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The US Open is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The one true golf major that anyone can qualify for, this event produces some of the best stories and results of the entire golf year. You may not realize it, but the event is also very exciting for bettors, with many sites offering special incentives to get you to bet on the tournament. We are going to take a look at US Open Betting Sites on this page. This will include a look at how we review these sites and a snapshot of some of our favorite places to gamble on the major golf championship.

Features of A Good US Open Betting Site

The second major of the golf season, the US Open falls on Father’s Day weekend every year. Outside of all the great stories we get about the golfers in the field and the special connections they have with their dads, the play at the US Open is intriguing for many reasons. Typically, the course is the big story, with the USGA trying to keep scores down by making the course very tough to play. This can factor into the odds of who will win the tournament, which is only one small piece of what we look for when reviewing the best places to make US Open bets.

Types of US Open Bets Available

The four Grand Slam events of the PGA season tend to attract far more eyeballs than the average tournament. Even casual fans of the game will tune in to see who is going to walk away a major winner, and this can have an impact on the betting that is available. First of all, most amateur bettors will stick with the favorites or the names they know, which can change the odds on some of the smaller sites. We look for sites that offer as many bets on individual golfers as possible, including those who have come through the three grueling levels of qualifying to make the event. This is also a great event to bet on the amateur golfers in the field – typically you can make bets on who will make the cut, or if any of the amateurs will as a whole. The more betting options, the better as far as we are concerned

Live Streaming of the event

The US Open takes four days to complete, so making sure you can find a place to watch it is helpful when it comes to making bets while the tournament is ongoing. Many US Open Betting sites will give you a chance to stream the event right from the site itself, which is an added bonus especially if you are nowhere near a TV or live in an area that isn’t giving you any other streaming options. Live streaming is usually reserved for real-money players, so bear that in mind if you plan to watch the tournament on one of these streams.

Customer Service

With so many bets available and a changing leaderboard throughout the four days, you may end up with some questions about your bets (or how long it takes to get paid on them so you can bet again). We look at all the customer support options at a betting site, including how many of them get you, someone, to respond in real time. Bonus marks are given to a site that still offers telephone customer service.

US Open Bonuses (and other offers)

With so many first-time bettors taking part in US Open Betting, the best sites for those players to choose are the ones that offer the most attractive Welcome Bonuses. Now, while in many cases we would recommend a site that offers a large number of bonus dollars, in the case of these more amateur gamblers, we would err on the side of sites that offer a free Match Bet instead. Some sites will reward their loyal players with a free US Open pool where prizes are awarded to the bettors who choose the best team of golfers for the event. Each of our reviews goes into detail about many of the highlighted promotions a site offers to its players.

The Best US Open Betting Sites

So, where should you play if you want to get the most out of your US Open betting experience? Well, this is where it is helpful to have a site like ours handy! We have compiled a list of our favorite US Open Betting sites for you, featuring some of the most recognizable brands and others that we feel deserve your time and attention. Whichever site you choose from this list, we are certain that you will have an excellent time making your US Open bets, and if you have any feedback to send our way, then we would love to hear it. Good luck!

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