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As one of the most popular international sports, bettors are using golf betting sites more than ever. Once, golf was considered a sport for the elite in North America and Europe. But, today, more players are entering the pro tours from Asia and Latin America, making for a truly global sport.

With the increased global interest, golf betting sites now offer better quality and deeper markets. Despite this, not all providers offer the same level of quality when it comes to golf betting.

To help filter out the impressive from the not-so-impressive, we provide an overview of the top golf betting sites below.

The Best Golf Betting Sites

Although it is popular worldwide, golf isn’t high on the popularity scale with many sportsbooks. To separate the good from the bad, we have reviewed dozens of the top sportsbooks and compiled this list of recommended golf betting sites.

Top 5 Golf betting sites

Features of Good Golf Betting Sites

When selecting golf betting sites, there are a few key features to look out for. As more betting activity takes place on golf events each year, most bookmakers are improving their services.

However, some may just include the sport as a token on its site, rarely providing much depth in the golf markets.

To help you find the right golf sportsbook for you, we have outlined the best aspects to look out for.

Depth of golf tournaments

Many sports fans will be aware of the big golf tours and competitions, like the The Masters, The U.S. Open, and the Open. However, leading up to these big events are hundreds of men’s and women’s competitions on the PGA and European Tours. With a packed schedule each season, there is a lot of scope for golf betting throughout the year. Hundreds of events take place on the golfing circuits and a top sportsbook will have odds for most.

Live Streaming

Many of the major tournaments are broadcast live on the big sports networks. However, some golf betting sites may offer streaming access to tournaments from around the world. Usually, such services are only offered for real-money players. When choosing a bookmaker, ensure it supports both betting on an event and live streaming. Such details are often found in the FAQ or About Us sections.

Bet types available

In golf betting, selecting the outright winner of a tournament, or even a single round is tough. In most events, hundreds of players enter, and just one wins. Therefore, finding a betting site that runs plenty of alternative markets and which has odds on the entire ‘field’ rather than a select few players, is essential.

In addition to the outright tournament winner, below are some of the alternative markets to look for when selecting your golf betting sites.

  • Top 3/Top5/Top 10 Finish
  • Make or not make the cut
  • Head-to-Head winner in a two-ball
  • The player with the lowest round score

Terms and Conditions

Golf is a sport that can be affected dramatically by weather. Ultimately, this can also impact wagers. Also, some events can be shortened due to bad weather, or in the worst case, bets can be cancelled. Before you make a Golf bet, it is best to review the Terms and Conditions regarding winning and losing bets. The leading golf sites will offer to return the original stake in such cases, but it is important to check as not all follow this procedure.

Mobile Betting Options

Mobile apps are a great way to make bets on the go and this is perfect for golf too. Usually, there is no indication after day one of a four-day event on who may win. So, instead of betting everything pre-tournament, bettors can use in-play options via mobile to place more considered wagers. Often, players can also track the action on betting apps, rather than watching 12 hours of golf each day. A good betting provider will have speedy apps that offer great in-play options.

Golf Betting Strategy

The odds of picking an outright winner in golf tournaments are incredibly hard. Major surprises take place in each tournament and the highly competitive nature of the sport means anyone can win a tournament on their day.

However, with the use of some basic strategies, you can find plenty of good value wagers for golf betting without breaking the bank. Our in-house golf experts have a few basic strategies below that to support your golf bets.

Player style and form

Many factors can affect the odds of a potential golf tournament winner. One of the things to take note of is the course itself as course designs work to the advantage of some players. Some courses favor big hitters, others suit short game specialists.

However, form is equally as important in golf. The sport is a big confidence game and many of the top, consistent performers on the PGA Tour or European Tours do well in the majors.

Alternatively, you may want to track your favorite golfers, even if they don’t appear in the PGA field for an event. As a result, you may find value in them for a tournament many gamblers would stay away from.

Choose Head-to-Head

With alternative markets available, many gamblers turn to head-to-head betting for golf. Firstly, this bet type doesn’t require the player to win the tournament outright. Second, bettors can make multiple bets on one player to spread their bankroll further. Overall, this maintains bettor interest in small events across a tournament, as well as the eventual competition winner.

Don’t Limit on one player

Top golf betting sites give you more than just the odds of winning an event, especially when it comes to popular PGA events. You are unlikely to get the same odds as picking a player to win outright. But betting on a player to place in the field is a much more conservative way to make money on golf bets.

Many sites will offer odds on a golfer finishing in the top 5, 10, or 20 in the event, with the odds getting worse for each bet. This is a nice way to hedge your bet on several golfers while not exposing yourself to a player having a few bad holes.

Watch the weather

Weather changes can impact golf events, especially as golf tournaments are typically four days in length. Checking the forecast for an event leading up to the tournament start can impact the betting lines you choose. For example, a soft course means players are likely to be able to hit and stick-on greens. This can lead to lower scores, indicating it’s a good time to bet on the low round of the day.

Alternatively, if players in a head-to-head play at different times than their opposition, then you can weather into account. The course can dry up during a day of sunny play, making for tougher conditions.

Overall, weather affects golf betting more than other sports. To adapt to the changes, keep your weather and betting apps handy when considering bets.

Previous Performances

Players get on big rolls in golf, and a player that has a few excellent results in a row can become a good bet for an upcoming win. Also, some players historically perform well on certain courses, like Tiger Woods at the Masters. However, certain players enjoy playing in specific conditions more too, with some taking preference on windy links courses and others favoring drier, harder courses.

In addition, checking on the recent statistics leading up to an event helps to narrow down eventual choices for tournament winners. Checking round scores at specific venues also helps to recognize trends and styles of play.

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Golf betting sites continue to grow as the sport is getting more international acclaim. A lot of providers now offer excellent gold betting services, including decent markets, odds, and apps. However, ensure you make an informed decision to select the right betting site for your needs.

To help with your selection, check out our thorough, in-depth sportsbook reviews. This can save you time and provide you with expert support on finding your favored golf betting site.

Golf FAQ
Where can I bet on Golf in the USA?
Many online sportsbooks offer golf betting to American sports bettors.
Do any sportsbooks offer free golf bets?
Many online sportsbooks offer a free bet bonus for new players who deposit money, which can be used to bet on golf or any sporting event.