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This has been a weird year for everything, including the UEFA Champions League. I know it feels like last one was just completed, with Manchester City beating Inter Milan for the title, and it was, but the soccer world waits for nobody and before you know it, we will be asking ourselves again which is the best club in Europe.

Below is a look at the current odds for the top contenders. No hard bets just yet, but some things to keep in mind. Remember the first round of matches is coming up quick. You won’t get locked out of a number this early, but if you see something you like, don’t wait.

Top Odds for UCL 2023

  • Manchester City +200
  • Bayern Munich +500
  • Real Madrid +900
  • Arsenal +1100
  • Barcelona +1400
  • PSG +1600
  • Manchester United +1800
  • Newcastle +2300

Those are the top eight teams listed.

Here are the odds for the next set of clubs:

  • Napoli +2300
  • Atletico Madrid +2900
  • Inter Milan +2900
  • Dortmund +3400
  • AC Milan +4400
  • RB Leipzig +5000
  • Sevilla +5000
  • Benfica +5000
  • Lazio +6500
  • Real Sociedad +9000

Out of the top 18 clubs based on the betting odds, I’m sure one of these squads takes it.

I don’t think there is a team worth betting on that is +10000 or lower, it simply doesn’t happen.

This tournament is the best of the best, and the best usually come out on top.

UEFA Champions League Format

Qualifying Rounds

The competition consists of several qualifying rounds for lower tier clubs to make it into the group stage. There is a preliminary round with four teams and the winner advancing to the first qualifying round.

The 1st qualifying round consists of 34 teams going head to head, with 17 winners advancing. The second qualifying round has 26 teams, split into the Champions Path (20 teams) and the League Path (6 teams). Once again, these are head to head matches, with the winners advancing to the third qualifying round.

The 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League has 20 teams, with 12 in the Champions Path and 8 in the League Path. Ten winners advance to the playoff round.

The Playoff round hosting 8 Champions Path teams and 4 League Path teams in head to head games. The winners advance and become part of the 32 teams qualifying for the UEFA Champions League Group Stage.

UCL Betting Odds

Group Stage

The Group Stage consists of 8 groups of 4 teams drawn randomly. Teams square off against the other three teams in their group, both at home and on the road, for a total of 6 group stage games per team.

These matches are spread out throughout the year, as they take place amongst regular league games and other in-season competitions.

After all the group stage games have been played, the 8 group winners, and 8 group runner-ups advance to the Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage

The Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League consists of 16 teams who face off in 2 head to head matches, one home and one on the road. Each leg is part of a two game series that is decided on total aggregate score. The matchups are drawn randomly, much like the groups.

Once a winner is decided, whether it be on aggregate score, or via a tiebreaker, that teams advances to the next round. Now, this is bracket style play, but the bracket is not set.

This is because each round the matchups are drawn at random and not set beforehand. Teams do not know who they will play next round until they advance.

We have the Round of 16, the Quarterfinals, and then the Semifinals, and eventually, we get to the UEFA Champions League Final match.

UCL Final Match

The Final match of the UEFA Champions League is just one game on a pre-determined site. There is no aggregate score, or home and away leg, so teams are forced to bring their A-game to a winner-takes-all contest.

If no winner is decided after 90 minutes, teams play two 15 minute periods of Extra Time, with stoppage time added. The full 30 minutes plus stoppage time is played no matter what. There is no golden goal to finish it off. Teams have the full time of both extra time periods to try and take the lead.

If after both Extra Time periods there is still no winner, the game is then decided on Penalty Kicks.

Group of Death

While most of the groups are fairly even, there is one obvious group that will inevitably be labeled “The Group of Death”.

Group F this year is stacked to the brim with teams capable of winning this entire tournament.

  • PSG
  • Dortmund
  • AC Milan
  • Newcastle

All four of these teams fall within the top 12 contenders according to the betting odds.

This group will certainly have the most eyes on them once play starts.

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