Super Bowl First Score Odds: Did Rams or Bengals Score 1st?

Eddie Griffin

In football, scoring the opening points is not a guarantee of success, but no one wants to find themselves in an early hole. That is the case for any game at any level, but in a game the magnitude of the Super Bowl, the first score or a fast start is all the more important.

In the AFC Championship Game, the Cincinnati Bengals overturned a 21-3 deficit to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, who entered the game atop Super Bowl odds.

But while they seemingly had the Chiefs’ number in the second half this season, as they also overcame a double-digit deficit to beat Kansas City in the regular season, falling into such a hole against the Los Angeles Rams might doom their championship chances.

Similarly, the Rams fell into a hole against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. They did score the first points of the game, but the Niners scored 17 straight points to take a 17-7 lead into the final quarter.

However, the Rams were able to overhaul that deficit to book their ticket to the big game. But they will not want to find themselves in the same spot come Super Bowl Sunday.

Along with potentially setting the tone for the first quarter, first half, or game, the first score of the Super Bowl will also be a tone-setter for many Super Bowl bettors.

Who will score first in Super Bowl 56? What will the first scoring play be? There are many Super Bowl first scoring play betting options to sift through and pick from. Let’s take a look at the options available at BetMGM.

Who Scored First in the 2022 Super Bowl?

The Rams scored first in their Super Bowl 56 win, as Matthew Stafford connected with Odell Beckham Jr. for a 17-yard touchdown pass with 6:22 remaining in the first quarter.

For the 26th time, a touchdown was the first score in the Super Bowl, with passing touchdowns now accounting for 18 of those 26 touchdowns. And for the 37th time in Super Bowl history, the team that scored first went on to win the game.

Super Bowl First Score Betting Menu

Super Bowl First Score Betting Odds (as of Saturday, February 12)

Who Will Score First in the Super Bowl?

  • Los Angeles Rams -155
  • Cincinnati Bengals +110

What Will the First Scoring Play of the Super Bowl Be?

Type of Scoring Play

  • Touchdown -200
  • Field Goal +165
  • Safety +4000

Team and Type of Scoring Play

  • Los Angeles Rams Field Goal +350
  • Cincinnati Bengals Field Goal +375
  • Los Angeles Rams Safety +6600
  • Cincinnati Bengals Safety +6600
  • Los Angeles Rams Touchdown +175
  • Cincinnati Bengals Touchdown +240

If the Super Bowl First Scoring Play is a Touchdown – Type of Touchdown

  • Los Angeles Rams Rushing Touchdown +700
  • Cincinnati Bengals Rushing Touchdown +900
  • Los Angeles Rams Receiving Touchdown +320
  • Cincinnati Bengals Receiving Touchdown +375
  • Los Angeles Rams Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown +3300
  • Cincinnati Bengals Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown +3000

Which Team Will Score the First Touchdown in the Super Bowl?

  • Los Angeles Rams -155
  • Cincinnati Bengals +115
  • No Touchdowns Will Be Scored +10000

Will the Team to Score the First Points in the Super Bowl Win the Game?

  • Yes -200
  • No +140

What do scoring trends for this NFL season tell us about the Rams and Bengals and where the best Super Bowl first scoring play betting value lies?

First Score Trends for the 2021 NFL Season for the Rams and Bengals (Including Playoffs)

Los Angeles Rams

  • Scored First: 13 times (in 20 games – 65 percent)
  • Record When Scoring First: 10-3
  • First Score Types: 6 passing TD, 6 FG, 1 rushing TD

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Scored First: 7 times (in 20 games – 35 percent)
  • Record When Scoring First: 6-1
  • First Score Types: 3 passing TD, 3 FG, 1 rushing TD

Rams Are Frequent Fast Starters; Bengals Make Early Leads Count

As the number show, the Rams have had a lot of positive starts this season, and their positive starts have typically led to positive results. The only times they failed to win after scoring first were against the Arizona Cardinals (opened the scoring with a field goal in an eventual 37-20 loss in Week 4), Tennessee Titans (opening the scoring with a field goal in a 28-16 loss in Week 9), and 49ers (opened the scoring with a field goal in a 27-24 loss in Week 18).

