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Professional golf has been around for over a century, but in the last 30 years, it has really started to grow internationally. Once a sport for the elite in North American and Europe, more players are coming from the lower ranks in countries in Asia and Latin America, making for a truly global sport. Of course, with increased international exposure comes a peaked interest in Golf Betting. The online betting sites in today’s industry know this, but not all of them proved the same level of quality when it comes to betting on the sport. This page is all about Golf Betting Sites, and how to find the best one for your needs.

Features of a Good Golf Betting Site

So, you may be thinking to yourself “What is the difference between all the betting sites out there?” You would be surprised to find out that every site tends to have its own intricacies, and these can have an impact on your experience (and profitability). When our team reviews a betting site, we don’t just look at general characteristics, we also look through the lens of each individual sports bettor. This gives us a way to determine which sites are the best for Golf bettors. Here is some insight into what goes into our review process.

What tours are available

If you are a casual gambler, you likely know that there is a PGA Tour for both women and men. However, past that, you may not realize how many professional tours now exist around the world. This has opened of opportunities for hundreds of more golfers to compete each week, and that means even more chances for you to make bets – if your site of choice offers odds on all the tournaments. We look at each site to find the ones that offer the most tournaments on a weekly basis, including popular options like The Masters and The U.S. Open for example.

Live Streaming

Well, if you are looking for betting options for one of the minor tours, then you are also likely looking for a place to watch these events. Most of the broadcast time on television is saved for the largest events, so many players turn elsewhere for help. Golf Betting Sites may offer a solution, as the best ones will have streaming access to tournaments from around the world. These streams tend to be only available for real-money players, so when you pick a site, you want to find one that combines both the ability to bet on an event and also one that streams it as well.

Bet types available

In most golf tournaments, there are well over one hundred entrants and only one winner. Finding a site that offers odds on every player can be tough, but some of them do exist. If you have a feeling about a lower-ranked golfer in a particular event, you want to be able to get some action on their result. However, if your site only offers a “field” bet on a group of golfers, then you may not get the best odds. We look for Golf Betting sites that offer odds on the deepest number of individual golfers in an event.

Terms and Conditions

Golf is a sport that can be affected dramatically by weather, and this, in turn, can impact players betting on an event. Some events are shortened due to bad weather, which may cause your bet to be canceled. Before you make a Golf bet, it is best to review the Terms and Conditions regarding winning and losing bets, so you aren’t blindsided when something happens in your account.

Mobile Options

All of the above factors are important, but since most tournaments take place over a few days, you aren’t likely going to be in front of your PC the entire duration of the event. A Golf Betting site that we recommend would have a great option for those of you who want to make bets on the go – this may be a browser-based version of the site that allows you to make your bets from anywhere or a native app that you can download to your iOS or Android device. In either case, we look at the quality of the mobile experience – speed, ability to stream, etc. to make sure that you aren’t losing anything by stepping away from your PC to make your Golf bets.

Basic Golf Betting Strategy

A golf tournament is a highly competitive event, with over a hundred players all competing individually against one another on most weeks. As a result, predicting who is going to win any weekly event can be a challenge. However, with the use of some basic strategies, you can reduce the field to a manageable number of players with a realistic shot. We turned to our in-house golf experts to come up with a few basic strategies that you should learn to employ when you are making your golf bets.

Do your homework

Golf is a sport where you need to do your homework even more than in most sports. There are so many factors that come into play in a golf tournament that can affect the odds and your chance of walking away a winner. One of the things to take note of is the course itself -many course designs work to the advantage of a particular type of player. This means that even though you may like the play of some big hitters in a field, a course may not allow them to bomb away without risk, which may make then less of a favorite. Also, players are known to enter smaller tournaments around the world because they are paid an appearance fee. This likely puts them at a major advantage over the field, so you want to track your favorite golfers if they don’t appear in the PGA field for an event. You may find some value in picking them in a tournament many gamblers would stay away from.

Choose Head-to-Head

Rather than making bets on a player to win the tournament, many gamblers are turning to head-to-head betting for golf. We think this is an excellent option, not only because it doesn’t require the player to win the tournament outright, but in many cases, you can make multiple bets on the same player. For the top golfers, many sites will offer odds on multiple head-to-head matches, and if you have a feeling about the play of one golfer particular, you can put all your faith (and money) on that player to beat other golfers. This is becoming a far more enjoyable way to bet on the sport as it takes out any outliers who may win an event and ruin the bets on the favorites.

Use the Field to your advantage

Most sites will give you more than just the odds of winning an event, especially when it comes to the more popular events on the PGA calendar. While you won’t get nearly the same odds as picking a player to win outright, betting on them to place in the field is a much more conservative way to make money on golf bets. Many sites will offer odds on a golfer finishing in the top 5, 10 or 20 in the event, with the odds getting worse for each bet. This is a nice way to hedge your bet on several golfers while not exposing yourself to a player having a few bad holes which cost them a shot at winning an event. We love this strategy for slowly building your bankroll.

Watch the weather

Golf takes place outdoors, of course, which means that weather can be a factor, especially when you consider that a golf tournament is typically 4 days in length. Checking the forecast for an event leading up to the tournament start can impact the betting lines you choose, especially when it comes to particular players on certain days. If the course is soft, and players are likely to be able to hit and stick on greens, then scores should be lower than average which is a good time to bet on the low round 0of the day. Or, if your player is in a head-to-head betting match and they are playing at a vastly different time of day than the opposition, then you need to take weather into account as the course can dry up during a day of sunny play. Overall, weather affects golf betting more than other sports, so you should definitely keep your weather apps handy when you start thinking about your bets.

Look at recent history – schedule and course

Even though there are dozens of players in a tournament in any given week, it is important to look at the recent history both of play on the tour and in previous events held at the same course. Players get on big rolls in golf, and a player that has a few excellent results in a row can become a good bet for an upcoming win. By the same token, a player may not be having the best season but may have an event or course they do particularly well at every year, which may make them a good choice for a particular week. In either case, checking on the recent statistics leading up to an event you are considering betting on will go a long way in narrowing the field to a number of golfers that makes sense.

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The Best Golf Betting Sites

Golf betting isn’t high on the popularity scale with many sportsbooks, so you want to do some research before you select a site to make a deposit. We have taken some of that work off your shoulders, as our team of experts has reviewed dozens of the top sportsbooks in the industry. When we review a site, we look at it from each sport’s perspective, which has allowed up to compile this list of recommended golf betting sites. Each of these sites offers players the best range of bets, as well as in some cases a place to live stream events that aren’t on local television. Add in excellent customer service and engaging promotions, and we are certain that if you choose any of these sites, you will have an enjoyable betting experience.


As golf continues to grow in popularity around the world, we are going to see more international golfers make the cut for the PGA Tour, as well as many veteran golfers heading overseas to try their luck in some of the smaller tours. As a result, staying on top of the industry is more important than ever when thinking about betting on the sport. While we always recommend that you bet within your own personal means, we also want to arm you with the most information when it comes to where to play and what strategies to use. This way, the amount of money you have set aside to gamble with will go a lot further, and hopefully will bring you some big winners along the way.

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