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Whether it’s a restaurant, a store, or your favorite musical group or artist, if something has been around for a long time, there’s typically a pretty good reason for it. This also reigns true when talking about premium sports handicapping services.

Longevity shouldn’t necessarily be a deciding factor in which premium sports pick service you should go with, but there’s something to be said for the fact that Doc’s Sports has been around since 1971. A lot of similar services in this space come and go pretty quickly, but not Doc’s. Being in this space for over 50 years is definitely worth noting. There’s a reason they’re still here. They’ve built a long-standing, positive relationship with their customers over time.


What does Doc’s Sports Provide?

Doc’s Sports offers plenty of free sports picks and betting content. This includes written and video analysis, sports betting strategy, how-to articles, and more. If you’re not wanting to pay for picks right away, Doc’s offers a daily newsletter with picks where users can subscribe for free. However, they also provide premium sports picks for all of the major professional and collegiate sports.

Each expert sports pick package is for an individual handicapper. You have the option to buy daily, weekly, monthly, or season-long packages for your chosen handicapper.

That may seem like a lot to sort through, but each handicapper has a bio that features their recent records. This allows you to see how they perform in your sport of choice. You can buy packages from several different handicappers if you’d like. There are several to choose from, and collectively, they cover every major North American sport. They even cover a number of obscure sports as well, including XFL, CFL, KBO, Golf, and Nascar!

On this page we will give you an honest review of Doc’s Sports and the services it offers, and a breakdown of why it is one of the best Premium Pick services in the industry.

How Much does Doc’s Sports Cost?

The price of using Doc’s Sports is varied by package and is totally customizable based on your needs and how much you can afford. This makes it very easy on the user to choose the best package for them personally.

They do offer free picks that are available on their site. They also offer these picks in video form on their Youtube channel and picks that you can receive via email.

For the more exclusive packages with more picks and information, here is an example of an NBA package for one of their verified cappers.

Doc Sports Premium Price Chart

One of the best features of this program is an extension on your subscription for free if there is a loss in during the subscription period.

In the space of paid for picks, this extension is rare and one of the reasons why Doc’s Sports has been around for over 50 years and is one of the best premium pick services. The biggest trait of a picks service like Doc’s is their relationship with their customer, and clearly they have a great track record. Offering an extension for a losing subscription period definitely sets this service well above the competition. Doc’s makes sure they give you the proper bang for your buck.

Expert Analysis

Another interesting feature of the service is a snippet from each handicapper on what constitutes a “Best Bet”. They even offer these pieces of advice for each individual sport. Here’s an example of what expert handicapper Vernon Croy looks for in a Best Bet for basketball.

VERNON CROY – When it comes to making a big play in college basketball I use my systems, trends, stats and strength of schedule to my advantage. I also look for certain situations where I have a team winning by 10+ points and yet the line is off by at least six or more points. This process starts well before the season starts as I study and make note of certain under the radar teams that shoot the ball extremely well, play good defensively, and have a quality coach. Since there are so many college basketball games being played every week it is not hard to find games where the line is off by six or more points. In the NBA I find extreme value with certain teams in the next game after their star player goes down to injury, however it is the complete opposite in college basketball since most teams are not good enough to step up in the absence of their star player.

This gives a customer specific insight as to how an expert goes about making their picks and handicapping a game, therefore giving you tools to sharpen your own handicapping techniques. With multiple handicappers offering multiple pieces of advice on how to look at certain sport, the user is given several perspectives when it comes to handicapping games. They can pick their favorite pieces of advice and develop their own method to find an edge in multiple different sports.

Betting Systems

Along with expert pick packages, Doc’s Sports also offers two betting systems that provide consensus picks. These systems are called “11th Hour Picks” and “Doc’s Sports Consensus Picks”. In similar fashion to other consensus pick services, these systems take the picks from many experts. Then, they combine the information to offer an agreed-upon pick for that game. While these don’t always work out, it adds confidence to a pick seeing several experts on the same side.

Consensus picks are a great starting point to doing your own research. If you see several experts on the same side, dig into that game and see why they might think that way. This will make it easier to build your own sports handicapping skills, thus making you a more profitable bettor. Even combining consensus picks from several betting systems could be beneficial to the recreational bettor.

Free $60 Trial

Doc’s Sports also gives you the opportunity to test out their Exclusive Picks with a $60 credit to your account, in order to build that relationship with their customer.

When you sign up for Doc’s Sports, you get credited $60 to your account that you can then use to purchase any option of packages to try for that day.

As you can see here, there are many different Handicappers you can choose from to select their premium pick of the day.

Doc Sports Premium Capper Page

You can read about each individual capper, how they are doing recently with their record and their tracking and then decide which package you want to select.

Here is a quote from Doc’s Sports talking about the 12 Handicappers they feature.

When you logged into your account you probably noticed the rest of our team of handicappers listed across the top of “The Grid.” All 12 handicappers are completely separate services that sell their picks on our website. Each of them has unique styles, methods and systems of handicapping. They each offer different selections and individual analysis but they all have the same goal: making you money.

After you select which Capper you want to try out, you are taken to a page to give the rest of your information. From there, you can apply the $60 credit to the purchase and choose which package you want to try.

Is Doc’s Sports Worth It?

Doc’s Sports is a fantastic place to start if you are trying to determine if buying sports picks is something that you want to do. They have been around for a while, and are very appealing to customers.

As we broke down for you, new signups for Doc’s Sports’ betting picks service can receive $60 in free premium sports picks. What a great way to take them for a test drive without spending anything up front.

With the options available on the site that are free, in collaboration with the vast amount of options of picks to buy, Doc’s Sports is one of the best Premium Pick services on the market.

Doc’s Sports also makes it incredibly easy for daily users to find that day’s best bets. There is a tab at the top of the page called “Today’s Best Bets”. Once on the page, members log in and have easy access to the expert’s best bets of the day. This page also includes short snippets of which handicappers are currently on a hot streak, thus making their site even more easily accessible.

Give it a try and use the Free $60 credit! You won’t regret it!

Get $60 worth of PREMIUM
member picks for free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doc's Sports Worth the Investment?
It is definitely worth it to try Doc’s Sports for the free $60 credit. If you are planning to bet long term and want long term results, Doc’s Sports is an excellent Premium Service.
What are Premium Sports Picks?
Premium Sports Picks are Handicapping services that provide expert plays every day at a cost.
Is Doc's Sports trustworthy?
Doc’s Sports has been in the Sports Betting industry since 1971 and is one of the most respected and widely used Premium Sports betting services available.

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