Legal US Online Sports Betting Sites

us betting sitesThe United States has had a long, arduous history with online betting. We have seen sites closed, owners jailed or fined, and the government trip over itself with its position on Internet Gambling while individual states move forward progressively.

One thing has remained clear through this entire process – the appetite for online betting amongst Americans continues to grow despite the challenges. This makes it even more important to know what to look for when choosing a site for your betting in the U.S. This page will cover how to determine if your site is a good choice, and we’ll throw in some recommendations of our own to help you make up your mind.

What are some features of a good US betting site?

If you have been involved in the online betting industry either as a player or an employee, you are probably well versed on the issues faced by American bettors. However, there are still hundreds of sites that remain open for US betting. When we review a site, that is one of the things we look for first – if a site is open to USA betting, then we know to look for a different set of features than those sites focused on other parts of the world. Here is a quick overview of what our experts look for during the review process:

  1. Payment Options
  2. State Restrictions
  3. Licensing
  4. Customer Service
  5. Multiple Product Lines

Payment Options

Having a great site is worthless if US gamblers can’t get their money to and from the site. Payment processing was in the crosshairs of the government when it passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, and since then it has been more and more difficult to find companies willing to accept payments from Americans. The industry has persevered, and we list all the available payment methods for US bettors at every site we review, including the timeframe for being paid and any fees that players may incur for transactions.

State Restrictions

Even though a site may say it is open to US bettors, some players may still not have access to the real money areas. We look at every USA Betting site’s Terms and Conditions to see if there are restrictions on a State level. Some companies, in an attempt to stay in a more gray area, block players who are trying to access the site from a State that already has its own online gambling laws on the books. In these cases, players will have to seek out a different place to make their bets.


Some gaming jurisdictions will allow Betting sites to accept U.S. players. These regulators like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Gaming Curacao aren’t as strict as some of the European counterparts when it comes to monitoring the business practices of the sites, but at the very least the owners would have had to go through some due diligence before being granted a license. This should at the very least give players a little more of a sense of security when playing at a site.

Customer Service

We tend to give higher marks to USA betting sites that offer multiple real-time means of communication with the support department. Bonus marks are given to sites that offer 24/7 telephone and Live Chat functionality. The betting experience can sometimes come with questions and issues, and not being able to get answers in a timely fashion is a real pet peeve of our team.

Multiple Product Lines

Many of you may come to a USA betting site looking for a place to make your sports bets, but soon after may be looking for some action at the casino or poker tables. We like when a site offers multiple products under one roof, as this means fewer accounts for a player and therefore fewer deposits that need to be made.

What are the best USA betting sites?

Ok, now you have a good sense of what our team looks for when rating a USA Betting site. Let’s move on to some of our favorite sites that we recommend to our readers. Many of our staff are bettors as well, and finding the right combination of interface, promotions and payment options is just as important to us. With that in mind, the sites listed below provide the best opportunity for fun, fair betting from within the borders of the United States.


It is difficult to say with any certainty what the future holds for online betting in the USA. Until there are some clear-cut laws regulating the space, players are going to have to take the risk of playing with an offshore site. We hope that this page has enlightened you on what makes a great USA Betting site, and hopefully, you can feel more confident when you pull out your credit card and make a deposit at one of the sites we recommend.