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Horses leave the gate at Woodbine


Saturday’s Woodbine horse racing card features three Grade 1 turf races. The turf races are also part of the Breeders’ Cup prep series and will earn a spot for the winner.

Although all graded stakes are to be run on the turf track, Woodbine also features an all-weather main track that will play host to several races as well.

Betting All-Weather Tracks

Handicapping races on an all-weather surface presents a unique set of challenges and considerations compared to traditional dirt or turf tracks.

These surfaces, typically made of synthetic materials, offer a more consistent and forgiving racing environment, but they still require a specialized approach for successful handicapping. Here are some key differences.

Track Bias

All-weather tracks tend to have less pronounced track biases than dirt or turf. However, it’s essential to monitor any subtle biases that may develop over time, such as favored post positions or running styles.

Surface Variations

While all-weather tracks are designed for consistency, they can still change due to weather conditions. Wet or frozen surfaces may impact a horse’s performance differently, so it’s vital to consider the current track condition when handicapping.

Fitness and Form

Horses that have experience racing on all-weather surfaces often have an advantage. Check their past performances on similar tracks to gauge their fitness and form accurately.

Running Style

All-weather tracks can favor various running styles, including front-runners, closers, or stalkers. Analyze past races to identify which running style has been most successful on the specific track.

Pedigree Analysis

Consider a horse’s pedigree when handicapping all-weather races. Some bloodlines are more suited to synthetic surfaces, so examining a horse’s breeding can provide valuable insights.

Jockey and Trainer Trends

Certain jockeys and trainers may excel on all-weather tracks due to their experience and strategies. Look for patterns in their performance records.

Surface Switch

Pay attention when horses switch from dirt or turf to an all-weather surface or vice versa. Some horses adapt well, while others may struggle with the transition.


Monitor recent workouts on the same surface to assess a horse’s readiness for the race. Consistent and strong workouts can indicate a horse’s comfort on the all-weather track.

Full Card Analysis

Woodbine Full Card Selections
Woodbine Full Card Selections

Woodbine Race Course – Race 1

Post Time: 1:15 PM ET; Purse: $51,000 Claiming, 6 1/2 f on turf; Entries: 7

  • #3 MO TOURING (2-1) looks really tough in this spot. Based on the past performances she is well-suited for the distance and should perform strongly.
  • #5 MICHELE M. (5-2) is another strong contender in this race. While she may need a late push, she has the potential to finish competitively.
  • #1 O WOW (6-1) is likely running for a minor placing, and with Drexler and Kimura behind her, she deserves respect.
  • #6 HOLIDAY WITH AMY (12-1) is a long shot that might contend for a minor placing.

Selections: 3 – 5 – 1 – 6

Woodbine Race Course – Race 2

Post Time: 1:46 PM ET; Purse: $61,800 Optional Claiming, 6 f on all-weather; Entries: 7

  • #6 TAVALINE (5-2) gets top billing here as a deserving favorite. She has the potential to lead from the front and be a strong threat.
  • #5 GAMBLE’S ORB (3-1) is a significant player in this field with previous experience in these conditions.
  • #3 SOCIETY’S KAT (7-2) is a fringe contender who could make a well-timed move towards the end.
  • #7 EGBERT J (8-1) shouldn’t be underestimated and might pose a threat from the front end.

Selections: 6 – 5 – 3 – 7

Woodbine Race Course – Race 3

Post Time: 2:18 PM ET; Purse: $111,000 Allowance Optional Claiming, 5 f on turf; Entries: 6

  • #6 I’M INTO MISCHIEF (9-5) appears to be the strongest contender here and is well-suited for the distance.
  • #5 WEEHAWKEN (6-1) should be competitive and has experience in these conditions.
  • #4 IMA BEAST (8-5) is another contender with a chance to win this race.
  • #1 JILL (4-1) is in the mix and should be competitive.

Selections: 6 – 5 – 4 – 1

Woodbine Race Course – Race 4

Post Time: 2:50 PM ET; Purse: $111,600 Maiden Special Weight, 1 1/16 m on turf; Entries: 9

  • #6 HELIOCENTRIC (10-1)gets the top selection at a very generous price. The horse is in good form with Fitzgerald and Civaci.
  • #7 CRY FREEDOM (3-1) is a major player known for a strong closing kick.
  • #8 PAINTED GLORY (6-1) is another major contender.
  • #2 FINANCIAL ADVICE (8-1) makes sense based on speed figures and is a good bet to hit the board.