Perhaps it is neither here nor there, but it is worth noting that the seven times the Rams have opened the scoring with a touchdown, they have gone on to win. This is not to encourage daydreaming about Rams coach Sean McVay getting the famous Super Bowl Gatorade shower, but if you are backing the Rams to hoist the hallowed Lombardi Trophy in their home stadium, an early touchdown could spell good news.

The Bengals have not had as many fast starts, but they have certainly made them count. The only time they haven’t converted an early lead into a win was in Week 5. At Green Bay, they took the lead with a first-quarter touchdown toss from Joe Burrow to Samaje Perine, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers claimed a 25-22 win in overtime.

Best Super Bowl First Score Bets

So, which first scoring play bets should you consider for the upcoming Super Bowl matchup? Who is most likely to score first, and what is the first score most likely to be?

From a value standpoint, two options stick out the most with regards to the best combination of value and reason.

The Rams have taken an early advantage more frequently, and the aerial route has been a popular method. In the playoffs, they have grabbed the first lead with a passing touchdown twice in three games.

At the current odds, a $50 wager on the Rams to strike first with a touchdown pass would give you a return of $210–your original stake of $50 plus winnings of $160.

Also, between the level of frequency it has occurred for both teams this season and in recent Super Bowls–which the below results history will indicate–there’s a lot of value in backing a field goal to be the first scoring play in Super Bowl 56.

If you place a $50 wager on a field goal to open the scoring at SoFi Stadium, you will have a return of $132.50–your original stake of $50 plus winnings of $82.50. That bet warrants a long look, especially when you also consider that Rams kicker Matt Gay (7 of 9) and Bengals kicker Evan McPherson (12 of 12) have made a combined 19 field goals in the playoffs already.

Super Bowl First Score History and Trends

Mike McGee Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I
Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee. McGee scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl history, giving the Green Bay Packers an early lead in a 35-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I.

Field Goals Edge Touchdowns in Recent and All-Time Super Bowl First Score History

There was only one field goal in the first Super Bowl, and it was not the first score or a meaningful score. Kansas City Chiefs kicker Mike Mercer kicked the first field goal in Super Bowl history, trimming the deficit to 14-10 shortly before halftime and accounting for what would be the Chiefs’ final points of a 35-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I.

The first touchdown in Super Bowl history–and the first score in Super Bowl history–was a 37-yard touchdown pass from Bart Starr to wide receiver Mike McGee, which put the Packers ahead of the Chiefs with 6:04 remaining in the first quarter.

have been all the rage in most recent Super Bowls. A field goal has been the first score in each of the past four Super Bowls and five of the past six.

It may come as a surprise that a defensive touchdown has never been the first score. Neither team has been in the habit of scoring non-offensive touchdowns this season, but it will always be worth it to toss a few bucks on the opening score being a safety or a defensive or special teams touchdown, given the low-risk, high-reward odds.

It may also come as a surprise that the first score has been a rushing touchdown so rarely. Given that it is also rare for both the Rams and Bengals this season, it is reasonable to expect that trend to continue this year.

Does the First Score of the Super Bowl Often Impact the Super Bowl Result?

But will scoring first bode well for the scorer? It has not in the past two Super Bowls, but historically, the first team to score has an overwhelming edge in title wins. In 55 previous Super Bowls, the team that scored first went on to win the Super Bowl 36 times.

If you are betting on Super Bowl moneyline odds, you will have more reason to feel confident if your pick opens the scoring with a touchdown rather than a field goal.

Teams who have scored a touchdown to take the first lead of the big game have gone on to win 68 percent of the time (17 of 25 times), while teams who went ahead with a field goal have gone on to win only 59 percent of the time (16 of 27 times).

