Alan Page “The Purple People Eaters”

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Today NFL boasts of over 400 million fan base followers, making it the most popular game in North America. To attract such a huge fanatic, many players had to do the unthinkable, play and win. Alan page is one among a hand full of superstars that combined the brain and field tactics to stand up and impress both family and fan.

Our football enthusiasm has landed us into a past legend, Page that we will find out his rise, influence, and many more for the benefit of historians, young fans, and information curators.

Early education

Alan page childhood began Ohio’s former manufacturing hub and current education, finance epitome; Canton city. He was born in the late summer of 1945, a few days to the end of world war two. From the beginning of his young age, his parents were particular educationists, and they wanted him to follow an academic line. This prompted him to yearn for one of the most reputable careers at that time, law.

The private roman based Canto central Catholic high school played an important role both in education and game. Less is known about the years he spends in high school but graduated in 1963 after excelling in several sports events.

His education quest led him to the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, where he received a BA in political science. While he took his studies, he didn’t stop his sports desire. He led the university team- Fighting Irish to National Championship in 1966.due to his prowess in National Championship, Page was selected in All Americans football team with other comrades from different universities.

In 1966, Alan Page participated in 30 years old East-West Shrine games, resulting in one of his significant achievements, the Babe Hollingberry Award.

Sports and career life

Alan page’s 6 foot and four-inch body frame packed with over 200 pounds was the ideal physique for a great defensive lineman, an advantage he used in slaying his opponents. His early career began in high school, where his body came into play.

The “Purple People Eaters”

Page was selected in the first round and 15th overall in Minnesota Vikings, where he played for 11 seasons to 1977. Together with the other three ‘defensive players, they formed a defensive line and nicknamed it The Purple people eaters from a 1958 song. Purple was the color of their uniforms. Many people acknowledge that the Purple people eater was an effective and efficient defense second to none.

He played all the tournaments, including all four Super Bowls- an annual championship game, with his purple people eater. Vikings won four conference titles and one League Championship and then wound up his career in 1978.

After his shine in Vikings, Chicago Bears took him to their service, which lasted for a few years.

Law career

He had laid his law groundwork in university; therefore, he just shifted from football. He earned a doctorate title at the University of Minnesota Law School, which catapulted him to the Supreme Court. Page was appointed an assistant attorney general after he had served as Special Assistant Attorney General in 1985.


Allan Page is a fruitful citizen with numerous titles. He played over 215 games in the starting lineup, which led to his undisputed title- defensive player of the year in ’71 and ’73. 1969 was a prosperous year for him and other Vikings when they were awarded NFL champions.

Presidential Medal of Freedom was the highest title he received from President Trump in 2018.

Important information

Page and his late wife formed the Page Education Foundation, which is still active to date. His current wealth is over 1 million dollars.