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Canada is often lumped in with the United States when discussing anything regarding the region, but most Canadians will tell you that the two countries are distinctly individual, and this is true when talking about its stance on online gambling. Although there are no laws to govern the online gaming industry, the provincial lotteries have taken steps over the years to claw back some of the revenues lost to unregulated entities.

When it comes to picking a great Canadian Betting site, there are hundreds to choose from. How to determine what sites are better than others are one of the reasons we put this page together for our readers. By the end of the page, you should have a much better sense of what we look for when rating the Canadian Betting sites.

Features of A Good Canadian Betting Site

Canada is a huge country, and each region has its own views on many topics. One thing the whole country seems to agree on is the interest in making online sports bets. We can tell this by the amount of traffic gambling sites and informative sites like ours get from all over the country. We take a lot of pride in our reviews, especially when it comes to finding the right betting sites for different countries. When our team looks at a betting site to recommend it to Canadians, the set of criteria we use is slightly different than for other countries. Here’s a peek into what we look for at each site.

Languages Offered

Most of the sites that we review are not totally focused on the Canadian market, so when we search for the top sites to recommend, this typically starts with a quick look to see what languages are offered for both the website and the support department. Canadians speak predominantly English and French, so finding a site that is in both languages is a bonus. If the support department can handle queries in both languages, it results in an even higher rating from our team.

Payment Options

While there are no laws about banking for the online gambling industry like there are in the United States, there are still several challenges for Canadian players who are trying to get their cash to and from their favorite betting sites. We review every site’s payment options, from the government-sponsored sites that allow direct debit transactions to a site that only offer cryptocurrency options. Most Canadian Betting Sites have multiple options, and if you are struggling with one payment type, you are sure to receive communication from the site offering assistance to get your deposit on the books. We also list all the average wait times for payouts along with any fees that site decides to pass along to bettors.

Sports and Bets Offered

While many people think that Canada is just a hockey and curling nation, there are many people from all over the world living in the country. As a result, there is a lot of interest in betting on sports taking place outside North America as well. The best Canadian Betting sites are the ones that offer the most betting options on sports that aren’t Canada-centric.

Live Streaming

If you have spent any time in Canada, you soon realize the challenges faced trying to find sports on TV. The sports networks are, not surprisingly, very Canadian-focused, and specialty channels are costly. SO, for Bettors looking for the sports, they are wagering on, we recommend one of the betting sites that offer Live Streaming. These sites find the feeds for almost everything being broadcast around the world and compile it for you to choose from.

The Best Canadian Betting Sites

With the information you have just read above, you can feel much more confident when you see an advertisement for a Canadian Betting site. However, we have a full team of experts whose sole job is to review and recommend sites for our readers, so if you don’t feel like doing the research on your own, you can take advantage of the list below.

This list of recommended Canadian betting sites features some recognizable names and some that maybe you haven’t heard of, but in all cases, these sites knock it out of the park when it comes to providing a safe, enjoyable betting experience for Canadians.


Even though the two countries share a border and many common parts, Canada remains fiercely independent from its big brother to the south. Betting sites that get the difference between the two countries and tailor their offering to Canadian bettors are the ones we recommend for our readers from Canada. If you have comments on the sites, we have recommended or our methodology, we encourage you to send us your feedback. We are a community, and we are always looking for ways to improve this site for everyone who visits.

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