MLB World Series Possible Matchup Odds

Ryan K

We’ve rounded third in this year’s Major League Baseball season and are headed home to the playoffs. This should be the time of year where the playoff bound are making power moves to solidify their postseason positions. While a few teams have done this, others have not. In fact, we find a few strong teams slipping and a few dark-horses making a charge. It’s an interesting time and looks to remain competitive until the final game is played with only a few teams guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. This makes the recently released MLB World Series Matchup Futures even more interesting. Who’s in, who’s out, and who pays well. Let’s have a look.

Cubs vs Red Sox +725

These two teams are the obvious favorites right now. The BoSox are playing .700 ball as the Cubs have begun to run away with the NL home field advantage. These teams may have the best records but there are still plenty of question marks for postseason play. It’s a great matchup, though, featuring two of the best fan bases in all of baseball. It’s a World Series no one would be surprised to see.

Dodgers vs Red Sox +1000 

The Dodgers have battled a tough start and a gang of injuries all year but will still find themselves in contention come September. If a few of those injured guys could come back, especially in the bullpen, there’s no reason to think they couldn’t get past the Cubs. At 10 to 1 odds, this is a fine value play.

Cubs vs Astros +1350

The Astros have been bit by the injury bug, hard, and their record has reflected it. They’ve completely lost their lead in the ALWest and will have to fight the rest of the way to even get in the playoffs. That said, when this team heals up, they’ll again be one of the best in the majors. Their pitching staff is built for postseason play so getting to pick them not as a favorite is a steal.

Cubs vs Indians +1600

A rematch from one of the best WorldSeries’ ever seen would get plenty of attention. The Tribe have been running away with the Central division so may not be on many people’s radar. While they don’t have the talent they had a few years ago when they took the Cubbies to a Game 7, they are still solid in every facet of the game. It’s a value play on the matchup future and a series many would love to see again.

Cubs vs Yankees +1600

Another fight of super fan-bases. The Yankees make their first appearance in the futures with a matchup with the Cubs. We can see the Cubs in here obviously but not so much the Yankees. They’ve battled injuries and their lack of starting pitching all year and seem to be losing those battles. The injured remain so and the starting pitching has not improved even after adding two new arms. Getting past the Red Sox or Astros will be next to impossible with the staff they’re carrying now.

Cubs vs Athletics +1700

One of the more sexy picks as the recent surge by the OaklandAthletics has caught many by surprise. The Astros have helped them by hitting a wall of their own, but there is no doubt this A’s team is legit. They may not have enough to get through the brutal AmericanLeague postseason but they’re definitely a team no one will want to face. +1700 is a fun bet to lay a little on and see if it comes home in a big way.

Dodgers vs Astros +1900

There’s plenty of value here as both these teams find themselves a bit lost and a bit forgotten. The Dodgers are grinding out one of their longest seasons in recent memory as the Astros try to overcome injuries and the A’s, that said, these are two of the best teams in the Majors, so it should be a shock to no one if they were to play each other in the final series of the year.

Phillies vs Red Sox +2200

A four game home and away interleague series produced a split between these two teams this year. They were great games with a definite playoff feel. If they play in the playoffs as they played each other, it wouldn’t be out of character for them to face off in the WorldSeries.

Good luck with any World Series bets you choose to make!