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New Hampshire seems to be best known as a place where people from other states drive to buy tax-free alcohol. Now, there is obviously much more to the state, but we are really only concerned about the gambling laws in New Hampshire for this page. So, let’s have a look at how the state looks at gambling and how there may be some changes coming in the years to come.

Sports Betting in New Hampshire

Let’s start with the gambling form that is more in the news than any other these days – sports betting. As you have likely read or heard about, the Supreme Court repealed a law that had prohibited states outside Nevada from taking legal sports bets. This law had been in place since 1992, and the professional leagues were not happy about the end result of years of court battles with the state of New Jersey. So, before this law was repealed, sports betting was illegal in New Hampshire. And now that it is off the books, it is…still illegal. The state has only now started to discuss a law to allow the lottery to offer sports betting in 2020. This is a good start bit with neighboring states getting into the act in more modern fashion, we don’t think it will take much longer for New Hampshire to step up and allow other operators to offer sports betting in the state.

Online Sports Betting

New Hampshire has become the latest state to approve a full sports betting bill. In addition, as of July online sports betting and sportsbooks are ready to go.

At Betting News, we are dedicated to making sure our readers have the best gambling experience possible no matter what they like to play. We have a team of experts that have researched as many online sportsbooks as they can find, combing through each to find the best value for all types of players. This means we look at the different payment options, as well as all the promotions that a sportsbook is offering to players. We know how hard it is to be winning sports bettor, so finding any way to squeeze out some additional margin has to be a help.

We hope that the laws of New Hampshire will soon evolve to open competition on the sports betting market as this is the best way to give great value to gamblers.

Horse Betting in New Hampshire

The news for horse racing enthusiasts in New Hampshire isn’t all that great. While there was once a horse track that offered live racing, that track stopped running races a few years ago. However, you can still go to that track and bet thanks to the simulcasting agreements that are in place with tracks from around the country. Pari-mutuel betting is available on these races which means you can still find some longshots and try to make a buck.

Online Horse Betting

While pari-mutuel licenses have been given out to a couple of locations in New Hampshire, these licenses do not extend to online betting. For those of you who want to bet on the ponies or dogs but don’t want to make your way to a track, then you can turn to one of the online operators that take bets from New Hampshire residents. These sites include Twinspires and Xpressbet, and they are currently taking bets from players in over 40 states, Creating an account and funding it is very easy, and then you can watch the races via the live stream as well.

Casino Gambling in New Hampshire

Casino gamblers face bad news in New Hampshire as well – there are no land-based casinos in the state. Now, there are casinos being built in neighboring states that should give residents more access if they are interested in going for a drive. Otherwise, there appears to be no movement on the legal front, so don’t expect any ground to be broken on a new casino project in the state.

Online Casinos in New Hampshire

The state is also expected to legalize online casino by March 2020. under the guidance of the New Hampshire lottery.

Once New Hampshire opens a competitive market in the online casino industry the best casino providers have a chance to offer their products to residents of the state. When this market opens, you can trust Betting News to give you reliable information to find the best casinos in the state.

What makes a casinos better than any other? Well, it starts with the quality of the games offered by the site. There is no point in making the effort of creating an account and making a deposit to find out that your favorite game isn’t offered, or that the graphics are terrible. To find the best casinos, we test each site rigorously, both on PC and mobile devices, to ensure the games are up to our standards. Next, we look at the loyalty programs in place, as we want to find the sites that offer you the most motivation to stay with them versus leaving to play with another site. Finally, we test the customer service teams with some simple questions to make sure they are getting back to us in a timely fashion and with the correct information. All of this adds up to a rating we give each site, and the only ones that we recommend are the ones that have received the top marks from our experts.

Lottery in New Hampshire

We are happy to report that despite having such a conservative stance on other forms of gambling, there is a vibrant lottery scene in New Hampshire. We would like the state to be more open about the fact that lottery gambling is just as addictive as other forms of gambling, but that rant is for another day. The New Hampshire Lottery offers scratch tickets and draw games that can be purchased at any one of hundreds of retailers across the state. You could find yourself the winner of hundreds of millions of dollars if you end up with the winning Powerball ticket!

Is sports betting legal in New Hampshire?

Sports betting is not yet legal in the state, but that will not take long to change. A law project is already in debate and we believe that competing laws will also be presented as the year advances.

When will sports betting be legal in New Hampshire?

It looks like in the wake of the PASPA repeal, there are many states around New Hampshire that are planning to table legislation in 2019. This makes us think that the state will follow suit to take advantage of tax revenues that could be earned from gamblers who may end up driving out of state to make bets. We think that while the opportunity is there, this is a conservative state when it comes to gambling, so we don’t see a bill passing into law before later in 2019.

What is the best online sportsbook for residents of New Hampshire?

There are many ways to judge what the best online sportsbook is, and it really comes down to what a site offers you as a gambler. Finding the right match for your betting needs (betting limits, withdrawal methods, bonuses) is the key to having a great experience. We have reviewed a lot of online sportsbooks, and once the legal betting options appear in New Hampshire we will rapidly be able to separate the players from the posers.

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