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Horses leave the gate at Remington Park


It is one of the biggest days of the year for Remington Park in Oklahoma. The track will run the Oklahoma Oaks and Derby to close out the 10 race card.

Asmussen Always A Good Bet At Remington

Steve Asmuseen at Oaklawn | NYT

Steve Asmussen’s career at Remington Park has been nothing short of remarkable, solidifying his status as one of the premier trainers in the world of horse racing. With a career spanning several decades, Asmussen has left an indelible mark on the Oklahoma racetrack.

Asmussen’s journey at Remington Park began in the 1990s, and he quickly rose to prominence. His ability to spot and develop talent, both among horses and jockeys, became evident as he consistently produced winning combinations. Over the years, his barn at Remington Park has been a powerhouse, churning out champions and delivering electrifying performances.

As the leading horse trainer in North American history, he has wracked up a lion’s share of his victories at the Oklahoma track. Any runner attached to his name is always worth a second look.

Full Card Analysis

Remington Park Full Card Selections for Sunday, September 24, 2023
Remington Park Full Card Selections for Sunday, September 24, 2023

Remington Park- 1

Scheduled Post Time: 3:03 PM CT; A $35k Allowance race over 7 1/2 f on turf; Featuring 12 entries.

  • The top selection goes to #6 CLAUDETTE HEIR (8-1). She poses a significant threat, possibly breaking free on the front end.
  • #11 KIRBY KAYE (9-2) emerges as a major contender in this race, deserving of respect while teaming up with Von and Goncalves.
  • In the same race, #5 GHOST BAYOU (5-1) also makes a strong case for contention. Her recent solid performances suggest she’s primed for a big run.
  • Keep an eye on #7 SKY ROCKER (6-1) for competitiveness in this race, as she aligns well with speed figures.

Selections: 6 – 11 – 5 – 7

Remington Park- 2

Scheduled Post Time: 3:33 PM CT; A $35k Allowance event spanning 6 f on dirt; Comprising 9 entries.

  • #9 GLORY O (2-1) claims the top spot here, showing the class necessary to outperform the field.
  • #5 LITTLE RIVER JEWEL (7-2) is expected to be a formidable contender in this contest, racing for the Gladd barn with Cabrera in the saddle.
  • Also in the mix is #3 CUECA (5-1), a horse that seems to be of high caliber and prepared for a strong showing.
  • For those seeking an underdog, #6 CANDY’S A DANDY (15-1) may fit the bill. In excellent form and boasting solid early pace figures, she could surprise.

Selections: 9 – 5 – 3 – 6

Remington Park- 3

Scheduled Post Time: 4:03 PM CT; The $50k Flashy Lady H. spans 6 f on dirt; Featuring 10 entries.

  • #6 ADALINE JULIA (7-2) stands out as the top pick, with her consistent pace figures aligning well with the pace of the race.
  • #2 MY DESTINY (4-1) is a fringe contender with tactical speed, positioned to make a strategic move just off the leaders.
  • Keep an eye on #5 ROLLIN CHROME (15-1), a price horse that can’t be counted out, given the favorable pace setup.
  • #8 IMA DISCREET LADY (6-1) is another viable option, boasting respectable speed figures while representing the combination of Broberg and Elliott.

Selections: 6 – 2 – 5 – 8

Remington Park- 4

Scheduled Post Time: 4:33 PM CT; The $75k Remington Green S. spans 1 1/8 m on turf; Featuring 7 entries.

  • #3 SUNLIT SONG (8-5) garners the top selection, holding the highest overall power rating in the group. Watch out as he races for the team of Willis and Elliott.
  • #2 SONNY SMACK (5-1) shouldn’t be overlooked, racing for the Lund barn with Wade as the jockey.
  • While #4 PRESIDENTIAL (7-2) might be best placed underneath on most tickets, his consistent pace figures make him a strong contender in a moderately paced race.
  • #7 PALUXY (3-1) appears to be running for minor placings in this contest, but he does seem to be the class of the field.

Selections: 3 – 2 – 4 – 7

Remington Park- 5

Scheduled Post Time: 5:05 PM CT; The $50k E. L. Gaylord Memorial S. spans 6 1/2 f on dirt; Featuring 9 entries.

