Hawaii Betting Sites

Hawaii is a tropical paradise thousandsof miles from the lower 48 states. People from all over the world travel to the islands to see the lush greenery and beautiful beaches and ocean. If you are a gambler, however, you are going to be taking a break from most forms of gambling here. We’ll review the conservative laws in this state on this page, and see if there is any chance that any of them will change in the future.

Sports Betting in Hawaii

With the time zone so far away from the East Coast of the country, sports are on at a very different time in Hawaii. That being said, there is still a huge following for many different professional teams and sports. There is no current legal way to bet on sports in the state, and while the United States is now in a position to open up sports betting on a state-by-state basis, we think it is unlikely that this will move quickly in Hawaii.

Online Sports Betting

People who are interested in betting on their favorite teams and sports do not have the option of finding an online sportsbook that is legal in Hawaii. Offshore online sportsbooks have been around for over twenty years, and they have been taking billions of dollars in bets from American players but these are all illegal and players in Hawaii should not trust them with their money.

Horse Betting in Hawaii

Horse racing enthusiasts are definitely not having fun in Hawaii. Not only are there no tracks available on the islands for live races, but there is also no pari-mutuel betting through off-track betting locations. Pari-mutuel betting is illegal in Hawaii, and there are no signs that this is going to change anytime soon.

Online Horse Betting

It’s a double shot of trouble for horse racing fans when it comes to finding places to play online. The ban on pari-mutuel betting in the state means that sites like Twinspires, DRF Bets and Xpressbet, all of which are licensed in Oregon and take action from many states, are also not allowed to operate in Hawaii.

Casino Gambling in Hawaii

Continuing the trend of sports and horse racing, there are also no land-based casinos in the state. There was a movement to open a gambling property on one of the islands about a decade ago, but that was quickly killed in the house. For now, there is no live casino gambling available to residents or tourists in the state. Residents looking to gamble should board a plane and visit one of the many casinos in California.

Online Casinos in Hawaii

Online casinos continue to provide a source of entertainment for people in their own homes in the United States, even though the government has tried many ways to shut them down. Sites that are based in Latin America and the Caribbean are open for business for American players, including those who live in beautiful Hawaii. There are dozens of sites that you can choose from but none of them are legal. Just like with online sportsbooks earlier on this page, we do not recommend residents of Hawaii to gamble with  offshore online casinos, it is just not worth the risk.

Lottery in Hawaii

No matter how conservative a state is with regards to other forms of gambling, this is the point in our overview where we can point to lottery games as a staple form of entertainment. This is, however, not the case with Hawaii. Even though the majority of the country has added lottery games as a way to raise funds for state initiatives, Hawaii has chosen to remain on the sidelines. They are one of only 5 states that do not currently offer lottery games.

Hawaii Gambling FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Hawaii?

No, at this point there are no legal sport betting operators in the state. This doesn’t mean that people don’t gamble on sports, however, as the black market is rampant with illegal bookies and unregulated-based online sportsbook sites.

When will sports betting be legal in Hawaii?

With the changes to the laws around sports betting in the United States, you would think that all the states would be clamouring to pass legislation and start reaping the tax benefits of sports betting. However, given the conservative nature of the state government in Hawaii, the odds are very poor that there will be any movement in 2019. In fact, we expect that Hawaii may be one of the states that choose not to make it legal at all.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of Hawaii?

With a negative outlook for passing legislation for sports betting in the state, it is unlikely that online sportsbooks will become available any time soon in Hawaii. With no legal gambling option in the state, residents will have to  board a plane if they  want to place sports bets.