Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer is far and away the most popular sport on the planet. Requiring only a ball and something form which to make goal posts, within seconds any flat surface can become a soccer pitch, with players morphing into their favorite stars of the game.

It would come as no surprise, then, to find out that soccer betting is a major pastime in many markets. Now, depending on where you live the amount of exposure you have to soccer gambling may range, but there is no denying its popularity. All you have to do is turn on a match from one of the major European leagues to see what we mean – jerseys and stadiums are filled with online gambling site logos and advertising.

With so many choices for Soccer Betting sites, we wanted to give you an idea of what characteristics we look for in a site that we would recommend. We’ll also give you a headstart on your search by providing a list of some of our favorites.

Features of A Good Soccer Betting Site

If we were going to give you details on every piece of research that goes into the review of a Soccer Betting site, you might be here for a long time, so in the interest of time, we have whittled them down to the most important features that every great site should include.

What Leagues are offered?

What many of you may not realize if you are a casual soccer fan is the sheer number of professional teams around the world. Some countries in Europe have several divisions and leagues, featuring dozens of teams. The best Soccer Betting Sites are those that offer more than just the major leagues around the world. Fans of a local team, whether or not they still live in the vicinity, will want to find odds on their team’s games, and typically come up empty-handed if they don’t pick the right site from the start.

Live Streaming of Games

If you now have an idea of how many teams and matches there could be to bet on at a site, just imagine the trouble gamblers have trying to locate a place to watch their favorite team. Although we can’t be sure exactly how they get away with it, many online betting sites now offer players the chance to Live Stream games from around the world. These streams are found right on the site itself, which makes total sense when you are considering betting on a match.

Customer Service

With soccer being such an international sport, the support department of a Soccer Betting Site has an additional layer that we look into when performing our reviews. The best sites are those that not only offer 24/7 customer service but also offer that support in multiple languages. For some, that may be limited to email and FAQ, which is a great start. However, the top sites will offer real-time service in as many languages as it can support. This can go a long way to giving players peace of mind as they start to make bets with a site.

Live Betting

Soccer is a sport made for Live Betting. The games themselves tend to feature very little in the way of goal scoring, and this boredom can be broken with smaller bets on action within the game itself. Live Betting options for Soccer can include things like which player will score next, the time of the next goal, the number of yellow cards handed out by the referee and so many more. The best sites will use their imaginations to come up with the most interesting bets for someone to make during a game and will pay those bets out quickly so bettors can jump right back in.

Mobile Betting Options

With games taking place all over the world and at all hours of the day, many gamblers may be away from their PCs when wanting to make a bet. We rank all the sites from a mobile compatibility standpoint – either in-app or browser-based formats. We want the mobile Soccer Betting experience to be as smooth as that of the PC, so great effort is put into testing each sites mobile betting interface.

The Best Soccer Betting Sites

After all of that information, you are probably excited to start making some Soccer bets! We are here to help get you on your way with our list of our recommended Soccer betting sites. These sites are at the top of the list when it comes to all the criteria we listed above and more, and each presents a great opportunity for you to make your wagers. Of course, we want to hear your thoughts on any of the sites you play at, so if you have some feedback you would like to share we encourage you to send us a note, and we’ll incorporate it into our review pages.