Minnesota Online Betting Sites

Minnesota is known to be one of the coldest states in the entire country, and perhaps the fact that everyone has to stay in so many months of the year is one reason why the state has had a pretty lenient approach to gambling as a whole. There are several laws on the books governing betting of different types, and this page will serve as a reference point for where the state stands today and where it sees itself in the future.

Sports Betting in Minnesota

Everyone in the U.S. seems to be talking about sports betting these days. This is not surprising, given the love of sports in the country and the fact that the law banning sports gambling outside Nevada was repealed in 2018. The shackles are off the industry, but aside from a handful of states, sports betting remains illegal. This is currently where Minnesota sits, but we are pretty certain it won’t take too long before a conversation starts on the topic. With other states nearby clearly preparing for legislation in the 2019 session, the pressure will be on from voters to make a move to regulated sports betting, and the tax windfall that is being seen in states like New Jersey is too hard to ignore.

Online Sports Betting

As of now, there is no online sports betting licensed in Minnesota and the legislature will have to convince the tribes before a comprehensive law can be passed. It does not seem too likely in 2019 but  with intent on the part of the legislative body, it will not be too long until online sports  betting sites appear in Minnesota.

Horse Betting in Minnesota

With a climate that isn’t totally perfect for horse racing, it is no surprise that there are only a couple of tracks offering live races in Minnesota. However, these two tracks do offer the next best thing in the cold winter months – simulcasts from tracks all over North America. This gives gamblers the chance to watch and bet on hundreds of horse races a day if they wish, and with all the tracks in different time zones, a bettor could find themselves occupied for many hours.

These racetracks have also been granted the opportunity to spread poker games in their facilities. This started out as the standard card games like Hold’em and Stud, but the tracks have stretched the definition of the regulations to include casino-style card games like Pai Gow Poker and Three Card Poker. For the time being, they have not been met with any opposition.

Online Horse Betting

The state of Minnesota has had a series of ups and downs when it comes to horse betting away from the track. Originally the state approved off-track betting, but that was struck down by the Supreme Court for some reason. As a result, there are no facilities aside from the tracks where people can bet in the state. Well, …that is except for the online sites like TVG and Twinspires that continue to take action from Minnesota players even though they are not licensed by the state. It likely will stay that way given how small the handle from horse racing has become over the years, but with sports betting around the corner there is an opportunity to level the playing field.

Casino Gambling in Minnesota

Casino gambling in Minnesota is dominated by the Native American Tribes, who all entered into a compact with the state government in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This meant that the tribes were able to open casinos on their sovereign land, and that is exactly what they did. There are currently 18 land-based casinos spread across the state, and each of these properties offers both table games and slots to Minnesota gamblers. These provide a big chunk of tax revenue to the state as well, so there is no chance these sites will be touched by any regulation anytime soon.

Online Casinos in Minnesota

Minnesota doesn’t seem all too rushed to get a bill in place that would give the 18 land based casinos the license to offer games online. It will change one day though and it will be a brand new world for Minnesota residents.

If you are playing at an online casino for the first time, it can be a bit of an intimidating venture. First, every casino seems to look the same, so cutting through all the marketing to find the ones that offer what you are looking for is key. Our reviews cover all the topics that any novice or experienced online gambler could want to know about an operator.

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Lottery in Minnesota

Minnesotans love lottery games. A lot. The Minnesota Lottery is one of the largest per capita in the U.S. IT starts with the fact that the jackpots from Powerball and Megamillions are headed into the 10 figure range these days, but players in the state also love the pull-tabs that are available in bars. There have been online versions of pull tabs released in the state as well, although it seems as though the population likes the idea of pulling the tickets out of a drum to see if they are a lucky winner.

Is sports betting legal in Minnesota?

Sports betting is not legal in Minnesota but continues to take millions of dollars of handle through illegal websites. This includes many online sportsbooks that have not been shy about advertising in the state over the years, and these days with so much betting happening via mobile devices, these online sites are more popular than ever. This will hopefully prompt the legislature and the tribes to agree on new laws that make sporst betting and online  gambling legal in Minnesota soon.

When will sports betting be legal in Minnesota?

We think it is coming sooner than later. It is clear that the residents want it, and when neighboring states start talking about tabling bills, it won’t take long for Minnesota legislators to follow suit. Since we are gamblers, we’d bet there will be a regulated sports bet taken during the 2019 NFL season.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of Minnesota?

We like to recommend sites that are all-around gambling sites, so that when you make your deposits for sports betting you can also use the funds for casino games or poker. However, the ones that stand out for us are the ones that take the time to put together regional marketing campaigns focusing on local teams. Most people know more about their local team than others in a league, which makes them feel like they have a more informed choice when picking winners. The next thing you want to look for in an online sportsbook is the type of bonuses and free bets that are being offered. You want to get the most out of every deposit, and that means trying to find angles where you can. Look for sites that offer free bets as opposed to bonuses that require a certain amount of handle, and avoid sites that do not offer a VIP program. If you are going to be a heavy bettor, then you should be rewarded for your play. This is also important when choosing the number of sites you are going to use. While you may be shopping for better lines across several online sportsbooks, the fewer sites you distribute your handle, the more likely you will achieve VIP status which may include cheaper bets anyway.