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Nevada is perhaps the most gambling friendly state in all of America when it comes to land based betting, but unfortunately the same can’t be said when it comes to playing online.  As home to one of the biggest concentrations of integrated casino hotels in the world, Nevada, and particularly the city of Las Vegas attracts millions of gamblers each year looking to win big.  In this article we’ll take a look at the different forms of gambling (both land based and online) offered in Nevada, as well as look at the current legal status of these forms within the state.

Sports Betting in Nevada

Until very recently Nevada was one of the only places in all of the United States where you could legally bet on sports via dozens of sportsbooks located within land-based casinos.  Betting on sports is 100% legal in Nevada and almost all of the brick and mortar casinos in the state have a sports betting offering where you can place bets on the major leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB and so on.  Betting on sports is restricted to those 21+ years of age or older and must be done in a licensed casino establishment within the state.

Nevada Online Sports Betting

Despite its growing popularity and legality across the US, online sports betting is not currently legal in Nevada and there are no licensed sites that can offer sports betting online to players.  This is very surprising considering that there are so many land-based options and we expect that it will change in then future, however at present this isn’t an option for those within Nevada.

Nevada Horse Racing Betting

Nevada allows off-track betting on races from around the world from the sportsbooks located within the casinos licensed in the state.  All the sportsbooks in the land-based casinos offer lines on popular horse tracks and you can simply bet from within them on your preferred race.  Online horse racing betting is not legal in the state and there are currently no options for wagering online.

Casino Gambling & Online Casinos in Nevada

Casino gambling within physical brick and mortar casinos is completely legal and has been the lifeblood of the state of Nevada since the early 1900s.  Casinos are legal and heavily regulated in the state and Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the world due to the sheer volume of casino operations in the city.  Casinos in Nevada are fully licensed to provide table games, slots, sportsbooks and poker and also offer complimentaries to their guests in the form of comps.

When it comes to online casinos, surprisingly these have not been legalized yet which considering the physical presence of casino operators is very surprising.  We expect that within a few years online casino gambling will become 100% regulated and legal via the land based operations – there’s simply to much money to be made for the companies to abstain from the online market.

Online Poker in Nevada

Online poker is the only legal form of online gambling currently permitted in Nevada, and has been legal since 2013 when a bill was adopted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.  Since this time, sites have been permitted to obtain Nevada based licenses and offer online poker to players situated within Nevada borders.  While the project has been moderately successful, liquidity issues have kept a lot of the play to the unregulated market located outside the US.

Is sports betting legal in Nevada?

Sports betting is currently legal in Nevada inside land-based casinos, while sports betting online is not presently legal.

When will online sports betting become legal in Nevada?

It’s impossible to predict but legislation has been progressing across the country and we expect that online sports betting could be legal within a few years.

What is the best sportsbook for Nevada residents?

Since there aren’t any allowed online right now, the best sportsbooks are found within local casinos mostly located in Las Vegas.

Some of peoples favorites include The Westgate Superbook, the sportsbook in Caesars Palace and the sportsbook in the Mirage.  There are literally dozens of options within the state that meet different budgets, atmospheres and broadcast different types of sports.

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