LeBron Sweepstakes: Betting Odds to Land LeBron James for 2018-2019

Ryan K

When Game 4 of the Finals hit triple zeros, Lebron belined it for the locker room faster than anyone before and the speculation began immediately. Where is he going to next year? Will he leave his hometown team? When will we know? Many were quick to say he isn’t going anywhere. But then came the first report. Then the second. Then a third and now it seems as if there is no way Lebron will be back in Cleveland unless it’s in a visitors uniform.

And you know Vegas is going to have its say as well. Most sportsbooks are all over it already, putting out Futures lines on where Lebron ends up. And, interestingly enough, the Cavs are not the favorite. This week we are going to look at the team that could land the best player on Earth. Futures always make for nice paydays and don’t have to be a longshot wager. Here are the lines with the Futures value.

Los Angeles Lakers -220

The sneaky favorite coming out of the gates. The Lakers were the team mentioned in the first reporting on the subject. The rumor mill has LebronJamesJr. enrolled in a local Los Angeles high school. Lebron Sr. has said repeatedly that it is up to his family as to where he will play next. Is it just that easy? Vegas seems to think so because -220 is an odds on favorite type number for a Futures wager. The Lakers have money to sign two big free agents and have young players they can move around if need be. Magic, Kobe, Lebron… It makes a ton of sense actually. Unfortunately, at -220, it isn’t a good play.

Philadelphia 76ers +400

Philly has been in the conversation for months now. They’ll have the cap room to make a big splash and the idea of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Lebron James playing together for five seasons is as enticing as it gets. However, does it make sense? Simmons and Lebron are both players that need the ball in their hands in order to make plays. As good as they are at scoring, they also excel at everything else. Just because a team has the cap room doesn’t make them a good fit.

Cleveland Cavaliers +650

The last time Lebron left, he lost everything. He was everyone’s favorite player and the next big thing entering his prime. But he left and everyone outside of the state of Florida hated him for it. He did return and even won a Finals. Is that enough? Has his greatness superseded his loyalty? He single-handedly took a garbage-fire of a basketball team to the Finals again this year. Is that enough? Has he given all he can to Cleveland? He hasn’t had fun playing basketball in years. Can the guy move on already without everyone hating him again? Maybe. Maybe not. The only thing more important than his family is his ego. Lebron not risking losing it is a good bet at +650 though.

Houston Rockets +800

Another compelling team but much like Philly there may not be enough basketball to go around. With Harden and Paul running the offense where would Lebron even fit? He needs to hold the ball. Just as Harden and Paul need to hold the ball. The Rockets just won the Western Conference and took the champs to Game 7. If Chris Paul doesn’t get hurt, they may have won the whole thing. Bringing in Lebron would just be killing the momentum and the +800 indicates it.

Boston Celtics +1500

This would be funny and require some shuffling around with the roster. Some kind of sign and trade would have to be worked out but the idea of Lebron going to Boston and Kyrie going back to Cleveland would be hilarious. The season Boston put together missing two stars has them excited for the future so picking up Lebron would be a step backward in some respects because Lebron is the guy they want to beat. Getting him just defeats the purpose.

Does Not Play a Regular Season Game +6000

This is one dark wager.

Golden State Warriors +7500

No. No dice. No way.

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