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The world of professional golf is a challenging one to follow for most novice players. There are several tours, with players able to compete in many of them at the same time. The world rankings are based on a collection of events across these tours, and some international events make things even more complicated. However, one thing that is easy to track even for those who aren’t huge fans of the sport are the four Major Championship Events. The final one of these each year is the PGA Championship, which is held in August.

This is the last chance every year that a golfer can add “Major Champion” to their resume, so there is a lot of focus on this event. This makes it a great event from a gambling perspective, as the top players in the world are all in this field. There are also a couple of PGA professionals who get to qualify for the tournament, so this adds an extra wrinkle to the betting mechanics.

Let’s take a quick look at what we think makes a great site for PGA Championship Betting, and give you the best chance to both enjoy yourself and find bets you are interested in making.

Features of a Good PGA Championship Betting Site

The four major championship events in the golf season are the ones that are most likely to be watched by casual viewers, so there is a heightened sensitivity when our reviewers look at the betting sites available for PGA Championship bettors. All of our reviews are comprehensive, with our experts spending hours with each site to determine which are the best for all types of gamblers. Here are some things that we consider important when reviewing a site.

Bet Types

Golf is an interesting sport from a betting perspective, as there are over 150 entrants in the PGA Championship but only one person can win. Now, there are clear favorites, but golf is such a fickle game that even the favorites can have a bad run of holes and find themselves out of a tournament. We look for sites that offer the widest range of golf bets, which can include picking the winner or selecting a group of golfers. You can also bet on a player making the cut or finishing in the top 10 in the event. Our favorite bet type is the Head to Head bet, where two golfers are pitted against one another with the player who finishes higher in the event being the winner for the bet. There are loads of other types of bets you can make, but these are the most popular.

Live Streaming

The PGA Championship is 4 days long, and with players playing all day, many television networks do not broadcast the entire event. However, there are feeds of the event that can be found, and we look for betting sites that offer live streaming of sports to their real money players. These sites allow you to watch from the site directly, meaning that even if you aren’t in front of your television, you can stay on top of all the action.

Payments and Promotions

These two tend to go hand-in-hand at a betting site. First of all, we want you to find a betting site that offers all the payment methods that you like to use. This can be tricky as you navigate the payment processing waters in each individual country, but we have it all broken down for you in reviews. We also want you to find sites that offer the best deposit bonuses and promotions. Some will have promotions specific to the PGA Championship, which is great especially if you are using a site for the first time. All the bonuses and promotions are ways to give you a little more of an edge, hopefully helping you to be a profitable player.

The Best PGA Championship Betting Sites

After carefully reviewing dozens of sports betting sites, we have narrowed them down to the following list of Recommended PGA Championship Betting Sites. All of these sites offer you the best options for golf betting (not just for this major event). You will see that these sites tend to offer betting on other sports as well, but if you read some of our other pages, some are better than others when you move away from golf betting. What we do know is that each of these sites will allow you to enjoy the PGA Championship even more with a few bets on your picks of who will become the next major championship winner.


Golf’s last major is a great event for betting, but also can be the gateway for many players into betting on golf during the rest of the season. As this event leads right into the PGA playoffs, there is a lot on the line for those in the event, and there are typically some results that are a surprise during the PGA Championship. Hopefully, with the information from this page and your own golf knowledge, you will be on the right side of some of these surprises and walk away with some cash!