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Who doesn’t like something for free, right? Especially free sports betting picks.

In the sports betting world, free information is everywhere. There are so many different ways to get free sports betting picks via the internet.

There are tons of sports websites that offer free sports picks, including what we offer at Betting News. In this piece, I will explain how these picks are made.

You can also find picks for free on social media like Twitter, chat forums like Reddit and Discord, or watch streams on Twitch. There is plenty of free information out there, the key is determining which sites provide facts and useful research to back up those free picks.

Below, I am going to give you some insight on each one of these avenues for free information and what they offer. Luckily, this knowledge is out there on almost every single online social platform you can find, so you likely won’t have to download a new app or visit a new website.

Each have a different set of advantages and can be very helpful to get you started in the vast world of sports betting. It can be very overwhelming at times, but Betting News is here to steer you in the right direction.

Aggregated Free Picks

Aggregated NBA Picks

Here at Betting News, our Aggregated Picks Page features selections that are based on the collective opinions of free pick providers and matched with the most advantageous lines from various sportsbooks.

Some of our expert sources and what they offer include:

  • VSIN – the first sports media company dedicated to providing news, analysis, and data on sports betting.
  • Wunderdog – free picks from industry experts and computer picks as well. Also offers consensus picks and betting resources.
  • Drating – computer-based sports ratings, predictions, and analysis.
  • CBS Sports – free picks from top experts on games across all major sports.

When you find the game(s) you want to look deeper into, you will see the consensus for the Moneyline, Spread and Total.

We show which side each source is picking, the percentage of those sides being picked, as well as the public’s bet. We then combine the picks from each source, and present them in a consensus format, making it easier for the user to see and understand.

The intention is to find the best value bet for the Moneyline, Spread and Total available.

We cover all 4 major sports for Free Picks:

VIP Pick Providers


In the sports betting industry, there are websites that offer a premium service for their sports betting knowledge.

Premium Picks are a part of the industry as well but some services offer you either numerous free picks available on their site and/or credit to enjoy their site for free.

Here are 2 examples:

Get $60 worth of PREMIUM
member picks for free

Find a Handicapper That
Best Fits Your Needs

While the entire wealth of information available on the site is not free, it is a great place to start to learn all about how to make the best sports bets possible! We even offer a full review on some of these sites as well!

Try out the free information available and see if it’s helpful to you.

Social Media



The two best parts of social media is that it’s free and you can cast a wide net over millions of people. You also can put out and consume as much content as you want.

From major companies to the average person, social media is used daily to give out sports betting picks. Different platforms are completely saturated with both professional and recreational sports bettors. When finding a personality on social media to follow for free picks, make sure you properly vet them. Ensure that they have a good reputation and are transparent with their followers.

I’m going to breakdown 4 different platforms that are great for finding sports betting picks.

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Discord
  • Twitch


Sports Gambling Twitter

Twitter is a very big platform that gamblers use to give free sports picks every single day.

One way to find people who give sports picks is typing into the search bar “#GamblingTwitter”.

This is a common hashtag that gamblers will use with their posts.

We broke down some of the top follows on #GamblingTwitter to give you a resource to use to follow content creators that are excellent handicappers and sports personalities.

There are many ways to learn how to become a better bettor from following certain accounts on Twitter. You can learn so many strategies and betting basics like bankroll management, reading lines, beating the odds, etc.

These follows on Twitter can help you make the best, most educated sports picks and have long term success.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Twitter Spaces

Twitter also offers what they call “Spaces” which essentially is a conference call that unlimited people can join. Handicappers will use Spaces to connect as many people as possible to discuss games and picks for that day.

It can be an extremely useful way to learn how they handicap and get introduced to more people to follow. Naturally, you are also getting free picks from everyone with their reasoning for FREE.

Some handicappers promote bonuses for sportsbooks that you can benefit from as well. Nice little deposit bonus never hurt anyone! Plus, these handicappers usually get a some sort of compensation when you sign up using their promo code, which is a great way to support you favorite Twitter Handicapper.

You definitely want to do some research on the people you decide to follow. There are a lot of people who claim to be experts, but are not.

Sportsbooks, sports news outlets and athletes use Twitter regularly as well to get up to date information like injuries and other breaking news.

I love Twitter and have made many contacts on there. I would recommend it to any new sports bettor.

Make sure to follow Betting News on Twitter for sports bets, news, free picks and more!



Chat forms make me think back to when I was a kid with chat rooms on AOL! But Reddit is essentially just that.

Reddit is a social news forum where content is socially organized and promoted by site members through voting. You can post pictures (memes lol), videos, and articles.

With what they call “Subreddits”, they are the chat forums and there are many for sports picks.

Some of the top ones for picks are r/sportsbook and r/SportsBetting.


In these subreddits, a person can make a post. Then others can comment, share it or save the post.

Some kinds of posts are people sharing their tickets for the upcoming games that day or talking about the sports picks they are betting that day.

You can chat and interact with other sports bettors. You can also get suggestions for other outlets for picks, usually a website.

Some people will post tips or a heads up if they see a promo or maybe even an edge on a line.



Discord is an app where you can text, voice, and video chat with others for free.

You can download this on iOS, Android, Windows, or you can go to their website.

Your Discord is a server and you have title based channels. Engaging with other members takes place within these channels.

The channels are usually broken down by sport in discords for sports picks. You can post images and videos in the chats.

A lot of handicappers will make a discord to post their sports picks with write ups. It is a good way of gaining a following. You can also have multiple handicappers in the same discord.

They can share the link to join on their social media platforms. The person will be directed to the Discord app where they will join the server.


In your server, you can have voice calls. You can also turn your camera on and have a video call.

You can have up to 100 people on a voice call and 25 people on a video call.

It is a very cool way of connecting with others and a great way to gain lots of valuable sports betting information.



Streaming has become a major way for connecting with a lot of people at once.

Twitch provides a platform for sports bettors to hold daily or weekly shows that are almost like podcasts.

You can watch them for free and listen to their analysis. There is a chat along the right side of the screen that you can type in and interact with the person streaming.

I really enjoy not only hearing but seeing a firsthand take. Streams that interact with their audience are the best. You can ask questions and get their on-the-spot live responses.

Twitch offers banners and on-screen pop ups. Streamers will use these to reference the pick they are talking about. Some will have a running ticker at the bottom of the screen recapping the shows picks.

Afternoon Betspresso Twitch

We have a show on our Betting News Twitch Channel twice a week called ‘Afternoon BetSpresso’ hosted by the Betting News head of Social Media and Writer, Sweatpants Jesus and myself.

Come by every Thursday or Saturday to hang out with us and see how it all works! We would love to have you and can promise that you will definitely learn a thing or two about sports betting!

The Bottom Line

Free sports betting picks along with information and analysis are widely available all over the online world. You can find them on any social platform, multiple websites, and other apps and chat forums. When finding free picks, it is important to do your own research and make sure the information is valid and can be backed by resources. With the way social media works, anyone can have an opinion on any subject and because of that, they can spew whatever information they want to into the world.

It is so important to make sure the knowledge being presented is factual, easy to understand, and backed with sound reasoning. Use your brain, trust your gut, and be careful out there.

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