (who will win the game), who will cover the spread, and whether the total will go over or under.

We regularly update and analyze the latest Super Bowl futures odds throughout the year, and once the matchup has been determined, we will feature Super Bowl 56 betting odds and analysis for the specific Super Bowl matchup.

Super Bowl 56 Betting Odds

Super Bowl Matchup

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Super Bowl matchup has featured the champions of the NFL’s two conferences, the AFC and the NFC.

The NFL playoffs determine the conference champions. The playoffs consist of three rounds: the wild-card round, the divisional round, and the conference championship round.

The current NFL playoff format began in the 2020 NFL season. In that format, 14 teams, seven in each conference, take part in the playoffs.

Even before the specific Super Bowl 56 matchup is known, you can bet on the potential matchup. Some sportsbooks offer odds on the possible specific Super Bowl matchups and the potential outcome of those matchups, including which division the Super Bowl winner will come from.

Super Bowl Matchup

Super Bowl MVP Betting

In each Super Bowl, a standout performer receives the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award. Based on Super Bowl history, the Super Bowl MVP will be a player on the winning team.

To date, only once has the MVP not come from the winning team. In Super Bowl V, the Baltimore Colts (now Indianapolis Colts) defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13, but Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley earned Super Bowl MVP honors.

When the Super Bowl matchup has been decided, matchup-specific Super Bowl MVP betting odds are released. But even before then, sportsbooks offer Super Bowl MVP odds based on the teams in the playoffs.

From there, it is easy to narrow down the top Super Bowl MVP contenders based on historical Super Bowl betting trends.

Super Bowl MVP Odds

Super Bowl Betting Trends

When deciding which Super Bowl bets to make, it helps to research and understand Super Bowl betting trends.

Of course, every season and every Super Bowl are different. And in such an important, high-pressure game, expect the unexpected.

That certainly proved to be true for Super Bowl 55. The Chiefs, seeking back-to-back Super Bowl wins, were favored. However, they produced one of their worst performances of the Patrick Mahomes era as the Bucs won handily.

That said, many Super Bowl betting trends–and betting trends for the current NFL season–can provide helpful Super Bowl 56 betting insight.

With so much past and present information to take in, you must determine which betting trends are most relevant to your Super Bowl betting choices. Sometimes trends will back up your choices. Sometimes they will steer you in a different direction.

Super Bowl Prop Betting

Betting on the Super Bowl outcome will always be the most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl. But Super Bowl prop betting also generates a great deal of interest every year.

In fact, the outcome of Super Bowl props can be more interesting than the outcome of the game itself, especially for neutral observers.

Sportsbooks offer many Super Bowl prop bets, ranging from serious to silly. Super Bowl player props and Super Bowl scoring props are two serious options offered at many online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl Player Props

NFL player prop betting is popular throughout the NFL season, and that includes the Super Bowl.

What will be the total number of passing yards or pass completions for each quarterback? How many touchdowns or interceptions will be thrown? Who will throw the first interception?

How many rushing yards or rushing attempts will the running backs have? How many catches or receiving yards will pass-catchers have? Which player(s) will score a touchdown? Who will score the first touchdown?

Sportsbooks feature those player props for games throughout the season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl. Also, a special occasion calls for some prop options that may only be available for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl First Scoring Play Props

Along with betting on Super Bowl touchdown scorers, you can also bet on what–and when–the first scoring play in the Super Bowl will be. Will it be a touchdown? Will it be a field goal? Or will the unlikely happen and the first scoring play be a safety?

Super Bowl Coin Toss

Heads or tails? The coin toss means a lot in any football game, but the Super Bowl coin toss carries even more significance. The team that wins the coin toss can set the tone offensively or defensively out of the gate and lay the foundation for a memorable Super Bowl win.

For that reason, being able to bet on the Super Bowl coin toss is another popular Super Bowl prop option.

Super Bowl National Anthem

Millions upon millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl for the action on the field. Not everyone does, however. The commercials, halftime show, and the national anthem are all big parts of the non-football draw. Super Bowl national anthem betting falls under the quirkier Super Bowl betting options available.

The national anthem performer for Super Bowl 56 will be announced in the weeks leading up to the big game. But expect the release of Super Bowl national anthem props soon after the release of Super Bowl 56 betting odds.

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower

The Super Bowl Gatorade shower is one of the most anticipated moments of each Super Bowl. Every year, players douse the Super Bowl-winning coach in America’s legendary sports drink during the victory celebrations. Many sportsbooks offer odds on what color the celebratory shower will be.

When the Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs to win Super Bowl 55, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians was showered with blue Gatorade. So, bettors who chose that color scored a win even if their other Super Bowl bets didn’t win.

Which Gatorade color will the winning coach be covered in at Super Bowl 56? We’ll find out on February 13.

Super Bowl FAQ

Which teams are playing in the upcoming Super Bowl?
Super Bowl 56 will be played between the AFC (American Football Conference) champion and the NFC (National Football Conference) champion. There are 16 teams in each conference, and seven from each conference reach the single-elimination NFL playoffs. Three playoff rounds–the wild-card round, divisional round, and conference championship round–determine the conference champions and the Super Bowl matchup.
When and where is the upcoming Super Bowl?
Super Bowl 56 will be played on February 13, 2022, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.
What kind of Super Bowl bets can I place?
There are many Super Bowl betting options. Moneyline betting, spread betting, and total betting are the most popular Super Bowl betting options. Super Bowl proposition (widely shortened to prop) betting is also very popular. Super Bowl 56 prop betting options at many sportsbooks will likely include the following: Super Bowl player props, Super Bowl scoring play props, Super Bowl coin toss prop betting, Super Bowl national anthem prop betting, and Super Bowl Gatorade shower prop betting.
Who should I bet on to win the Super Bowl?
Well, we can’t make your decision for you. But Betting News will provide a number of articles and resources to help you make the most informed Super Bowl 56 bets possible.
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