South Dakota Online Betting Sites

It always seems like South Dakota and North Dakota are spoken of in the same sentences. However, the two states have very distinct governments and views of different topics. This is a gambling site, so our attention is focused on how South Dakota feels about gambling within its state borders. We will look at all aspects of gaming laws in the state, including what the new rules about sports betting may do to foster change.

Sports Betting in South Dakota

For decades, the only state in the U.S. that could legally offer sports betting was Nevada. However, a few years ago the New Jersey government challenged the law that prohibited other states from doing the same. That fight took years to finally come to a conclusion, but in May 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court (yes, it went that far) decided they law was unconstitutional and repealed it. Overnight, states were allowed to create regulations for sports betting should they choose. New Jersey and a handful of other states were quick to jump on this, but other states like South Dakota have yet to make their move. For the time being, sports betting operations are not legal in the state.

Online Sports Betting

Of course, if sports betting itself is not legal, online betting is not legal either but that could all change rapidly. Just like most states in the Union, South Dakota is considering regulating the sports betting industry in its frontiers. At the moment, what is being discussed is onlin sports betting in the casinos of Deadwood but one that passes, it is likely that online sports betting would start being discussed too. South Dakota is thinly populated so, of course, being able to bet remotely would be a welcome option.

Horse Betting in South Dakota

South Dakota feels like the kind of state that would be very friendly to the horse racing industry. Wide open spaces conjure up the concept of lots of stables and horse breeding. Well, the reality isn’t as exciting as the fantasy was made out to be. The bottom line is that there is live racing in the state at two separate facilities, but with a small population, there simply aren’t that many racing days in the calendar year at the tracks. Horse betting enthusiasts can head to the tracks for live racing, but can also show up on non-racing days to bet on the races being simulcast from tracks all over North America. This gives the tracks the much-needed foot traffic to keep their doors open, but it has been an industry in steady decline for years.

Online Horse Betting

While there are facilities that gamblers can visit in South Dakota to bet on horses, the bottom line is that many people don’t want to leave their homes to gamble anymore. For pari-mutuel bettors who are looking to place wagers from their phones or PCs, there are options in the state. Companies like Twinspires, which is owned by Churchill Downs, are able to take action from players in the state. It is entirely possible that the state will step in and change the regulations, but for now, there are multiple options for creating an account and betting on your favorite tracks.

Casino Gambling in South Dakota

While sports betting has been on the shelf in the state for decades, the same cannot be said for casinos. The state entered into a compact with the various tribal nations on land in the state to allow them to offer casino games, and they have opened several facilities over the years. There are currently 10 land-based tribal casinos in the state, along with a couple of state-licensed facilities as well. It appears that the climate for casino gambling is alive and well in the state, especially in Deadwood, the epicenter of the activity in South Dakota.

Online Casinos in South Dakota

Even though casino gambling is legal in the state, these laws do not include online versions of real-money games. Again, this is a world of convenience we live in, and by not allowing the tribal casinos to offer online casinos, the door has once again been opened for unregulated sites to accept these players. This  is not likely to perdure much longer thankfully and the most likely scenario will be that the laws are changes in the next few years to allow players in South Dakota to play online casino games as well.

Lottery in South Dakota

Unlike its neighbor to the north that waited until 2004 to launch a state lottery, South Dakota has been offering these games since the late 1980s. The South Dakota lottery is part of the intra-state group that offers huge jackpot draw games like Powerball, which have turned players into multi-millionaires overnight. There is also a series of draw games that happen daily on the state level, and dozens of active scratch tickets that allow someone the instant gratification of playing any time of day.

Is sports betting legal in South Dakota?

No, but it could be coming sometime soon. This is a state that has very liberal gambling laws, and with the recent changes to the prohibition of sports betting, there could be enough public pressure to start discussions of how to regulate the industry in South Dakota. Right now, the plan is to let the people decide by a vote to allow or not sports betting to be offered in any casino in South Dakota.

When will sports betting be legal in South Dakota?

Even though South Dakota isn’t too close to many of the states that have either already passed legislation or plan to in early 2019, it looks like they are ready to take the step as well. the constitutional amendment has been proposed already so we could see a vote on this question before the middle of the year. Then, the likely scenario would be a start of sports betting operations in South Dakota some time in 2019 before the NFL season.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of South Dakota?

For us, the best sportsbook comes down to personal preference. We err on the side of sites that have the best mobile products, but if you are someone who prefers to play from your PC, then you may not care as much about how a site operates from your phone. One thing is for certain – the more research you do on the topic, the more likely you will find a site that won’t have any surprises when you start depositing and playing for real money. These days, players are more likely to make a wager over their phone than from a PC, and with the advent of in-play betting odds, the speed of a site on a mobile device becomes even more important.