Indiana Online Betting Sites

Indiana is in the heart of the United States and has influences coming from all its surrounding states. The state is one of the more progressive when it comes to gambling, and as you will see from the different laws that exist, residents who like gambling as a form of entertainment have many options available to them. This page will review the state of each segment of the gambling industry in the state of Indiana.

Sports Betting in Indiana

We will start our look at the laws in Indiana with sports betting as the state has a rich history with both professional and collegiate sports. The Indiana University Hoosiers are one of the more recognized sports teams of any state in the union, and the fierce support that it and other universities get in the state is a breeding ground for sports betting. Unfortunately, until recently all sports gambling was considered illegal in the state, which meant that no matter how excited a fan of the Hoosiers or the Pacers was, they could not walk into a facility to place a bet on their favorite team. With the repeal of PASPA in May 2018, states now have the option of regulating the space. Legislators in Indiana have shown an interest in implementing regulations, and we expect something to be tabled for a vote in 2019.

Online Sports Betting

For the time being, online sports betting is not regulated within Indiana. When regulations come into effect, it is expected that there will be a crackdown on illegal activity, but until that time comes there are many options for betting on sports. We cannot recommend betting with unregulated sportsbooks as there is no guarantee of fairness to players. For the residents of Indiana looking to bet, the best is to hop on a plane to Las Vegas and enjoy the great sports betting selection that they have  going on there.

Once Indiana opens up for online sports betting however, Betting News will provide readers with a full list of options and reviews of the best online sportsbooks licensed in Indiana. These sites will offer players an excellent all-around sports betting experience, including great betting options for both PC and mobile devices.

Horse Betting in Indiana

Horse racing is alive and kicking in the United States, despite reports to the contrary. While it definitely isn’t as popular as it once was, betting on the races continues to prop up tracks like the two found in Indiana. While there are only two live tracks for people to bet on horses, gamblers can head to those tracks and bet on races from all over the country via simulcast. If you walk into Hoosier Downs or Indiana Grand on any given day, you are bound to find loads of bettors staring at screens while cheering on their horses in each race.

There are also a series of off-track betting facilities in the state which accommodate gamblers from areas that may be too far to travel to the track. These shops show the local races alongside those from around the country.

Online Horse Betting

While neither the tracks not the OTBs in Indiana are allowed to operate an online horse betting site, that doesn’t mean that residents of the state can’t bet on the races online. These days, sites like Twinspires and DRF Bets are taking players from all the states where pari-mutuel racing is legal, and that includes Indiana. If you create an account at one of these sites, you can easily make a deposit and then pick races from all the US tracks as well as a few international events. Placing your bets is as simple as a few clicks, and there are even streaming races so you can watch some of the races live from your computer or mobile phone.

Casino Gambling in Indiana

We are happy to report that casino gambling is very popular in Indiana, and there are many great casino options available to people from that state. What is interesting in Indiana is that many of these casinos are actually on the water, as this was the way they were originally licensed. There are also some casinos in the state that are on dry land for those who are a little squeamish about being out on the river. The largest of these is the French Lick Resort, which houses hundreds of slot machines to go along with a poker room and many table games as well.

The Native Americans also can operate casinos based on their compact with the state, and there are four tribal casinos in Indiana. These are full-fledged casinos that focus more on slots and table games than anything else, but they are all finding success and lots of foot traffic not only from locals but people that travel to Indiana as well.

Finally, the race tracks also got into the act by adding slot machines to their properties. This was a huge help to the bottom lines of these locations, who needed the shot in the arm with the declining revenues from horse racing. All told, there are plenty of places for anyone from Indiana to be entertained by some blackjack or slot machines.

Online Casinos in Indiana

While there are currently no legal online casinos being operated in Indiana, there are many options for residents who don’t want to leave their houses to travel to one of the land-based casinos. These online casinos have been taking American bets since the late 1990s, but that does not make them legal…

With no guarantee on the security of real money play or the fairness of the games offered by these casinos, we recommend not to play there. There is no point in choosing a casino to play with only to find that you can’t make a withdrawal when you win!

Soon, Indiana will pass lows allowing online casino gambling and we will review all the options to present residents of Indiana the list of the best online casinos that they can play at. We are sure you will love using any of the online casinos on this list.

Lottery in Indiana

The lottery in Indiana follows the same path as many states in the Union. For a long time, there were unregulated lotteries available in the 1800s, and then there was a crackdown on these games in the 1920s. It was in 1988 that the state finally created lottery regulations and started running their own draw games. Today, the Indiana state lottery oversees multiple draw games open to anyone in the state, as well as giving players a chance to win even larger jackpots like Mega Millions and Powerball. As these jackpots are finding their way into BILLIONS of dollars, you can understand the popularity they have in the state. There is also a full array of scratch tickets available at local Indiana retailers, where gamblers can get an instant rush for as little as one dollar.

Indiana Gambling FAQ

Is Sports Betting legal in Indiana?

Not yet, no. Despite the repeal of PASPA in May 2018, the state still hasn’t introduced legislation to make sports betting legal for residents of Indiana. This means that if you are looking to make a bet today, you are reliant on one of the illegal online sportsbooks that accept players from the state. We recommend not playing at these sites and instead visiting a legal land based casino in Nevada to place your bets.

When will sports betting be legal in Indiana?

It would appear that there is an appetite to make sports betting legal sooner than later in the state. The potential for adding tax revenue to the state budget is alluring, so we expect to see a bill being debated and voted on early in 2019, with a hope that there will be a legal sports bet taken before the next NFL season begins.

What is the best online sportsbook for Indiana players?

There are no legal online sportsbooks in Indiana as of yet. Once there are, we will review and recommend the best online sportsbooks in Indiana on this page. These will give you the best options for sports betting today. These sites will focus their promotions to a local level so you may receive an email for a special bet on the Pacers or the Colts, which is a nice touch.