How to Bet on NBA Player Props: A Guide to a Lucrative Market

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NBA Player Props and Where to Bet Them

For those who love to bet on the NBA, there are numerous markets for you to bet on every night.

Along with the basic NBA odds like spread & moneyline betting odds and over/under betting odds, NBA player prop betting is arguably the most popular way to get in on the action on the hardwood.

Whether you want to bet on how many points LeBron James will score or how many three-pointers Jayson Tatum will make, you have a vast array of options to sink your teeth–and your money–into no matter how light the schedule may be that day.

Jayson Tatum Player Prop

On this page, we will break down:

  • What is a Player Prop?
  • Player Prop Markets
  • Where to Bet NBA Player Props?
  • Prop Betting Tools

Without further ado, let’s dive into this very profitable market.

What is a Player Prop?

On our look at understanding prop betting, we go into some of the basics.

There are game props and team props, but the player prop betting market is growing more and more every day and gives players a plethora of options of varying odds and requirements.

Quite simply, a Player Prop bet simply is a bet on one particular stat that a player has to achieve in a game or over a season.

Betting on a player prop doesn’t rely upon the result of the game or anything else about the game besides that one specific stat.


For example, let’s say that LeBron James’s points line has been set at over/under 27.5 points for tonight’s Los Angeles Lakers-San Antonio Spurs rivalry matchup.

While doing your research, you notice that the four-time NBA MVP winner (and four-time NBA Finals MVP) has gone over 28 points in 8 straight road games when the point spread has been five or fewer points.

In this situation, the Lakers are favored by four points.

With all of the all the numbers point to LeBron having a high likelihood of scoring 28 points yet again tonight, so the OVER is the best bet.

There are so many different markets that you can bet on, not just points.

NBA Player Prop Betting Markets

Here is a list of the various player prop markets you will find at most online sportsbooks that cater to American bettors.

  • Player points
  • Assists
  • Rebounds
  • Made three-point shots
  • Steals
  • Blocks
  • Points, Rebounds and Assists
  • Points & Rebounds
  • Rebounds & Assists
  • Points & Assists
  • Turnovers

Where to Bet NBA Player Props?

Lebron James Player Prop

So now you know all the different player props you can take for your favorite NBA games and players, whether it’s LeBron odds, Joel Embiid odds, or even Victor Wembanyama odds, with the French sensation sure to be a popular prop pick this season after being selected first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft.

But where can you bet them?

Here is a list of some of our recommended sports betting sites, with some fantastic bonuses for each sportsbook.

We suggest checking out the reviews for each sportsbook so that you can learn more and decide which one(s) you may want to try out.

NBA Player Props Betting Tools

So now you know what a prop bet is, the various available prop bets and where to bet them, you are ready to dive into the wonderful world of betting NBA player props.

There are so many players and so many games that it can sometimes feel daunting looking at the board and trying to find the NBA player prop bets that have the most value.

Luckily for you, there are many tools available to you to help make the absolute best prop bets available.

You can go to our Prop Betting Tools page to get a full guide and find tools to help you with your player prop betting journey.

One of our favorite prop betting tools is BetAlytics.

BetAlytics is a great tool for Player prop research

BetAlytics’ AI-based machine learning algorithms are designed to facilitate powerful and profitable sports betting. The goal of their tools is to provide access to precise game simulations, player projections, and betting line analysis on convenient dashboards.

This allows bettors to evaluate and determine the most advantageous edge on any game or player prop.

Is BetAlytics Free?

In short, no.

BetAlytics offers different packages to their predictive data.

They offer packages for all sports or specific to one of three sports. Their annual packages have some great savings to them!

All Sports is one package offered per month for $29.99 or annually for $199.99, which comes out to only $16.67 a month.

BetAlytics also offers individual NFL, NBA, and NHL packages as well. They are all offered monthly for $19.99 or annually for $99.99, which comes out to only $8.34 a month.

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What Did You Learn About NBA Player Props?

We hope this page was helpful in giving you all the information you need to understand betting on NBA player props.

  • What is a Player Prop?
  • Player Prop Markets
  • Where to Bet NBA Player Props?
  • Prop Betting Tools

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