The Kentucky Derby is arguably the most well-known horse race in the world. The race, held on the first Saturday of May each year at Churchill Downs, is known for many things aside from the actual race itself. People who attend this famous day at the races are always dressed to the nines, and you will see some of the most unique hats anywhere in North America on a day like this.

The party has extended far outside the state of Kentucky, with a whole host of parties being held around the world. Of course, the main attraction of the Kentucky Derby aside from the mint julep is betting on the race itself. This is the kind of event that brings so many fresh new gamblers to the space that it is a unique opportunity for gambling sites to attract new players. However, not every betting site is the same especially when it comes to horse racing, so we thought it would help to know what we look at when reviewing sites for Kentucky Derby betting.

Features of a Good Kentucky Derby Betting Site

Our reviews take into consideration many factors, some of which are general across all types of betting while others are focused on individual sports. Here is a list of some of the things our team researches when looking for the best places to bet on the Kentucky Derby.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, we tend to do so much on our phones that we rarely find ourselves in front of our PCs anymore. When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, the odds are that you will find yourself out at an event, and is the desire to make abet comes upon you, then you will be looking for a site from your phone. We look at all the mobile versions of sites, with an eye to speed and ease of making the bets. Extra credit is given to a site that has a native app for iOS or Android, but with the issues in the United States regarding online gambling, it is more likely that you will be using the browser-based version of a betting site.

Promotions and Pools

The Kentucky Derby is the kind of day that attracts new people to betting sites, so we want you to find the sites that are offering bonuses around the Kentucky Derby. Many of these sites will allow you to enter a free event where you are pitted against other players for prizes, winning by picking the winners of several races.

Bet Types available

Many people won’t realize this, but the Kentucky Derby is actually the 12th horse race at Churchill Downs on that day. There are 11 preliminary races, and we want to recommend sites that offer odds on all the races. This not only allows you to bet all through the day but also lets you get into some of the more rare action like picking the winners of 6 races (the Pick 6) which tends to pay very well.

We also want to make sure that sites you choose offer the most prop bets. Prop bets are bets that aren’t on the outcome of the race itself and have become very popular across many sports over the years. Examples of prop bets might be betting on the winning time, the color of the helmet worn by the winning jockey, etc. These are great bets for novice gamblers as they don’t require a lot of research or knowledge.

The Best Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

After reviewing all the criteria outlined above, we also take a look at other factors like payment options, site safety and security, and customer service when completing our reviews. When we have performed all our tests, we are ready to offer our ratings and recommendations. Below, you will find a list of the sites we feel are the best for players who are looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby. All of these sites come with our approval, which means we feel comfortable that you are going to have a pleasant gambling experience with whichever one you choose. Some of the names on this list are quite recognizable, while others you may be hearing for the first time.


Even though the sport of horse racing has seen better years, there is no doubt that the excitement around the spectacle of the Kentucky Derby will continue to prop up the industry for many years to come. This is not only one of the best sports days of the year, but also one of the best gambling days. The sites that do the best job of catering to players who want to bet on the Kentucky Derby are top-rated in our minds, and we hope that you find a great site from the list we have recommended on this page.