Best MLS Betting Sites for 2023

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MLS betting sites have become popular in recent years, mirroring the growing national and global spectatorship of the league.

More and more world-class footballing icons have joined the MLS over the past few seasons. As a result, the league has been getting more interest from soccer fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike.

Wagering on MLS soccer games is one of the more popular markets on sportsbooks today. Fast action and the growing quality and publicity of the MLS means betting sites are improving their soccer sections constantly.

We look at some of the best MLS betting sites out there right now. We also pinpoint some of the features to look for when selecting bookmakers for MLS bets.

Best MLS Betting Sites

Mostly, as the MLS has become a more sought-after betting market, sportsbooks have improved their offerings for soccer bets. While many professional and reputable bookmakers have moved with the times, others are not as user-friendly.

As a result, we have listed some of the leading MLS betting sites below based on our expert sportsbook reviews.

Features of good MLS Betting Sites

Many online sportsbooks have acknowledged the public interest in the MLS in recent years. Ultimately, this has improved the quality of MLS betting sites with plenty to keep bettors engaged.

The list below shows some of the features to look out for when choosing a sportsbook.

MLS Betting Options

This is arguably the most basic aspect to look out for when choosing an MLS betting site. However, soccer betting is not just about backing the winning team. Today, bettors want to know how the game was won, who had a stellar performance, who scored the winning goal, etc. A good betting site should cover all of these betting options and more.

Below are some of the key MLS betting markets to check for when choosing a sportsbook.

  • Total goals scored in the game
  • Correct Score
  • Under/over total goals
  • Goals per team
  • Which player scored the opening/closing goal
  • How many corner kicks were taken during the game?
  • How many bookings were given?
  • Half time scores

Live Betting

In recent years, in-play betting options have expanded hugely and soccer enthusiasts now have tonnes of live wagering selections. Live betting benefits punters in several ways. They can place a bet, even if they turn on the action once the game has started. Also, bettors can watch the action unfold then make wagers based on in-game occurrences. For instance, if one team brings on their star player at half time, they may get good odds for them to score next.


The best sportsbook sites have promotions throughout the season. Bookmakers encourage customers to make a deposit and back up their membership with ongoing MLS offered. Promos come in various forms, like, free bets, matched deposits, risk-free bets, and more. These are more for existing players, but new customers can also usually get free bets and bonuses upon signing up.

MLS Betting Apps

Today, bettors place wagers on apps more than on their desktop devices. As a result, most betting companies have accompanying apps. In some cases, bettors can access more features and perks from mobile devices. These include bonuses and rewards for using apps. Because MLS soccer action unfolds quickly, bettors like to have quick access to their own betting accounts. Therefore, it is key for many soccer fans that their preferred betting site has an accessible app.

MLS Betting Strategy

Modern soccer is one of the most unpredictable sports and this is what makes it so engaging. Even though MLS betting can be tricky to predict, there are ways to increase potential winning with each wager.

Below are some of our expert tips when using MLS betting sites.

Keep a bankroll

If you are to make a serious hobby out of sports betting, start by giving yourself a budget and a spending limit. Play only with money that you can afford to let go of. This way betting will always be enjoyable and it won’t compromise the rest of your finances.

Be Selective

Instead of trying to maximize all MLS games by placing wagers, focus on one or a few clubs you’re genuinely interested in. Study your teams’ strengths and weaknesses and study the same of their upcoming opponents. From there you will be able to make an educated decision on which team will win and why. By choosing your battles, you’ll be able to have higher chances of winning.

Keep a betting log

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, to keep track of exact winnings from all bets. Secondly, so you know just how good an analyst you are. By keeping a log of all your bets, you will be able to see what decisions made you the most gains and what bets rarely win for you.

This strategy can also help to notice trends. For instance, you may make a profit from who scored the most goals, how many goalies saves, how many attempts, etc. But equally, you could be losing on bets like match winners and goal scorers.

Check League Position

By looking at the MLS table after each game week, you will notice the teams that are in or out of form. Also, comparing where a team is now compared to how they did in previous seasons gives a good sign of their progression. For example, if DC United finished 10th, then 8th and they are now 5th in the Eastern Conference, chances are they are a harder team to beat this season.

Team Form and Injuries

Pay attention to winning streaks, losing streaks and try to figure out what is causing them. Key questions to ask include, is a player having the best form of his career? Does the team have a new coach? Is the team handicapped by injured players in their roster? Also, look at home vs away records. Statistically, teams in most sports perform better at home, but there are occasional teams that buck this trend.

Designated players are influential

The Designated Players should make a strong impact on the performance of the team. Learn more about your designated players and find out how they influence the game. Is the player excellent at finding passes? Can they score a lot of goals? Are they solid defenders? Understanding their style can influence betting activity and help select the right markets for profit.

In-play betting can be profitable

Lastly, live betting in soccer can be a very profitable avenue, more so than a lot of other sports. Ultimately, you might see something happening on the pitch that you didn’t anticipate. Even if it’s a small detail like a player getting frustrated by being offside constantly, this can change the course of the game. Maximize a win or minimize a loss, live betting should allow you to make real-time adjustments like a football manager.

MLS Overview

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the top competitive soccer division in both the United States and Canada. The current league has 26 teams – 23 from the US and three from Canada.

The MLS Regular Season uses a point system for league rankings: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. Each team plays 34 games, 17 at home and 17 at an opponent’s stadium. MLS clubs are divided into Eastern and Western Conferences (14 in Eastern, 12 in Western).

Clubs will have to play each conference opponent twice and each non-conference opponent once. This is different from most European league formats. Once the Regular Season ends, the top 6 teams from each conference enter the Playoffs. Via this competition, the league champions are determined and awarded the MLS Cup.

A parallel competition during the season in the MLS Cup. The winners of this competition earn a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League. Also, the club with the most points earned at the end of the Regular Season is awarded the Supporter’s Shield. This team also qualifies for the CONCACAF Champions League.


There are many good-quality MLS betting sites out there today. The rise in popularity of the flagship soccer league in North America has attracted more fans and more bettors worldwide than ever before. With year-on-year growth, it is likely that MLS betting options will only get better for punters. For the latest, in-depth reviews on MLS betting, keep checking back at to pick the right site for you.

Where can I bet on MLS Soccer in the USA?
All online sportsbooks in the USA offer MLS betting to American players.
What kind of bets can I make on MLS games?
Sportsbooks offer all the standard bet types for MLS betting, including moneyline, point spread and total over/under.
Do any sportsbooks offer free MLS soccer bets?
Sportsbooks usually offer some form of free bet bonus for new players who deposit money, which can be used to bet on MLS soccer.