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Boxing was once the most glorious of all sports. The aura of a big heavyweight title fight was something the whole world stopped to watch, and the personalities that we have seen in this sport have seemed larger than life. The sport has also been a bonanza from a betting perspective, with the major fights generating billions of dollars in bets around the world.

The online betting world has obviously had an impact on boxing betting, as it gives players a chance to bet on the sport from their own homes (depending on what country they are living in). However, not all the betting sites are equal even though it may appear that way. We want you to choose the best sites if you are looking to bet on boxing, so we have compiled some information here that we think will help you make the right decision.

Features of a Good Boxing Betting Site

Even though boxing has taken a bit of a hit from a popularity standpoint, being overtaken by MMA in many cases with a younger audience, there are still lots of great fights to bet on if you find the right site. Here at Betting News, we review all the sites we can find, and when we do we take some time to look at which sites are best for different sports. If you are looking for a site to bet boxing, then you will want to take note of the following attributes we consider to be the most important.

Live Streaming

These days, outside of the major championship bouts, there isn’t much boxing being broadcast on live television. As a result, it has become harder to find places to watch these matches from your home. Today, many sites offer you the opportunity to watch live streams of sports directly from their betting sites. Typically, these streams are only open to players who have a real money account, but since you are looking for a site to place bets…it seems like you will have that covered.

Multiple Bet Types

Boxing is a sport that offers you the chance to bet on multiple outcomes, not just the winner of the fight. When we look at betting sites, we give higher marks to sites that give you a chance to bet on as many options as possible. This can include betting on the number of rounds each boxer will win, the type of win, the time of the end of the fight, etc. With so many betting options, you will be on the edge of your seat for every second of the action.

Payment Processing

This may not seem like a concern for many of you, but getting money to and from a betting site has always been a thorn in the side of the industry. These days, many e-wallet solutions make the transactions much easier in the long run, but registering for these accounts can take a couple of days. If you are looking to make a deposit and bet on a fight right away, then you want a site that offers these “instant” options. We are also researching sites to find the ones that offer their transactions without any fees, as this has an impact on your bottom line.

Bonuses and Offers

If you have played at any online gambling site in the past, then you will already likely know how a site tries to motivate you with a series of huge bonuses and promotions. Not all these promotions are worth the effort, so we filter them to present only the sites that have offers we think are worthwhile. This can be in the form of free bets or deposit bonuses, both of which will also help your ROI on your deposits. We take the guesswork out of these bonuses by showing you exactly how you can earn the free cash.

The Best Boxing Betting Sites

While there are many sites you can go to specifically for boxing information, most of the best Betting sites for the sport are general sportsbooks offering betting on many other sports as well. This is where our reviews come in handy, as boxing isn’t typically the hot seller for these sites, even if there are some great betting options. The Betting News team has taken the time to look through all our reviews and from them we have selected the ones below as the best for Boxing Betting.


There are still a large number of boxing enthusiasts around the world, despite the slowed growth of the sport. Between these die-hards and the folks who are interested in the major fights, there is a compelling reason for a sportsbook site to have a robust boxing betting section. The sites we have recommended on this page have that attention to detail which makes them a better option for those of you who are interested in betting on your favorite fighter.

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