NBA News and Notes: July is Heating the League Up

Rodney K

Oh, what a difference a week can make. Especially in the National Basketball Association’s offseason. It did not take long at all for the entire NBA landscape to shift once the free agency period began last week and we saw some seismic shifts indeed. The NBA is definitely a year-round league nowadays and it’s quite incredible that is is all because of one player. Which brings us to our first question.

What the hell is Lebron James thinking?

In the East, Lebron can take a garbage team to the NBA Finals. He’s proven this several times, during his first stint with the Cavs and with his last stint with the Cavs. In the West and the Lakers, he is a five or six seed. And that’s being nice. The Lakers have a few nice young players in Ingram, Kuzma, and Hart but they still very young. They also have cap space to sign another big free agent but there isn’t anyone out there worth signing now the Paul George re-upped with the Thunder. Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs wants to be traded to the Lakers but why in the world would Pops make that trade? So, Lebron is going to have to wait a year so Leonard can hit free agency and until then he is playing on a worse version of his team last year in a tougher conference as the clock on his career keeps ticking. And it also begs the question…

What the hell are the Lakers thinking?

Magic Johnson a few weeks ago said that if he didn’t land a big name free agent this summer he should be fired so, congrats to Magic because your job is now safe. However, what’s your next move? You signed Lebron, now what? Well, we couldn’t help but notice you also signed JaVale McGee to a one year deal, Rajon Rondo to a one year deal, and Lance Stephenson to a one year deal. You passed on signing Boogie Cousins and now the reports are you want to trade for Kevin Love. How do you get Lebron in the off-season and get worse? Obviously, the shuffling isn’t done yet but it is painfully obvious they were thinking Paul George would sign with them and he didn’t.

What the hell is Boogie Cousins thinking?

Spurned by the Lakers, for some reason, BoogieCousins did the next best thing. Or is it the next, actually much better, best thing? Bester thing? Anyway, he signed with the Warriors. And it’s a great idea for the big fella coming off that terrible injury while entering free agency. He gets to come back when he wants. He gets to play with a team that wants him. He gets to compete for a title. It’s really a no-brainer for both parties. If Cousins comes back as half the player he was before the injury, the Warriors will have the league’s best scoring options at three different positions. (And I’m probably shortchanging Klay Thompson)

Back to the Futures

All of the NBA Futures wagers are going to be all over the place as this wackadoo offseason continues but here are a few things to keep in mind and some good plays if you find a good number.

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