Maine Online Betting Sites

While Maine is not a very populous area of the United Staes, its proximity to states like Massachusetts puts it in a position to benefit from any decisions made in that state. This could extend to gambling laws, especially given how much activity there has been in the last few months on the east coast of the country. Let’s have a look at the current gambling laws in Maine and how they affect its residents.

Sports Betting in Maine

Sports betting in the United States is a hot topic these days, and since the Supreme Court repealed the law that forbids states from offering sports betting (PASPA) in May 2018, there has been a flurry of activity on the east coast. Starting with New Jersey and Delaware and moving across to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and others, there have been new gambling bills introduced seemingly every month. It is expected that New York and Massachusetts will follow suit in 2019, which will put some pressure on the government in Maine to do the same. At his stage, however, there is no legal option for betting on sports in the state, despite a love of sports (and professional teams from New England) amongst its residents.

Online Sports Betting

As is the case with all the states that do not currently offer legal sports betting choices, Maine residents place bets on their favorite teams of sporting events through offshore sportsbooks. There is currently no law preventing citizens from betting on sports at an unregulated site but that does not mean that it is a good idea to do so. With no control on their activities, there is just too much risk for a gambler to trust these offshore sportsbooks with their real money.

Thankfully, multiple laws are being debated in Maine and one can hope that legal sports betting will come to the state in 2019.

Of course, readers from Maine will be able to turn to this page for in-depth reviews of all betting sites offered in the state and to discover those considered to be the most trustworthy by our team of experts. We test every site we come across extensively for our product reviews, and these are the sites that offer the most robust promotions and the best game selection.

Also, with mobile being so important to people’s lives these days, we make sure that each of the online sportsbooks that we recommend delivers an excellent player experience regardless of what phone or tablet you are using. There is nothing worse than trying to pull up a line for a bet only to find the site moving too slowly to get your bet in. You can rest assured that the sites we recommend for Maine residents all meet our level of expectation of performance.

Horse Betting in Maine

Horse racing continues to be very popular with a subset of the population of Maine, which is primarily an older crowd. However, that doesn’t stop the two tracks in the state from opening their doors and running races throughout the year (weather permitting of course).

In addition to these tracks, there are some temporary licenses that are awarded to the operators of the State fairs that take place each year. These fairs, which travel around the state form the spring to the fall, often hold their own harness races on-site, and these races are allowed to have purses and players are able to bet into these pools. This is an interesting twist on horse racing that it would seem would also be a bonus for other states looking to introduce horse racing to a larger audience.

At the two tracks and the four off-track betting facilities in Maine, gamblers are able to watch horse races from around the country via simulcast, and these races all allow gambling from these locations. The great thing about pari-mutuel betting is that there is always a pool for someone to bet into, and having these races simulcast opens them up to a significantly larger pool of gamblers.

Despite the decline in horse racing revenue, there are no casino games at the racetracks in Maine. This may be something that is reopened in 2019 as sports betting laws are introduced.

Online Horse Betting

The tracks and OTBs in Maine are not allowed to offer an online version of their product, but that doesn’t mean that residents of the state can’t place bets online. Many companies that are based in Oregon, including XpressBet, DRFBets, and Twinspires are all accepting players from Maine. It is unclear as to whether or not what these sites are doing is legal, but for the time being, players can create accounts and bet on local and national races from across the country via the various platforms.

Casino Gambling in Maine

The fact that there are no casino games in the racetracks in Maine is not indicative of the state’s position on casino gambling. In fact, there are currently two casinos that are open for business in the state (Hollywood Casino in Bangor and Oxford Casino in Oxford). Both of these properties have been given full casino licenses, meaning they can offer not just slot machines but also a full suite of table games. There are no plans to open any new casinos, and with several properties in Massachusetts and Connecticut, there are plenty of options for those who want to take a drive.

Online Casinos in Maine

Neither of the two land-based casinos has been granted an online casino license yet. While the state may consider moving to the model that has worked for New Jersey, Delaware and other states, for the time being, online play is restricted.

We believe that this will change very  soon and that multiple companies will be able to start offering online casino games in  Maine. When  they do, players will need honest reviews of these sites and this is where our team steps in.

When we review an online casino to recommend it to our readers, we take many factors into consideration. Game selection is right near the top of the list – there is no point in playing at a casino that doesn’t have games you enjoy. When it comes to promotions and bonuses, online casinos have all different types of ways to reward players. Some focus on slots players for the bulk of their offers, while others take table games players into consideration even though these games have a much lower hold percentage. We provide in depth information of all offers so look for sites that offer the bonuses that line up with your style of play so you can maximize your time on the site.

Lottery in Maine

The Maine Lottery has been in existence for decades. Residents can play any of the daily and weekly draw games being run at the state level, and can also join into the fun of trying to win a massive jackpot in the nationally promoted Mega Millions and Powerball draws. For someone who wants an instant fix, there are also dozens of scratch tickets which range in price from $1 all the way up to $30.

Maine Gambling FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Maine?

At the time of writing this page, sports betting is not legal in Maine. However, with all the changes coming in other states in the wake of the PASPA repeal, it may be worth bookmarking this page for future reference. As soon as something changes, we’ll update this page.

When will sports betting be legal in Maine?

Right now, it is difficult to say if sports betting legislation will be passed in 2019 in the state. With Connecticut and Massachusetts likely to table bills in the coming year, it may just be the right time for Maine to follow suit. Multiple sports betting laws are under consideration, so we are going to be optimistic here and suggest that there will be legal sports betting in 2019 in Maine.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of Maine?

In every state where it is legal to gamble online, we review each and every available website. We look for the same qualities everywhere: number of games and betting lines available, odds level, promotions, usability. The best online sportsbook in Maine will be the one that combines all these qualities and more. Please refer to our Maine online gambling site top list for our selection.