Who are Best Sports Betting Twitter Follows on #GamblingTwitter?

Finding quality sports betting information and sports statistical data on the web can be a daunting task.

Where do you start?

Well, there are hundreds of valuable websites that offer free or affordable subscription services that are full of high quality sports betting information.

We complied a list of some of our favorite sites that we suggest to help you feel like you are making your best bets.

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The Best of the Best on #GamblingTwitter

In this page, I am going to highlight Twitter accounts that stand out on #GamlingTwitter.

Many things factor into this list and each person on this list is highlighted for a particular reason.

Some of them Cap games, some of them give valuable sports data, some provide entertaining content in the sports betting space.

Each person is a great add to your social media timeline scrolling and will help you on a daily basis make more informed sports bets.

This list will be updated frequently so be sure to come back by and check out the best pages on Twitter that are worth a follow!

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Ok without Further adieu, here are the Top Twitter Follows on #GamblingTwitter

1. @WallaBets

Let’s get started with one of my favorite follows for Shots on Goal props in the NHL.

Walla Bets posts Shots on goal props and a lot of valuable statistical data behind his betting strategy.

He was one of my first follows when I got very involved in the Sports Gambling Twitter Community and is as sharp as they come in terms of the NHL.

If you like to bet on and watch the NHL, Walla bets is a MUST follow.

2. @Vsaaauce

Vsaaauce is a personal friend of mine and one of my favorite follows on #GamblingTwitter because of his extensive knowledge of the NBA.

He is one of the best, most detailed NBA cappers I interact with on a daily basis. Vsaaauce posts plays every day and always provides valuable data behind his plays.

He runs a free discord as well that is worth checking out, but all of his plays are posted on his Twitter with the same breakdown.

If you like betting Player props in the NBA, V is a must follow.

3. @ArielEpstein

The Prop Queen comes in next and she is a wonderful follow for her content and her plays.

She is a host on a few live shows on Twitter and Twitch and is very sharp with Player props in the NBA, NFL and the MLB.

If you want detailed analysis, and incredibly professional hosting, Ariel is a must follow.

4. @BenjaminSolak

Benjamin Solak is one of the best follows for incredibly detailed film breakdowns and writing, covering the NFL for The Ringer.

I have watched many of his film breakdowns and it is incredibly insightful and overall just fantastic entertainment.

While he doesn’t talk much about the betting side of things, being an informed sports follower is one of the most valuable assets to your sports betting mind.

Benjamin covers the NFL wonderfully, and will keep you informed and entertained.

5. @Propbomb

If you like betting Player Props, this is the follow for you.

Prop bomb specifically posts player props every day, mostly in the NBA and NFL, and is one of the most informational prop cappers on Twitter.

He is incredibly transparent on his results and his record and always gives detailed analysis to all of his plays.

In my betting and research, if I ever see a play that I like and Prop Bomb is on it as well, it makes me love the play even more.

He posts multiple plays daily and is a fantastic resource if you enjoy betting on the Player Prop market.


One of my favorite and original follows on Twitter, Griffybets is one of the best follows on #GamblingTwitter for NHL bets and breakdowns.

He does a show with @WallaBets as mentioned above discussing the Shots on Goal props of the day and it is a fantastic resource if you enjoy betting on the Shots on Goal market.

Griffy covers the NFL as well but my favorite content he produces is on the ice in the NHL.

If you frequent the NHL market and want to find the value on the ice, Griffy is a must follow.

7. @Statmuse

Now for a bit of a different type of follow.

Statmuse is one of the best sports data providers on the web and a fantastic follow on Twitter.

Their quirky graphics and spot on data makes them one of the most popular search engines for sports data and information.

Their Twitter doesn’t go into expansive detail on all the stats you can find on their website, but it is a good taste of the type of sports news nuggets you, as a sports fan, are going to want to follow.

One of my favorite, if not my top, non-sports gambling account.

8. @__LordPenguin

Let’s finish this edition of my favorite #gamblingtwitter follows with Capper Penguin.

First of all, I love Penguins. They are my favorite animals. So he gets additional brownie points here.

But in all seriousness, if you want fantastic capping and daily prop and side picks in the NFL, NHL, and NBA, Lord Penguin is an absolute must follow.

He has analysis of ever pick on his Twitter page and also runs a free Discord which gives you more access to more information for all your sports betting needs.

Come back for more #GamblingTwitter follows!

As I mentioned, Social media is an incredibly valuable resource in your sports betting journey. I hope this list was helpful in some accounts that will help you become a better and more informed bettor.

If nothing else, it will make your Twitter timeline a more entertaining place.

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