Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

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There is much to know about the Bright Side of the Bay and the BBQ Capital of the World. Oakland and Kansas City are special for a variety of reasons, and you will certainly find football at the top of those lists since both organizations inaugural seasons in 1960.

Chiefs vs. Raiders All-Time Record

For the most part, the comparison of postseason success has been in favor of the Raiders. The Chiefs did lead the series with three AFL Championships versus one for the Raiders, while they both lost their first Super Bowl appearances in ‘66 (SB I) and ‘67 (SB II). The Chiefs also have more AFC Wild-Card berths with a 8-6 edge.

However, the Raiders have an advantage in this rivalry with five Super Bowl appearances and hoisted that trophy three out of those five times in 1976 (XI), 1980 (XV) and 1983 (XVII). The Chiefs have four Super Bowl appearances with two trophies in the Super Bowl era from a victory in 1969 (IV) and 2019 (LIV) .

There are two more categories that the Raiders still have the upper hand in. The Raiders have been AFC West Divisional Champs twelve times as opposed to the Chiefs with eight. Oakland also narrowly outdid the Chiefs in the old AFL Western Division Championships with a 3-2 margin.

This harsh rivalry has been a real story of five very different decades. The 1960s was a complete split of twenty-two total games. The Raiders won the first playoff matchup between these two in 1968 with a blowout score of 41-6 in the AFL Western Division Playoff. The 1970s and 1980s were two decades that were exciting for Raiders fans in this rivalry, as they won twenty-four of thirty-nine games. However, the past thirty years have been good to Chiefs fans, especially the 90s with the Chiefs winning eighteen of twenty one games in that decade.

Chiefs vs. Raiders History

This is not your typical rivalry based on geography, and these are certainly not typical games or regular weeks of preparation for either team. This is without a doubt one of the most heated rivalries in American football and the entire sports world.

The Chiefs played their first three seasons as the Dallas Texans until 1963 when they moved to Kansas City, Missouri and became the Chiefs. The Raiders also haven’t always been housed in Oakland. They occupied Los Angeles in 1982 and moved back to Oakland in 1994. These two teams have never played a single season outside of the same conference.

They were both a part of the American Football League (AFL) when it began in 1960 and they each joined the AFC West after the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The intensity of this rivalry heated up in the late 1960’s when baseball pitted these cities against each other even more. In 1967, the Athletics moved from Kansas City to Oakland. Two years later, Kansas City got a baseball team back as the Royals began as an expansion team in the same division as the Oakland Athletics.

Now, the Raiders are located in Las Vegas, and the teams are closer geographically. They are both still part of the AFC West, and their rivalry is stronger than ever. They always have big headlines surrounding their games, and the rivalry will continue to grow with every game that passes.

Chiefs vs. Raiders Stats

If you include regular and postseason play, plus when they played in the AFL, the Raiders are slightly under .500 at home with a record of 29-30-1. Whereas, the Chiefs have a much better record of 36-24-1 at home. These numbers indicate the Chiefs have owned this rivalry at home and on the road making their overall record 70-54-2 against the Raiders.

More recently, the Chiefs have a 16-4 advantage in the last 20 games of this rivalry. Since 2013, the Chiefs have really cemented their current dominance by winning fifteen of the last eighteen contests. The highest scoring game of this rivalry came recently, too, when the Chiefs beat the Raiders in Oakland in 2013 by a score of 56-31 (87 total points).

The high scoring nature of this rivalry has drawn the attention of sportsbooks across the world. It is always a challenge to predict who will win these games, but with the Chiefs’ recent success, bettors have gone crazy on the Kansas City lines.

Chiefs vs. Raiders Rivalry Outlook

The Chiefs and Raiders always see good battles on the field. Now, they are starting to heat up again with the addition of a star quarterback and a well-rounded quarterback. It should be fun over the next few seasons. What are your predictions for the next decade of this great rivalry? Will you side with Patrick Mahomes or David Carr? The Chiefs have the bright future, but the Raiders are full of unknowns.