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Boxing betting sites generate huge amounts of revenue throughout the year. High-profile boxing bouts attract custom from all around the world and betting sites offer vast gambling services for spectators.

Ultimately, boxing betting sites bring in billions of dollars of bets on fight nights. Wagering on a fight has added another element of excitement in recent years. Bettors can now enjoy the spectacle of two world-class fighters battling in the ring along with a host of betting options.

Although, not all betting sites are equal, even though it may appear that way. We want you to choose the best sites if you are looking to bet on boxing, so we have compiled some information here that we think will help you make the right decision.

Features of Good Boxing Betting Sites

Boxing betting sites are still thriving, even though the sport has faced a few blows in terms of viewership. The rise of MMA has grabbed the attention of the next generation of boxing fans. Yet, there are still lots of great fights taking place each year and the right betting site has plenty of options for boxing enthusiasts.

When choosing boxing betting sites, having just a few odds and markets on only the biggest fights does not cut it in the online market. Online bookmakers have to stand out from the crowd in the internet era. As a result, we’ve highlighted some of the key features to look out for when selecting a boxing sportsbook.

Available Odds

A quick browse of any boxing betting platform immediately reveals the depth of odds. If a website only has a few options available, then it is a big warning sign. However, if there are multiple markets available, including money lines, round betting, props, and method of victory, this is promising. Ultimately, the more markets a site has, the more engagement it can get from a sports bettor.

Another important aspect of boxing odds is when they are posted on a betting site. Some providers like to wait until pre-match information is available about the fighters (training, weigh-ins, etc.) However, others have more defined odds weeks before a bout takes place. Early posted odds are a good early indicator of who will be favored in a fight.

Amount of Events

Although a handful of boxing fans just wager on the big fight nights, many still follow the sport inside out. A lot of international bettors have a keen interest in boxing. Fans like to keep an eye on the development of young fighters and those making a name for themselves in lesser-known bouts.

Due to this, some bookmakers run odds for lots of boxing events, not just the standout clashes. The best boxing betting sites will have options for both high-profile and some lesser-known fights.

Live Streaming

Boxing has been one of the toughest sports for wide viewership due to the pay-per-view income received by broadcasters. As a result, the biggest championship fights are still shown behind a paywall.

However, the rise of live streaming on betting sites offers bettors the opportunity to watch live streams of sports. Typically, these streams are only open to players who have a real-money account, and bookmakers will clearly state what live streaming events they provide.

Bonuses and Offers

Another promising sign from an online betting provider is bonuses and offers for boxing. Usually, betting sites run price boosts, free bets, or matched deposits leading up to a big fight.

These offers are often available for existing customers who already have a verified bookmaker account. However, some may run exclusive offers for new sign-ups before a big event. Bettors can freely browse bookmaker’s promotion pages without having to deposit funds. This is a great way to check if a bookmaker is right without having to outlay any funds.

Payment Processing

This may not seem like the biggest concern for boxing bettors. But getting money to and from a betting site is essential when wagering for real money. Ultimately, if you are looking to make a deposit and bet on a fight right away, then you want a site that offers “instant” options when possible. Many e-wallet providers have teamed up with betting sites recently. Such options are often the quickest route rather than bank transfers or credit/debit cards.

Types of Boxing Bets

In boxing betting, there are many markets to select, rather than simply having the choice between the winner or loser. Good boxing betting sites will run a selection of markets before an event. Some also have in-play options, such as next round winner or total rounds.

Below are some of the most popular choices in boxing betting.


A money line bet is when someone picks the outright winner of the fight. While most boxing matches end up with a straight winner or loser, some bouts can end in a draw. Bookmakers’ payout if a bettor selects the winner in a money line bet. Alternatively, the sportsbook keeps the stake if the bet loses. However, in the case of a draw, many providers will return the stake.


Under/over betting relies on a bettor selecting more or less on statistics in a match. For boxing, this can happen in various outcomes. But, the most common selection that bookmakers post is the under/over total rounds market. Such a bet means bettors pinpoint if a match will end before or after a specified round.


This form of wager means that a punter has to choose both the overall winner of the fight, but also, the round when the match will end. As this is a hard, more complicated wager, the odds are ultimately higher than a money line bet.

Type of Victory

In boxing, there are various ways a fighter can win a match. Knockout, technical knockout, points total, disqualification, or when a competitor retires. With so many possible endings to a match, choosing this wager comes with greater odds too.

The Best Boxing Betting Sites

While there are many sites you can go to specifically for boxing information, most of the best Betting sites for the sport are general sportsbooks offering betting on many other sports as well. This is where our reviews come in handy. Boxing isn’t typically the hot seller for a lot of sportsbooks, as there are few major boxing events each year.

Despite this, there are still some great betting options. The Betting News team has taken the time to look through all our reviews and from them we have selected the ones below as the best for Boxing Betting. When selecting a boxing betting site, consider personal preference. Some bettors may want quick payouts, while others prefer a deep selection of markets. Overall, all players are looking for something different and our reviews can help these decisions.


There are still a large number of boxing enthusiasts around the world, despite the slowed growth of the sport. Between these die-hards and the folks who are interested in the major fights, there is a compelling reason for a sportsbook site to have a robust boxing betting section. The sites we have recommended on this page have that attention to detail which makes them a better option for those of you who are interested in betting on your favorite fighter.

Boxing FAQ

Can I bet on Boxing in the USA?
You can bet on boxing in the USA at all online sportsbooks.
What kind of boxing bets can I make?
Most online sportsbooks will offer popular bet types including moneylines, rounds over/under and method of victory.