Oklahoma Online Betting Sites

It seems as though every state in the country is a leader in some industry, and for Oklahoma, it may very well be tribal gaming. There are no less than 30 recognized tribes in the state, and as a result, there are far more options for gaming facilities here than anywhere else in the country. For a state that doesn’t have the population density of other states, this may seem a bit of a shock. Now, where does Oklahoma stack up for other gambling laws? This page will give you all the information you need.

Sports Betting in Oklahoma

We should start with where Oklahoma stands regarding sports betting. Currently, there are no legal forms of sports betting in the state, but this is mainly due to the law that was in place prohibiting it across the country aside from Nevada. The exciting news for sports betting enthusiasts is that this law was repealed by the Supreme Court in May 2018, and many states have already started to take legal sports bets. We know that Oklahoma is a sports-mad state, and the popularity of college sports, in particular, mean that gambling will no doubt be very popular in a regulated market.

Online Sports Betting

Oklahomans who have been interested in making bets have only had a couple options until now. This includes registering for one of the many online sportsbooks that are open to U.S. players. As many of these sportsbooks are based in Latin America and the Caribbean, they are operating outside of the jurisdiction of the law and should not be trusted. You are not certain to get paid if you win so what is the point of playing there at all?

The landscape of online sportsbooks can be a bit of a minefield – there are definitely sites that are far better for gamblers than others. We want to help you navigate these waters, so once the laws change in Oklahoma and licensed sportsbook appear, we will review all based on our experts in depth research and provide you with all the information that you need to make an  informed decision on where to play. The names on this list come from our extensive reviews of all the online sportsbooks available to residents of Oklahoma. Our team of sports betting experts look at each site in detail, covering things like the ways you can get your money to and from the site and how long on average players wait to get paid. Also, we check each site to see which have the best lines and prices, as both obviously factor into your overall profitability. All told, we think that if you choose any of the sites on this list, you will end up with a very positive playing experience.

Horse Betting in Oklahoma

Horse breeding is big business in Oklahoma, so you can imagine that everything else around the horse industry is also very lucrative. This is very true of the racing business in the state, and there is a great combination of live and simulcast racing for betting enthusiasts. The largest track in the state is Remington Park, and this is where the majority of the big races take place every year. There are also a couple of smaller tracks, and when live racing isn’t taking place, there are lots of other betting options. Pari-mutuel betting on races from across North America is available at each of the tracks as well as a handful of off-track betting facilities. This all adds up to a very robust betting climate which is nice to see in an industry that has been in decline for some time.

Online Horse Betting

The pari-mutuel betting laws in Oklahoma do not extend online, which means the parks are not allowed to offer their own internet betting sites. However, due to a loophole in the regulations, some sites that are licensed in Oregon are able to take the action. Twinspires and Xpressbet are the two largest of these, and both are open to residents of Oklahoma. With only a couple of clicks, you can set up an account and be all set to bet on races at your favorite tracks, and with live streaming, you can watch the races live on your computer or tablet.

Casino Gambling in Oklahoma

When we started researching the casino laws in Oklahoma, we knew that they would be tied to a compact between the state and the tribal nations. What we didn’t expect was the breadth of this deal and how many tribes were registered in Oklahoma. At last count, there were well over 100 gaming facilities in the state, although until recently these operations were not able to offer a full suite of casino games. At most facilities, you would find slots and possibly some blackjack games, as well as poker rooms depending on the size of the property. Now, with the extension of the laws, many facilities are starting to add other gaming tables to round out the offering. With many states around it interested in gambling, we see no slowdown to the revenues being generated by casinos in Oklahoma. Sports betting will certainly be added to the gambling menu of Oklahoma casinos very  soon.

Online Casinos in Oklahoma

While there is an incredible number of options for land-based casinos in the state, none of these facilities are allowed to offer their games online yet. Now, this industry has seen its fair share of change over the years, and the government tries to clamp down on unregulated sites. However, many operators have persevered and have succeeded in the U.S. market despite these efforts.

Online casinos can be somewhat similar from the outside, but when you dig into the details of each one, you notice some significant differences. We have a team at Betting News that are focused on reviewing all the online casinos we can find, all to deliver the best sites to our readers.

Once online casino laws are set in Oklahoma, our team will review each and every legal online gambling site to propose the list of the best.

One of the features of an online casino that we monitor closely is the set of promotions a casino offers to players to entice them to deposit. We look at each promotion in detail, determining the wagering requirements and anything in the Terms and Conditions that could trip up a player if they didn’t know about it. Most sites are upfront about how a bonus is earned, but the less information you find right on the promotions page, the more likely you are going to have a hard time making any money from the offer. This is just one of the details that you can trust our experts to uncover and report back in our comprehensive reviews.

Lottery in Oklahoma

Given how open the state government is to casino gambling, it had taken a very conservative approach to lottery games. We aren’t sure the reason behind that decision, but the Oklahoma Lottery was not established until 2005. The state is now offering draw games like Powerball to residents of the state, which has stopped people from driving to nearby states to get their chance at becoming a multi-millionaire. There are also many instant scratch games offered at retailers across the state.

Is sports betting legal in Oklahoma?

Sports betting is not legal in Oklahoma, but it is still very popular with residents.  Recent changes in federal law regarding sports betting may give the state government a chance to curtail illegal activity by being able to offer legal alternatives.

When will sports betting be legal in Oklahoma?

That’s a hard one to nail down with any certainty. Many states have made their way into regulated sports betting in 2018 since the repeal of PASPA. However, there are still over 40 states that have not passed legislation including Oklahoma. We think that the 2019 legislative session will bring with it many new bills to be debated and voted on, and we think that will include Oklahoma. If we have to predict when the first legal sports bet will be taken, we think it will be before the end of the calendar year.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of Oklahoma?

The properties of the best online sportsbook vary by the user. For a novice bettor, it could be the promotions that a site offers alongside lines for their favorite teams. Some people like in-play betting more than others and this could factor into how a sportsbook fares. The most important thing we suggest is to take your time researching sites (either the ones on our recommended list or any of the other sites in our Review section) to find the site that offers exactly what you want. Only then will you have found the best online sportsbook.