NBA Betting Sites

With a steady influx of international players into the league over the last decade, the NBA has seen a growth in popularity. We already knew how popular the game was in North America, but where the league has seen the most growth is in Europe and Asia. For many people, betting on the sports is a favorite pastime, and this is something not lost on the league.

The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has brought up the idea of changing the betting laws in the United States to allow for betting on his sport. While many disagree with what role the NBA should have in that, one can’t help but feel that this is an excellent step in the right direction for the online sports betting industry.

In the meantime, we have to look to online sites based outside the U.S. to get our NBA betting fix. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the best NBA Betting sites, so we are here to help! We’ll recommend a few and even tell you what to look for if you like to do research on your own.

Features of A Good NBA Betting Site

Not all betting sites are built the same, and this is especially true of sites that accept bets on the NBA. Let’s review some of the criteria our reviewers use when compiling site reviews.

What types of bets are offered?

This is the most basic of items we look at when reviewing a sports betting site. When it comes to NBA bets, we like the sites that offer far more than bets on the halftime and final outcomes. There is a multitude of bets that can be placed on each game, including odds on the performance of individual players or a combination of players in the game. We also look for sites that will allow you to parlay two parts of the game (i.e., halftime to final) together to enhance your odds if you are sure of a particular outcome.

In-game Betting Odds

Unlike some other sports like tennis or soccer, the pace of an NBA game is frenetic, with leads swelling and disappearing very quickly during the flow of a game. Live betting has become very popular with players who have the desire to bet as the game is going on, and while there are fewer options for in-game betting on the NBA, we still look for sites that offer the most options for those who have a hunch while the game is taking place.

Futures Betting

The NBA season is 82 games long, and one favorite series of bets to make are Future bets. These are bets that are made at the beginning of the regular season or playoffs and can include bets on individual award winners like the MVP, or the total number of games won by a particular team. Many sites don’t offer these, so we want o ensure you find the ones that do in case you want to peruse your options at the start of a season.

Bonuses and Offers

The best sites out there today offer players more than just the odds – they are the ones that help players stretch their betting dollars by way of promotional offers. Sometimes, a site will offer NBA bettors a specific offer, but it doesn’t have to be that way for our reviewers to give a site top marks. For example, a site that has an excellent loyalty program may not cater specifically to NBA players but still provides a higher return on each deposit.

Basic NBA Betting Strategy

The basics of the NBA season are a good place to start. There are 32 teams in the league, and the regular season, which runs from November to April, eliminates half those teams from playoff contention. From there, a playoff tournament runs over the next two months to determine a champion. Sounds easy, right? Well, now it is time to figure out where to find value in a 6-month regular season, and what basic strategies our experts follow regardless of how much money they are betting on the games.

Bet smart and with limits

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people either bet too big on a game or play too many games in a week. We always recommend that you start with a bankroll that you are comfortable losing 100% of without affecting the rest of your life – gambling is supposed to be entertaining and spending more than you can afford can have a significantly adverse effect on you. Once you have your bankroll, try not to spread it around too many games at once. The best gamblers are lucky to win 60% of their bets, and you aren’t one of those players yet. Do your research, pick certain games and then leave the rest for another time. You shouldn’t suffer from FOMO if you are picking games you are more likely to win.

Look at the schedule for value

The NBA season is a long one, and in there, teams have to extend themselves at times. Each team will have at least one stretch of 4 games in 5 nights, which can be exhausting. Look for the teams that are playing these games and see if there are teams they are up against that could take advantage of a tired squad. If so, you should be taking advantage as well. Also, teams tend to go on extended road trips to either coast to save on jetlag. However, this can mean several days away from home, sleeping in uncomfortable beds, and this can also have an impact on a team’s performance. These are moments that you can find some value in if the schedules and the teams line up. As soon as the schedule comes out, you should highlight some of the games, then keep notes as the season progresses.

Bet on first-half scores instead of the final score

Many gamblers swear by the first half lines of games. As a game goes into the later stages, there are often many fouls made to try to stop the clock, which can lead to loads of extra points being scored. This can skew the line for an overall game, but it is far less likely to happen during the first half. As these lines and totals are purer, they can often be easier to bet. You can find first half and first quarter odds at most betting sites, and once you give it a try, you may find yourself not worrying about the final outcome of the game anymore!

So many prop bets!

An NBA game has a lot of moving parts, and as a result, there are tons of things to bet on during a game that don’t involve who will win the game! This can be anything from the number of points scored by the starting rotation, to a bet on the matchup between two players from opposing teams, to the number of 3 point field goals scored during the game. Prop bets give gamblers many reasons to get excited during a game, and this leads to more chances to win! We always recommend that you make smaller wagers on prop bets so you can have several going at one time during a betting session. These bets tend to be paid out as soon as they have a result, which means the money could end up in your account before the end of a game. This would allow you to go find another prop bet and get back into the action!

Watch for resting superstars

Although the league has tried to curtail this behavior over the last few years, there are points in a schedule when a team will give its star players a rest. The San Antonio Spurs are notorious for this, and while they have stopped simply not dressing their stars for certain games, they will frequently have their players play for only a few minutes then sit them for the rest of the game. As you can imagine, this can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a game, and therefore the outcome of your bets. While you can’t say for sure if a team is going to sit a player (unless they announce it), you can use the schedule and the time of the season to make an educated guess on when players aren’t going to be going for the full game. This tends to be later in the season as a team has already qualified for the playoffs, but it could also happen during a long road trip, etc. Keeping an eye on these quirks will put you in a position to take advantage of a line that hasn’t been set properly.

The Best NBA Betting Sites

When we perform a full review of a betting site, we try to look at it from the perspective of every type of sports gambler. NBA gamblers are likely to be looking for something different than people who are betting on soccer, and with that in mind, we have compiled this list of Recommended NBA betting sites. These companies have all received top ratings from our team, and all have a great selection of NBA bets for you to choose from. Also, these sites provide the best customer service and payment options so you can get your money to and from the site with the least resistance. We always recommend that you shop around for lines, which is why we give you many sites to choose from on this list. We encourage you to look at each one, see if any differences matter to you personally, and then look for the best odds on the games you want to bet on!


While the NBA continues to push the level of commitment to international exposure, we are bound to see more games being played overseas in the future. This will bring a whole new audience to the sport, as well as open the door to new NBA gamblers. The information we have given you on this page will put you in a much more knowledgeable position when it comes time to make NBA bets, which hopefully will lead to a much more enjoyable experience – who doesn’t love winning more often?!