Georgia Online Sports Betting

Moves to legalize Georgia online betting sites, more specifically, sportsbooks, nearly passed in March 2021. Two sports betting bills were close to passing before political differences lead to opposition. As a result, sports betting in the Peach State remains illegal for now.

However, the near moment from 2021 gives Georgia sports fans and bettors some hope for 2022 and beyond. Lawmakers in the state are continuing to push for legalized sports betting, which could lead to a launch in the next year or so.

Developments for online casino games remain some way off. Until there is a movement towards legalized online sportsbooks, casino betting will remain secondary.

As progress towards legalized Georgia online betting sites takes shape, we will keep bettors up to date with the latest developments here.

Will Sports betting in Georgia be legal soon?

Although 2021 was the closest Georgia online betting sites came to being legal sports betting, the idea of bringing sportsbooks to the state has been on the cards for some time. In 2020, state legislators almost passed a sports gambling bill after neighbors Tennessee embraced online sports betting. However, the legislator’s move was short-lived due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then, the two sports bills in March 2021 were voted down. Despite the setbacks in recent years, future attempts to legalize sports betting in the Peach State are likely.

Given the popularity of sports in Georgia, it is no surprise that fans and legislators want sports betting in the state. Professional sports teams across the four major sports that are located in Atlanta. There is also a huge following of many colleges and their athletic programs. Not to mention Atlanta’s history of hosting the Olympics and that the state hosts the Master’s every year.

Georgia online betting sites and sportsbooks

Recent opposition and the eventual withdrawal of the two sports betting bills also leave online sports betting as a pipe dream for now. If a bill is passed in 2022, then Georgia online betting sites for sports won’t be available until early 2023 at the earliest.

Due to the uncertainty of when sports betting may come to Georgia, it is difficult to judge which companies could enter the market. But, as Georgia has no land-based casinos, online sportsbooks and apps will be the only way forward.

As a result, some of the platforms that have had success in nearby Tennessee could be in line to launch in the Peach State. FanDuel, DraftKings, Bet MGM, and Caesars are all live in Tennessee and they may keep a close eye on what is happening in Georgia.

Is horse race betting legal in Georgia?

In general, Georgia is not a state that has welcomed many forms of gambling. This feeling extends to horse racing as pari-mutuel betting is against the law in the state.

A complete ban on betting on horse racing means that no live wagers can be made on races. In addition, there are also no opportunities for state bettors to wager at off-track facilities or on simulcast racing.

For any bettors looking to wager on the horses, the best bet is to head to neighboring Florida.

Georgia horse race betting online

Although the likes of Twinspires and DRFBets can operate and accept bets from many US states, the same can’t be said for Georgia. Because these sites follow pari-mutuel laws, Peach State bettors cannot join these platforms.

Also, some other state bettors will be able to access horse racing markets through alternative betting providers. Certain platforms run odds for US and international races.

However, if Georgia’s online betting sites and sportsbooks do become legal, these may not be available. As long as betting on horse racing remains illegal, players will not have any options in this market.

Casino Gambling in Georgia

When looking at casino gambling options in Georgia, the situation is clear. There are no land-based casinos, slot parlors, racinos, or video lottery terminals. All casino gambling in person in Georgia is illegal.

In addition, where other states have accepted tribal casinos to be built, this hasn’t followed in Georgia. There are no tribes located in the state, leaving absolutely no options for tribal casinos to enter a compact with the state.

Even if a sports betting bill passes in the state, it is unlikely that land-based casinos will follow. Furthermore, where other states use casino facilities to partner up with sportsbook companies, this won’t happen in Georgia. Instead, sportsbooks will launch online and app-only platforms, like in nearby Tennessee.

Will there be online casinos in Georgia?

Similar to land-based casinos, no online casinos are available in the Peach State either. With sports betting bills dominating the Georgia online betting site discussions currently, casino games are unlikely to get a look in.

Overall, casino game enthusiasts in Georgia have no real money options whatsoever. But state bettors can play poker, blackjack, roulette, and other games online for virtual coins at social casinos.

The Georgia Lottery

Despite having a very conservative viewpoint on other forms of gaming, players in the state can play a variety of lottery games. The Georgia Lottery is fully sanctioned across the state.

The Georgia Lottery lagged behind some other state lotteries. It was founded and launched in 1992. Since its beginnings 30 years ago, it has generated billions of dollars for social ventures in the state. Funds from the lottery are put towards improving state education and infrastructure.

The Georgia Lottery is part of the multi-state authority that offers games like Powerball and Mega Millions. As a result, residents can win hundreds of millions of dollars in jackpots being pooled from across the country. Also, players can play state-wide draw games and choose from the dozens of scratch cards available at any time.

Surprisingly, Georgia is one of the few in the country that allows players to buy their draw tickets online.

Georgia online betting sites FAQs

Can you bet on sports online in Georgia?
No, sports betting is currently illegal in Georgia. State lawmakers have made numerous attempts to make sports betting legal in the state. However, despite the momentum, sports gambling of any kind, including bets on horse racing, are still unavailable in the Peach State.
When will sports betting be legal in Georgia?
There is no set date for when sports betting will become legal in the state. Until a sports gambling bill is passed and signed into law, sportsbooks and other betting companies cannot launch in the state. However, if legislators continue to push the agenda of legal sports betting in Georgia, it could come to the state in the next couple of years.
What is the best Georgia online betting site?
As there are no Georgia online betting sites, it is impossible to choose a standout provider. However, when sports betting goes live in the state, check out our reviews of leading US bookmakers. These can help bettors make the right decision for them when choosing a betting site to join.