New York Online Betting Sites

New York has never been a state to shy away from anything. How can it with one of the most incredible cities in the world as its showcase? New York state has always led the charge when it comes to controlling gambling, and their law enforcement has been working hard to keep illegal gambling from taking over the state. This page will serve to have a look at where the state stands when it comes to all forms of gambling, and what may change in the coming years.

Sports Betting in New York

New Yorkers love their sports teams, and this has led to a massive illegal bookmaking business in the state. However, the 2018 repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act by the U.S. Supreme Court has paved the way for regulations in individual states. New York, sensing this could be coming due to their proximity to New Jersey who originally started the fight to allow legalized sports betting, went so far as to add language about sports betting licensing in a recent casino bill. IN 2013, the state passed a law that would allow four casinos to receive sports betting licenses if PASPA was ever repealed. Now, there are no current regulations in place and it is hard to say if there will be more licenses awarded than just those four, but we are sure that there will be regulated sports betting in the state sooner than later.

Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting has been prevalent in New York for over twenty years. Over the years, several gambling rings in the state that partnered with sportsbooks have been busted, but that hasn’t stopped many companies from continuing to take bets from residents of the state. Today, you can still find ads for some of the large online sportsbooks around the New York City area.

With an ever-changing landscape, it is important for any sports bettor to know what sites are out there and which of those are truly legit for making deposits and playing. Playing at offshore sportsbook is a bad idea as there are no guarantees of fairness or that your winnings will get paid. New York gamblers need to play only at New York licensed online sportsbooks. At Betting News, we take this very seriously and have dedicated resources to finding and reviewing all the online sportsbooks legally authorized to accept residents of the state. We reviewed all legal online sports betting sites available to New York residents. This means that if a website that you are considering starting to play at is not on our list, it is an illegal sports betting website.

From that long list of reviews, we can make recommendations to our readers and have done so on this page with the list of recommended online sportsbooks you see below.

These sportsbooks all provide up to the minute betting lines both before a game starts and as the game is in progress, and each offer their betting platforms for both PC users and those wanting to make their bets from a mobile device. Speed is of the essence when it comes to placing a sports bet, and these online sportsbooks have streamlined the processes so that you can log in, make your bet and get back to watching the game without hesitation.

Horse Betting in New York

Horse racing is still very popular in New York state, and there are still several racetracks that are operational in the state. These tracks offer live racing throughout the year, and there are some special race days that award prizes into the millions. Betting on horse racing is a popular pastime, and these tracks (along with hundreds of off-track betting locations around the state) give gamblers a chance to place a bet on a local race or one from dozens of tracks around North America.

The crown jewel of horse racing in the state is Belmont Park, which is host to the third leg of the Triple Crown every year. This race draws the attention of a global sports audience as the Belmont Stakes is the race that gives a horse the chance to step into immortality by winning the elusive Triple Crown.

Online Horse Betting

While the racetracks in New York state are not currently licensed to offer online betting themselves, the New York Racing association does so with  its site NYRAbets. There are many other sites like DRF Bets or Twinspires that are open for business. These sites, which are licensed in Oregon, give players the opportunity to bet from their own homes by way of live streaming from tracks across the United States and Canada.

Casino Gambling in New York

Casino gambling is very popular in New York state, with a combination of racinos, tribal casinos and privately-owned facilities as well. Each of the racetracks has been given the chance to add slots to their properties, which has helped keep these tracks open as horse racing revenue has dropped over the years. There are three more downstate casino licenses to be awarded soon, and this will mean the construction on more properties will begin.

Online Casinos in New York

There are currently no Online casinos operated by the land-based license holders in New York. With the changing landscape however, it is certain that there will soon be multiple legal online casino sites open for residents of New York.

We expect that the New York legal online casinos will have top of the line game offerings, with hundreds of slots games to complement the wide array of table games and video poker. These will certainly offer both play from your laptop or your mobile phone, but it will ultimately depend on the laws passed by the New York state assembly.

Lottery in New York

The New York State Lottery has been a fixture in the state for decades. Fans of the lottery can head to one of the hundreds of official retailers in the state to pick up some scratch tickets for as low as $1 each, or they can choose from one of the many draw games that are available. This includes taking a shot at becoming a multi-millionaire overnight with games like Powerball that draw players from across the country. The proceeds from all these lottery games are put back into the state by way of programs to help the less fortunate, so you can feel even better about playing that scratch ticket while reading this at your desk!

New York Gambling FAQ

Is sports betting legal in New York?

No, it is not legal right now, but that doesn’t mean that sports betting isn’t popular.

With a large number of professional and college sports teams across the state, gambling is very popular. For now, New York residents have to cross the river to New Jersey to find legal sports betting.

This will change very soon as regulation is coming to New York for the benefit of residents of the state interested sports betting and online gambling in general.

When will sports betting be legal in New York?

Sports betting is technically already legal, thanks to some crafty lawmakers. In 2013, the law that was passed to allow for new casino licenses in the state included a provision that would award sports betting licenses to the same four groups if PASPA was repealed. There will need to be some regulations written but we expect to see real money sports betting that is regulated being active before the start of the 2019 NFL season.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of New York?

Let’s start with what you don’t want, which is an illegal offshore sportsbook which might run away with your winnings. Similarly, you should only use a site recommended by Betting News as we have reviewed all the key features to find the best. You need to ensure your money is going to be safe, and that is one of the most important qualities that our reviewers look at when comparing sites. To find the best site for you, look for a site whose interface is the easiest for you to navigate, as that will be the key to getting your bets in quickly and correctly.