How to Bet on the Super Bowl: Tips for Super Bowl Betting

Eddie Griffin

After the end of the college football season, the next major event on the North American sports betting calendar is the Super Bowl.

On February 13, the champions of the AFC and NFC will clash at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California in Super Bowl 56. Around North America, millions upon millions of people will tune into the game regardless of the Super Bowl matchup.

And regardless of the matchup, many of those millions of viewers will also be placing wagers on the big game.

Events like the Super Bowl often see first-time or casual bettors get in on the action. Some bettors are fans of one of the teams involved. Others are interested in betting on the interesting prop options that are available for the game.

Knowing where to start with Super Bowl betting can be a challenge if you are a new or experienced bettor.

Find the Right Sportsbook

Super Bowl betting, or any kind of sports betting for that matter, starts with finding the right sportsbook. It’s like house hunting or car shopping. The first one you find might be really appealing, but it might not necessarily be the right one.

And as with looking for the right home or car, amenities often matter with choosing the right sportsbook.

But instead of an extra bathroom, heated seats, or some extra storage space, promotions and value are two key selling points with sportsbooks.

Sportsbook promotions for new signups can include deposit bonuses, free or risk-free bets, contest entries, and more.

Reload bonuses and loyalty/VIP programs and offers are also common, so newbies don’t have all of the fun. If you plan to continue betting after the Super Bowl, such perks can factor into your decision-making.

Value should also be a primary consideration when you are determining where to bet on the Super Bowl. Even if you don’t intend to invest a significant stake in your Super Bowl bets, it is nice to get the best possible line to save some of your funds or maximize your winnings is something.

Consider the following scenario:

Super Bowl Moneyline: Book A vs Book B

Book A

  • Kansas City Chiefs -125
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +105

Book B

  • Kansas City Chiefs -140
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +110

If you make a $50 wager at -125 odds, your return (stake plus winnings) if the Chiefs win would be $90 ($50 stake plus $40 winnings). But if you make a $50 wager at -140 odds, your return would be $85.70 ($50 stake plus $35.70 in winnings).

It may not seem like much, but you can take those extra dollars and use them on March Madness betting or NBA betting, perhaps.

Along with checking out sportsbooks and the lines that they offer, reading sportsbook reviews can help you sift through your choices and make the best decision.

Determine What You Want to Bet On

Now that you have picked where you want to bet, you need to determine what you want to bet on.

Most casual bettors simply want to bet on the Super Bowl result. But do you want to bet on the spread, or do you want to bet on the moneyline? Or do you want to bet on the total? Or all three?

Whether you choose to bet on the spread or moneyline can depend on your confidence level and the betting lines that you are working with.

Let’s say the Super Bowl odds list the Kansas City Chiefs as a 2.5-point favorite against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you are confident that the Chiefs will win by 3+ points and thus cover the Super Bowl spread, the spread is your best bet.

If you are confident that the Chiefs will win but less confident that they will cover, the moneyline is your best bet.

On the flip side, say you are backing the Bucs instead. Are you confident that the Bucs are going to win no matter what? Then, by all means, back the ML as that will provide maximum Super Bowl betting value and winnings.

If you think the Bucs will keep it very close and potentially win, the spread is the better choice. You will sacrifice some value, but you will still win in the event they lose by one or two points.

Scout the Super Bowl Matchup

When betting on the result, knowing important information about the matchup will always come in handy. No, you don’t have to know the rosters from top to bottom or all of the stats from each team’s season. But some basic info can tell a lot.

Did the two teams play during the season? Beating the same team twice in one season is never easy.

It is a situation that has not happened often recently, but the big game’s matchup can occasionally be between two teams that played during the regular season. That was the case in Super Bowl 55, as the Chiefs met the Bucs for the second time last season. The Chiefs won the regular season matchup, but the Bucs won the game that mattered.

What do NFL statistics say about how the teams match up statistically? What is the latest injury news? How have the two teams performed in their recent games?

One key thing to keep in mind: Yardage statistics do not always tell the full story. A team can allow a lot of passing yards, but that may not mean they struggle against the pass. If a team plays with a lead more often than not, opponents will have to throw the ball a lot more, thus inflating those numbers.

Research and Evaluate Relevant Super Bowl Betting Trends

Scouting the Super Bowl matchup is certainly important, but it is also helpful to be aware of relevant Super Bowl betting trends and NFL betting trends.

Now, what happened in the first Super Bowl is not nearly as relevant as what happened in the most recent Super Bowl, but historical betting trends, both with regards to results and what people bet on, can be very informative.

How often has the underdog covered the Super Bowl betting spread? How often has the underdog won the game? What betting trends for the current NFL season stand out?

Now that you know the basics of how to bet on the Super Bowl, you should be able to approach your bets for the big game with confidence. Good luck!

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