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Betting News is the leading authority for online sports betting news, with a focus on publishing high quality, interesting and unique editorial for our visitors. Our expert team of writers works diligently each and every day to publish timely content covering a wide range of sports including the NFLNBANHL and MLB just to name a few.

In addition to our sports news coverage, the online betting world is always changing and this is especially true when it comes to the US gambling market. Because of this, our journalists cover the developments of new online sports betting legislation in every US state as it’s proposed, to help USA players find a sports betting site based on the local laws of their state.

Expert Betting Picks & Previews From The BN Team

Any serious sports bettor knows that winning success doesn’t depend on luck, it depends on having an edge over the sportsbook and other bettors.

With so much sports media out there, it can be hard to sift through all the noise and know what news stories really matter and what advice you should follow when betting on sports online.

Betting News brings you the timely and precise information that you need to place better bets on all the main sports leagues around the world.

Our team of experts get straight to the point, covering the best sporting events to place bets on with a full analysis of the odds, matchups, injuries and much more.

The Betting News journalists focus exclusively on the gambling aspect of sports and concentrate on the factors that matter for a bettor. Any newspaper or sports blog can report on injuries or outcomes, but only we provide visitors with expert tips from a betting perspective.

NFL Tips & Analysis – We’ve Got You Covered.

The NFL is the most bet on league in the world for a reason: the spread and over/under create attractive betting opportunities even for newcomers, but the more experienced players know that some lines are softer than others. Our expert NFL betting news team cuts right through the news to give you access to the information that you need to find these soft lines and beat the odds.

MLB Insights & Odds – We’ve Got You Covered.

With over 2400 games a year, the Major League Baseball calendar is packed with action, but some matchups are hard to judge. To bet on baseball, you need to get to the core of the data and only concentrate on the games and on the odds where a sports bettor can actually turn a profit. Our team of MLB journalists analyze dozens of games a week to find the betting lines with the most value. We also give you access to the information that matters to set your Daily Fantasy Baseball lineups and gain an edge against other DFS players.

NBA News & Betting Strategy – We’ve Got You Covered.

Making a profit betting on the NBA is not an easy task but with the right information, you can identify the matches where value lies, and the betting line movements that are profitable. Our basketball coverage is top notch and helps our visitors find the biggest edge on games, as well as providing full insight and analysis via matchups and historical performance.

NCAA Picks & Matchups – We’ve Got You Covered.

Young players have good days and bad days and NCAA Football and College Basketball teams often have imbalance in talent. This is why betting on college sports or creating brackets on March Madness is so interesting. You need to follow the game closely to find value and interesting longshots, and our College sports writing team is here to help. We identify the value betting lines and the odds to play every week of the college football and NCAA basketball calendar year.

Expert Horse Racing Analysis – We’ve Got You Covered.

Despite being the most bet on sport in America, horse racing coverage and news are often hard to come by, except on the Kentucky Derby and other Triple Crown races. There are however valuable horse races to bet on each and every week. Through our horse racing expert Sam G, we offer extremely detailed analysis of each week’s races with a breakdown of each horse and an expert selection of what to bet on for the race.

Betting Site Reviews – We’ve Got You Covered

The best picks in the world are of no value if you don’t have a reliable sportsbook to bet at. That’s why we have reviewed every legal betting site in the USA and provide detailed information to players on this website. Whether you are looking for the best NFL betting sites, a new MLB betting site or maybe want to find a new online sportsbook, you can trust our fair and honest reviews to find the website most suited for your needs.

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