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Best Betting Tool for:

  • NHL Player Props
  • NBA Player Props
  • Moneyline predictions
  • Spread predictions
  • Total over/under predictions

BetAlytics AI-based machine learning algorithms are designed to facilitate powerful and profitable sports betting. The tools’ goal is to provide access to precise game simulations, player projections, and betting line analyses on convenient dashboards.

This allows bettors to evaluate and determine the most advantageous edge on any game or player proposition.

Data is one of the key sources to making your picks for sports betting. There are multiple different ways to get statistical data via the internet. BetAlytics is a website that specializes in predictive data to give you a better edge when making your picks. Their data is updated daily at 9am EST.

Betalytic’s coverage includes:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • Many Soccer leagues

They cover analytics for game bets (ML, Spread or Totals) and player props. I am going to go through some of my findings of the functionality of the site and what you will find for the game lines and player prop lines. The good, the bad and the ugly.

BetAlytics Functionality

On the dashboard, you start by picking the sport you want. If you pick the sport at the top, it will bring you to all the games being played that day and the current lines.

Go back to the dashboard and you will see under the sport you want “Top Game Bets” and “Top Player Bets” with a clickable link under it entitled “Search Bets.”

Once you click on the desired option (game or player bets), it will bring you to a new tab with all the games/props for that day. You will see the data broke down by statistical category with a filter to sort by high to low.

On the left there is a legend that explains the meaning of each category. Other than sorting, there is no other functions with this page. Below is the legend for reference.

Betalytics terms

BetAlytics Game Bets

Each game has 3 different bets that are listed under Market – Moneyline, Spread and Total. There are 6 categories for each specific bet that follow the Market category (legend above). One being the line on the sportsbooks and the other five being BA’s predictive stats.

The BA Cover %, BA Edge %, Bet Hit Rate and BA Grade are all being determined from their predictive data that is determined by the AI technology used by BetAlytics.

See below an example for the category names.

Are BetAlytics Player Props Bets Good?

Being a person who bets player props daily, this was the first place I went when I started this. This is set up the same as the Game Bets, but slightly different. After providing the SB line, BA lists their projected line.

They give you their projected line (BA Proj), the odds for the Over and the Under on the prop and then their cover percentage and line. The BA Line is what the AI believes the line should be to give you an edge on when placing your bets. The BA Edge %, Grade and Hit Rate %.

See below an example of the layout for the player prop pages.

What packages does BetAlytics have to offer?

BetAlytics offers different packages to their predictive data. They offer packages for all sports or specific to 1 of 3 sports. Their annual packages have some great savings to them! (and you could get another 30% off if you use our promo code BNEWS when signing up).

All Sports is 1 package offered per month for $29.99 or annually for $199.99. The annual price is only $16.67/month This package includes:


NFL, NBA and NHL are offered in packages. They are all offered monthly for $19.99 or annually for $99.99. The annual price is only $8.34/mn. Below are the packages:

Betalytics NFL

Betalytics NBA

Betalytics NHL

Is BetAlytics Worth Your Money?

BetAlytics is geared towards individuals who are data driven when making their picks. There is so much different data that is analyzed to give the predictions for each category. The best part is being able to see where they believe that line should be. For the great deals that they offer, it is totally worth it. It is a fair, month to month subscription that you could cancel at any time if you chose to.

How to Sign Up and Get 30% Off

Get 30% off
with code "BNEWS"

  • Click the link above and go to “Get Started”.
  • Fill out your information.
  • Select the package you want to sign up for.
  • Enter “BNEWS” into the Promo Code field.
  • Enter your payment information and you’re ready to go!