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US Open betting sites offer odds and promos for one of the most prestigious golf tournaments of the season. The US Open is one of the four golf majors that take place each year. Each season, the event produces some of the best stories and results with some of the most high-profile players taking part.

In addition, sports bettors take an interest in the event, with many sites offering special incentives to attract new and existing customers.

We look at some of the leading US Open betting sites on this page. Below, we highlight some of the key features that make a top US Open platform.

The Best US Open Betting Sites

Almost every online sportsbook will post odds before and during the US Open event. Many bookmakers also like to run special, one-off bonuses for players looking to wager on the tournament.

To help with the decision on which bookmaker to choose, we have compiled a list of our favorite US Open Betting sites. All these sites have been thoroughly reviewed and checked by our team of sports betting experts.

Top 5 US Open Betting Sites

Features of Good US Open Betting Sites

US Open betting sites can vary in quality for bettors. Some provide almost everything a customer needs when they want to wager on the tournament. However, some can fall short of the standard required, with very little other than a few basic odds.

When choosing your preferred US Open betting site, look for some of the key features we outline below. Many of these aspects set apart the best sportsbook from the sub-standard providers.

Types of US Open bets

One of the appeals of modern wagering on major events like the US Open is the number of available markets. Despite there being hundreds of betting options available, some sportsbooks only offer odds for limited markets, like outright winners.

But some providers offer in-depth, multiple selections for the US Open each year. The popularity of choosing outright winners of this tournament is decreasing and bettors now favor alternative markets. When selecting a US Open betting site, check to see whether they have odds for both outright winners, and some of the markets listed below.

  • Head-to-Head bets
  • Top 3/Top 5/ Top 10
  • Individual round winners
  • Best two or three ball performers per day

Best US Open Odds

The four Grand Slam events of the PGA season tend to attract far more betting activity than the average tournament. For these events, casual golf fans often tune in to see who is going to walk away from a major winner. Ultimately, this can impact the value of odds before and during the tournament.

First of all, most amateur bettors stick with the household bookmakers. However, the more activity there is on these sites, the better value there is on smaller sites. We look for sites that offer as many bets on individual golfers as possible. These include those who have come through the three gruelling levels of qualifying to make the event.

Live Streaming of the event

The US Open takes four days to complete, so making sure you can find a place to watch it is helpful. This is especially important when it comes to making in-play wagers as the tournament is in progress.

Many US Open Betting sites offers streaming access to the event right. This is a huge bonus for bettors who cannot view the action from their TV. To access live streaming, customers usually need an account with a sportsbook. Also, some providers ask bettors to have money deposited into their accounts to access live streams.

Sportsbook Customer Service

Hundreds of bets are available throughout the four days of the US Open. As a result, you may have a few questions about your bets during or after the tournament. When reviewing a US Open betting site, we look at all the customer support options available. This includes how a provider responds in real-time. Before joining a betting site, ensure it has some customer service details listed.

US Open Bonuses (and other offers)

One of the perks of US Open betting is the potential to receive bonuses and promos. Sometimes, these are provided in free bets, others in matched deposits or risk-free bets. Each sportsbook will offer something different as most companies will be in competition with their rival providers.

This is good news for new customers looking to join a sportsbook, and for existing customers. Firstly, some platforms may run exclusive deals for new bettors who join before the US Open. Often, such promos reward new players with 100% matched deposits or free bets. Alternatively, long-term customers may receive one-off promo codes or risk-free bets to place on the US Open only.

A few weeks before the US Open gets started, head to a bookmaker’s promotions page to see what they can offer.

How to Wager on US Open betting sites

As there are now so many US Open betting sites available, wagering on this prestigious event couldn’t be easier. To get ready before the next US Open starts, follow the steps below so you can get ready to wager on the event. You may also be eligible for new customer bonus offers or free bets.

  1. Use one of our in-depth and detailed bookmaker reviews to find the right sportsbook for you.
  2. Head to your preferred US Open betting site and sign up here. Remember, you do not have to exclusively register with just one site, multiple bookmakers are available.
  3. Enter any new customer promo codes or opt into new player bonuses.
  4. Deposit funds and select your favored US Open wager.

History of the US Open

The second major of the golf season, the US Open has run since 1895 and it is organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA). It is the only golf major that is open to both professional tour players and amateurs.

Originally, the US Open was played across 32 holes, with the player with the lowest scoring winning. However, in 1898, the event was changed to 72 holes and it has remained this way ever since.

In US Open history, four players have the most tournament wins to their name. Scottish golfer Willie Anderson and US players, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus have all won the major four times.

Each season, the event is held on Father’s Day weekend (often the middle weekend of June, with Father’s Day on the third Sunday of the month). Outside of all the great stories we get about the golfers in the field and the special connections they have with their dads, the play at the US Open is intriguing for many reasons.

Typically, the course is the big story, with the USGA trying to keep scores down by making the course very tough to play. The USGA hand-selected each course for the US Open and it is held at a different venue each year. As a result, the winning score at each course varies hugely. For instance, Brooks Koepka won the 2017 competition with a -16 score, while nobody broke par in the 2017 tournament.


Overall, many great US Open betting sites offer a well-rounded selection of odds, markets, live streaming, and bonuses. Before signing up and depositing funds with a provider, ensure it has all of the services and requirements you need. For additional peace of mind, check out our thorough sportsbook reviews of some of the leaders in the industry.

Is it legal to bet on the US Open in America?
Yes, all online sportsbooks in the USA offer US Open betting to American players.
Do any sportsbooks offer free US Open golf bets?
Many online sportsbooks offer a free bet bonus for new players who deposit money, which can be used to bet on the US Open or any golf event.