First Score Results and History Menu

Super Bowl First Scoring Play Results by Type

  • Touchdown: 25
  • Field Goal: 27
  • Safety: 3
  • Passing Touchdown: 17
  • Rushing Touchdown: 6
  • Defensive Touchdown: 0
  • Special Teams Touchdown: 2

Super Bowl First Scoring Play Results by Year

Super Bowl 50 to present

  • 2021 (LV -Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Chiefs FG, 5:10 1st quarter
  • 2020 (LIV – San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs): 49ers FG, 7:57 1st quarter
  • 2019 (LIII – New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams): Patriots FG, 10:29 2nd quarter
  • 2018 (LII – Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots): Eagles FG, 7:55 1st quarter
  • 2017 (LI – New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons): Falcons rushing TD, 10:29 2nd quarter
  • 2016 (50 – Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos): Broncos FG, 10:43 1st quarter

Super Bowl L to XLIX

  • 2015 (XLIX – New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks): Patriots passing TD, 9:47 2nd quarter
  • 2014 (XLVIII – Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos): Seahawks safety, 14:48 1st quarter
  • 2013 (XLVII – Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers): Ravens passing TD, 10:36 1st quarter
  • 2012 (XLVI – New York Giants vs. New England Patriots): Giants safety, 8:52 1st quarter
  • 2011 (XLV – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers): Packers passing TD, 3:44 1st quarter
  • 2010 (XLIV – New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts): Colts FG, 7:29, 1st quarter
  • 2009 (XLIII – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals): Steelers FG, 9:45 1st quarter
  • 2008 (XLII – New York Giants vs. New England Patriots): Giants FG, 5:01 1st quarter
  • 2007 (XLI – Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears): Bears kickoff return TD, 14:46 1st quarter
  • 2006 (XL – Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): Seahawks FG, 0:22 1st quarter

Super Bowl XXX to XXXIX

  • 2005 (XXXIX – New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles): Eagles passing TD, 9:55 2nd quarter
  • 2004 (XXXVIII – Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots): Patriots passing TD, 3:05 2nd quarter
  • 2003 (XXXVII – Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Raiders FG, 10:40 1st quarter
  • 2002 (XXXVI – St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots): Rams FG, 3:10 1st quarter
  • 2001 (XXXV – Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants): Ravens passing TD, 6:50 1st quarter
  • 2000 (XXXIV – St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans): Rams FG, 3:00 1st quarter
  • 1999 (XXXIII – Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons): Falcons FG, 9:35 1st quarter
  • 1998 (XXXII – Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos): Packers passing TD, 10:58 1st quarter
  • 1997 (XXXI – New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers): Packers passing TD, 11:28 1st quarter
  • 1996 (XXX – Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): Cowboys FG, 12:05 1st quarter

Super Bowl XX to XXIX

  • 1995 (XXIX – San Diego Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers): 49ers passing TD, 13:36 1st quarter
  • 1994 (XXVIII – Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills): Cowboys FG, 12:41 1st quarter
  • 1993 (XXVII – Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys): Bills rushing TD, 10:00 1st quarter
  • 1992 (XXVI – Washington vs. Buffalo Bills): Washington FG, 13:02 2nd quarter
  • 1991 (XXV – Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants): Giants FG, 7:14 1st quarter
  • 1990 (XXIV – San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos): 49ers passing TD, 10:06 1st quarter
  • 1989 (XXIII – Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco 49ers): 49ers FG, 3:14 1st quarter
  • 1988 (XXII – Washington vs. Denver Broncos): Broncos passing TD, 13:03 1st quarter
  • 1987 (XXI – Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants): Broncos FG, 10:51 1st quarter
  • 1986 (XX – Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots): Patriots FG, 13:41 1st quarter

Super Bowl X to XIX

  • 1985 (XIX – Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers): Dolphins FG, 7:24 1st quarter
  • 1984 (XVIII – Washington vs. Los Angeles Raiders): Raiders special teams TD (blocked punt recovered in end zone), 10:08 1st quarter
  • 1983 (XVII – Miami Dolphins vs. Washington): Dolphins passing TD, 8:11 1st quarter
  • 1982 (XVI – San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals): 49ers rushing TD, 5:52 1st quarter
  • 1981 (XV – Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles): Raiders passing TD, 8:56 1st quarter
  • 1980 (XIV- Los Angeles Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): Steelers FG, 7:31 1st quarter
  • 1979 (XIII – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys): Steelers passing TD, 9:47 1st quarter
  • 1978 (XII – Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos): Cowboys rushing TD, 4:29 1st quarter
  • 1977 (XI – Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings): Raiders FG, 14:12 2nd quarter
  • 1976 (X – Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): Cowboys passing TD, 10:24 1st quater

