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As we all know, New Jersey brought the United States legal sports betting when they proved the PASPA to be unconstitutional. What some may not know is that New Jersey didn’t stop there. Since the high court’s decision, New Jersey has been quickly establishing the best legal sports betting marketplace in the states, especially online.

The Garden State now has over 10 online sportsbooks available and PointsBet.com is one of the newer, more exciting options out there. While you may not have heard of PointsBet.com just yet, they are quickly making a name for themselves in the online sports gambling market. However, is it worth your time and sports betting action? We looked for the answers and here’s what we found.

Signing Up and Availability with PointsBet.com

As implied above, New Jersey is the only state where PointsBet.com is available. However, we can go ahead and put an asterisk by that statement as we in the U.S. are new to the legalized sports betting. Not every state in the union is as advanced as New Jersey but that is not to say this will remain the case for very long. Many other states are hard at work trying to get sports betting regulated online and when they do, we are sure to see PointsBet.com pop up again.

So, if you live in New Jersey or plan on visiting anytime soon you’ll be happy to know that signing up with PointsBet.com is very simple. The first thing you notice about the site is its stripped down feel. Not a lot of bells and whistles and even less flashing lights. This makes their sportsbook easy-to-navigate and the same goes for signing up and logging in. There are the usual questions we see at every site but giving some personal information to form an account is nothing new. All in all, the whole process only takes a few minutes and you are on your way to your first wager.

PointsBet.com Sign Up Bonuses

Another aspect of PointsBet.com you’ll notice in very little time is just how big these guys go and their Sign Up Bonus is the first giveaway. Right off the bat, PointsBet.com offers new customers three bonuses and they are all very good offers. The best bonus is the deposit $50 and bet with $150 offer which is essentially a 200% deposit bonus on your first deposit of $50.

PointsBet.com Sportsbook Promo Code

***Enter the promo/bonus code BN150 in order to receive the deposit $50 and bet with $150 offer***

PointsBet.com has plenty of bonuses and promotions available, that’s for sure and some of them will require promo codes. It is always important to read up on the terms and conditions of any bonus or promotion you use. A nice detail PointsBet.com has provided is plenty of this info readily available. Plus, when you can use a promo code to collect a bonus, PointsBet.com will prompt you. This way you aren’t missing out on anything.

PointsBet.com Sportsbook Promotions

PointsBet.com is always out promoting. They have found new and interesting ways to bring in new users and their “Promotions” page is full of many solid promotions. Parlay boosters, parlay insurance, upset insurance, race to 20 bets, free bets, odds boosters, and instant payouts are all there. Fully explained and ready to be used. It is by far the most sophisticated Promotions page we’ve seen in New Jersey yet. Not to mention, they also offer contests with great value as well. That said, they have one promotion which has everyone’s attention.

Call it a “bad beat,” a “tough loss,” or some other pairing featuring four-letter words but it hurts when you lose a close game. Especially when it happens on a blown call or bad bounce. Of course, this is the nature of sports and sports betting. The NFC Championship Game with the Los Angeles Rams beating the New Orleans Saints immediately comes to mind. As does the Duke Blue Devils over the Central Florida Knights to reach the Sweet Sixteen is another. Well, PointsBet.com used these games as an opportunity to grab some attention by refunding the losses of online gamblers for these two games. They call it the PointsBet Karma Kommitee and they are always looking for these types of outcomes. If you play at PointsBet.com, they refunded you. If you have a screenshot of your wager at another online site, they refunded you. The refund comes in the form of a free bet but it is one of the most innovative promotions we’ve seen in a long time.

PointsBet.com Sportsbook Features

An online sportsbook needs good features and PointsBet.com continues their innovative ways in this department. They go big on the industry standard features and even throw in a few originals of their own.

– Sports – PointsBet.com has gone much bigger than the usual online sportsbook and has just about every sport you can wager on available. Not only do they have all the favorites like football and basketball but also those rare, international sports, too. Pro cycling, every major soccer league, all of the motorsports, Aussie Rules, rugby, darts, MMA, and tennis, just to name a few. They also have plenty of quirky options like entertainment and the NBA Draft. There are so many options, you’ll want to look them over to see what you’ve been missing at other sites.

-Live Betting – If there is one online sportsbook must-have feature, it’s “Live Betting.” At PointsBet.com, this is called “In Play” and it allows users to place a bet on a game even after it has begun. It is easy-to-find and, thanks to their fast moving interface, it is easy-to-use. No more missing out on a wager because a game has already begun. “In Play” betting also allows for a nice hedging opportunity, too.

– Odds – The stakes available at PointsBet.com are another big selling point and another be promotions. They advertise heavily that they have the best lines in New Jersey and, from what we’ve found, they are mostly right. They do not discount all of their lines. Only certain ones but a good line is a good line so you take it when you get it. The difference between -110 and -105 may not seem like much, but it is to your bottomline so PointsBet.com gets credit for having great lines that any experienced gambler will love.

– How-to-Blog – PointsBet.com has plenty of information available on their site and it is not limited to terms and conditions or bonus details. They provide a blog and an “Academy” to keep you up-to-date on all the latest sports news and explain every aspect of sports gambling. It is a nice touch and one we were happy to see.

– PointsBetting – As you can tell, this is where it all begins. PointsBetting at PointsBet.com is a new type of wager they’ve invented specifically for their site. While there have been similar wagers like PointsBetting available, this one is unique to their site. This is a fixed odds bet but it has no fixed payout. The stakes of the payout are determined by the outcome of the sporting event. For example: Let’s say you place a $10 wager on the OVER of 200 in an NBA game. If the final score is 201, you’ve won $10. If the final is 202, you’ve won $20. If the final is 203, you’ve won $30 and so on. However, it works conversely, too. So, your losses can compound as well. It is a very interesting and innovative wager to say the least. They aren’t limited to Totals bets either. Be sure to check out their “Intro to PointsBetting” video to learn even more about it.

Depositing and withdrawing from PointsBet.com is the one thing on the site made simple. While they go big on everything else, funds can only be deposited via Visa, Mastercard, and Online Banking and funds are returned in the same manner they were received. They don’t have as many options as other sites but it is still fast and easy to use, which is nice.

PointsBet.com is definitely the most innovative online sportsbook available. From the bonuses, promotions, and all those special features you just don’t find at other sportsbooks, PointsBet.com is working hard to make a name for itself. The advertise their lines and even honor other sportsbooks wagers. Their PointsBetting option had us eager to join up too. Your in fun hands at PointsBet.com and there is plenty of value to be had. PointsBet.com comes strongly recommended and we feel you’ll be hearing more about them in the very near future.

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