Selections: 6 – 7 – 8 – 2

Woodbine Race Course – Race 5

Post Time: 3:22 PM ET; Purse: $111,000 Allowance Optional Claiming, 7 f on all-weather; Entries: 8

  • #2 HAPPY VALENTINE (5-2) is our top pick, known for solid recent performances.
  • #1 EME CLAIRE (8-1) is a contender, representing the Casse barn with Husbands as jockey.
  • #5 GAYELETTE (4-1) is a competitive choice with a strong pedigree.
  • #3 SCOTTISH SYMPHONY (2-1) is another competitive pick.

Selections: 2 – 1 – 5 – 3

Woodbine Race Course – Race 6

Post Time: 3:57 PM ET; Purse: $500,000 bet365 Summer S., 1 m on turf; Entries: 11

Carson’s Run | TDN
  • #2 CARSON’S RUN (4-1) is our top choice with the potential for a strong late surge.
  • #7 AIROSA (7-2) is a major player, proven in these conditions.
  • #10 GOLDEN CANARY (6-1) is a contender with good recent form.
  • #3 MY BOY PRINCE (3-1) should be competitive and could lead the race.

Selections: 2 – 7 – 10 – 3

Woodbine Race Course – Race 7

Post Time: 4:32 PM ET; Purse: $150,000 Vigil S., 6 f on all-weather; Entries: 8

  • #3 SOUPER WATSON (12-1) gets the top selection in the race at a price . This horse will look to win with a well-timed run.
  • #6 PATCHES O’HOULIHAN (7-5) is a major player in this field with experience in these conditions.
  • #2 OLD CHESTNUT (8-1) is another contender.
  • #1 ROCKCREST (9-2) should be competitive with consistent pace figures.

Selections: 3 – 6 – 2 – 1

Woodbine Race Course – Race 8

Post Time: 5:07 PM ET; Purse: $500,000 Johnnie Walker Natalma S., 1 m on turf; Entries: 15

  • #8 READY TO JAM (10-1) is our top choice as a price horse, projected to come from mid-pack.
  • #6 AIROSA (4-1) is a major player with good recent form.
  • #14 GOLDEN CANARY (6-1) is a strong contender based on speed figures.
  • #3 DANCING DUCHESS (12-1) is a price horse with tactical speed.

Selections: 8 – 6 – 14 – 3

Woodbine Race Course – Race 9

Post Time: 5:42 PM ET; Purse: $1,000,000 Ricoh Woodbine Mile S., 1 m on turf; Entries: 6

Shirl’s Speight | TDN
  • #3 SHIRL’S SPEIGHT (5-2) looks strong and could lead the race.
  • #6 LUCKY SCORE (15-1) is a price horse with a top overall power rating.
  • #4 ICE CHOCOLAT (9-2) is another major contender.
  • #2 WAR BOMBER (6-1) should be competitive with tactical speed.

Selections: 3 – 6 – 4 – 2

Woodbine Race Course – Race 10

Post Time: 6:20 PM ET; Purse: $111,000 Allowance Optional Claiming, 1 1/8 m on all-weather; Entries: 8

  • #8 CALL CURT (7-2) is the top selection and considered the class of the field.
  • #6 CRUDEN BAY (5-2) is a major player with good recent form.
  • #4 SOUPER COHIBA (10-1) is a price horse and should be competitive.
  • #1 J P HELLISH (2-1) is a fringe contender with consistent pace figures.

Selections: 8 – 6 – 4 – 1

Woodbine Race Course – Race 11

Post Time: 6:54 PM ET; Purse: $114,000 Allowance Optional Claiming, about 1 1/8 m on turf; Entries: 10

  • #3 BRITISH ROYALTY (4-1) is our top pick with solid recent performances.
  • #6 HADDASSAH (10-1) is a price horse with a chance to contend.
  • #7 KEROUAC (5-2) is a strong contender with the top overall power rating.
  • #5 ELUSIVE KNIGHT (15-1) is another price horse with a chance.

Selections: 3 – 6 – 7 – 5

Woodbine Race Course – Race 12

Post Time: 7:28 PM ET; Purse: $65,900 Maiden Optional Claiming, 6 1/2 f on all-weather; Entries: 9

  • Our top choice for this race is #6 JOKES UP (7-2), known for solid early pace figures.
  • #3 TALKING WONDERS (6-1) is a major player and should handle the distance.
  • #1 ONDINE LADY (8-1) could be a contender as well.
  • #5 HITS DIFFERENT (3-1) has a strong closing kick and could be a threat.

Selections: 6 – 3 – 1 – 5

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  • Woodbine featuring the Grade 3 Seaway Stakes.

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