Super Bowl I to X

  • 1975 (IX – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings): Steelers safety, 7:11 2nd quarter
  • 1974 (VIII – Minnesota Vikings vs. Miami Dolphins): Dolphins rushing TD, 9:33 1st quarter
  • 1973 (VII – Miami Dolphins vs. Washington): Dolphins passing TD, 0:01 1st quarter
  • 1972 (VI – Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins): Cowboys FG, 1:23 1st quarter
  • 1971 (V – Baltimore Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys): Cowboys FG, 5:32 1st quarter
  • 1970 (IV – Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs): Chiefs FG, 6:52 in 1st quarter
  • 1969 (III – New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts): Jets rushing TD, 9:03 in 2nd quarter
  • 1968 (II – Green Bay Packers vs. Oakland Raiders): Packers FG, 9:53 in 1st quarter
  • 1967 (I – Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers): Packers passing TD, 6:04 in 1st quarter

How Often Has the Team That Scored First Won the Super Bowl?

Stephen Gostkowski Super Bowl LIII New England Patriots
To date, the most recent Super Bowl in which the first team to score went on to win was Super Bowl LIII in 2019. New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski kicked a second-quarter field goal for the first score against the Los Angeles Rams, and the Patriots went on to win 13-3.
  • Number of Times First Team to Score Won: 36
  • Number of Times First Team to Score Did Not Win: 19
  • First Team to Score Scored a Touchdown and Went on to Win: 17 of 25 (Pass: 12-5, Rush: 4-2, Special Teams: 1-1)
  • Kicked a Field Goal and Went on to Win: 16 of 27
  • Recorded a Safety and Went on to Win: 3 of 3

Outcome By Year

  • 2021 (LV): Lost
  • 2020 (LIV): Lost
  • 2019 (LIII): Won
  • 2018 (LII): Won
  • 2017 (LI): Lost
  • 2016 (50): Won
  • 2015 (XLIX): Won
  • 2014 (XLVIII): Won
  • 2013 (XLVII): Won
  • 2012 (XLVI): Won
  • 2011 (XLV): Won
  • 2010 (XLIV): Lost
  • 2009 (XLIII): Won
  • 2008 (XLII): Won
  • 2007 (XLI): Lost
  • 2006 (XL): Lost
  • 2005 (XXXIX): Lost
  • 2004 (XXXVIII): Won
  • 2003 (XXXVII): Lost
  • 2002 (XXXVI): Lost
  • 2001 (XXXV): Won
  • 2000 (XXXIV): Won
  • 1999 (XXXIII): Lost
  • 1998 (XXXII): Lost
  • 1997 (XXXI): Won
  • 1996 (XXX): Won
  • 1995 (XXIX): Won
  • 1994 (XXVIII): Won
  • 1993 (XXVII): Lost
  • 1992 (XXVI): Won
  • 1991 (XV): Won
  • 1990 (XXIV): Won
  • 1989 (XXIII): Won
  • 1988 (XXII): Lost
  • 1987 (XXI): Lost
  • 1986 (XX): Lost
  • 1985 (XIX): Lost
  • 1984 (XVIII): Won
  • 1983 (XVII): Lost
  • 1982 (XVI): Won
  • 1981 (XV): Won
  • 1980 (XIV): Won
  • 1979 (XIII): Won
  • 1978 (XII): Won
  • 1977 (XI): Won
  • 1976 (X): Lost
  • 1975 (IX): Won
  • 1974 (VIII): Won
  • 1973 (VII): Won
  • 1972 (VI): Won
  • 1971 (V): Lost
  • 1970 (IV): Won
  • 1969 (III): Won
  • 1968 (II): Won
  • 1967 (I): Won

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