  • #8 TX WOMEN FOR ARTS (2-1) stands as the top choice and the class act in the field, boasting the highest overall power rating.
  • #7 CURLIN’S MAGIC (5-2) is a fringe contender with performances strong enough to challenge this group, particularly having shown an ability to handle these conditions previously.
  • #6 KATIES SPIRIT (9-2) presents another viable option, poised to benefit from a fair pace scenario.
  • As a price horse, #3 TOO MUCH DREAMING (20-1) is an underdog candidate, possibly fitting beneath on most tickets due to her suitability for this race.

Selections: 8 – 7 – 6 – 3

Remington Park- 6

Scheduled Post Time: 5:37 PM CT; The $75k Kip Deville S. spans 6 f on dirt; Featuring 9 entries.

  • #3 MAGICAL MARK (4-1) looms as a prominent contender, boasting the highest overall power rating and the backing of Broberg and Torres.
  • #8 GENERAL SHIPMAN (3-1) is the frontrunner here, equipped with tactical speed and a strategy to stalk and pounce on the leaders.
  • #4 GOOD LIKE MAGIC (5-2) should be a fierce competitor, with strong recent performances indicating readiness for a significant outing.
  • #7 CLASSIC RICK (6-1) can’t be discounted either, racing for the Caldwell barn and guided by Elliott, making sense based on speed figures.

Selections: 3 – 8 – 4 – 7

Remington Park- 7

Scheduled Post Time: 6:09 PM CT; The $75k Ricks Memorial S. spans 1 1/16 m on turf; Featuring 10 entries.

  • The top selection goes to #1 JUNCTURE (5-2), who might benefit from a hot pace up front and is well-suited to the distance.
  • #6 WHOLELOTTAMO (15-1), a price horse, emerges as a fringe contender, featuring favorable speed figures.
  • #4 MEDALLA MATCH (7-2) is another horse to consider, with a performance that seems to fit well in this race.
  • As a price horse, #7 ISLAND HIDEAWAY (10-1) is a reasonable choice to include underneath on most tickets, given her aptitude based on speed figures.

Selections: 1 – 6 – 4 – 7

Remington Park- 8

Scheduled Post Time: 6:41 PM CT; The $100k David M. Vance S. spans 6 f on dirt; Featuring 9 entries.

  • #7 ALBIZU (9-2) takes the top spot, boasting a recent streak of solid performances and the highest overall power rating in the field.
  • For an underdog opportunity, #9 ERNIE BANKER (10-1) is worth considering, particularly with a chance to lead the race and fend off late challengers.
  • #2 IT MAKES SENSE (5-1) is a fringe contender, representing the Davis barn with Alvarez as the jockey.
  • Also on the fringe is #1 DEAN’S LIST (15-1), likely to be among the front-runners and in contention late.

Selections: 7 – 9 – 2 – 1

Remington Park- 9

Scheduled Post Time: 7:14 PM CT; The $200k Remington Park Oaks spans 1 1/16 m on dirt; Featuring 8 entries.

  • #8 ANCIENT PEACE (5-2) stands as the top choice, undoubtedly the class of the field.
  • #2 MERLAZZA (2-1) is a major player in this race, expected to handle the distance well and potentially benefit from a hot pace.
  • #5 NOMADIC PRIDE (6-1) holds promise as a contender, with the possibility of benefiting from the race setup.
  • As a price horse, #7 LOVE TANK (20-1) is a fringe contender worth considering, especially with her strong closing kick and representation by the Ashford barn with Cabrera as the jockey.

Selections: 8 – 2 – 5 – 7

Remington Park- 10

Scheduled Post Time: 7:48 PM CT; The $400k Oklahoma Derby spans 1 1/8 m on dirt; Featuring 13 entries.

Hit Show wins at Aqueduct | Kentucky Derby
  • The top selection goes to #13 HIT SHOW (3-1), equipped with consistently strong pace figures suitable for the race pace.
  • #5 HEROIC MOVE (20-1) is an underdog candidate, well-suited to the distance and making sense based on speed figures.
  • #10 RED ROUTE ONE (7-2) is another fringe contender, capable of handling these conditions and arguably the class of the field.
  • #2 TUMBARUMBA (6-1) is a solid choice, boasting recent strong performances and fitting well in this field.

Selections: 13 – 5 – 10 – 2

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