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As you have probably figured out, Sports betting is everywhere.

Every time you watch a game or just turn on the TV, there are advertisements for all kinds of sportsbooks and online betting sites etc. and how to place your next bet on the Super Bowl, the NBA or any sporting event.

With the legalization of sports betting coming to more and more states in America, betting has become mainstream and a huge part of the sports conversation every single day.

Sports Betting is featured heavily on social media, dissected on numerous podcasts, discussed on the major sports networks, and is the main feature on many shows on Twitch, Youtube and mainstream television networks.

In this article, we will break down some of the best Sports betting shows, podcasts and live streams to consume for all your sports betting needs.

We will break down each show and tell you:

  • Show Details
  • Where to Watch?
  • Entertainment or News?

With that said, here is a list of the Top Sports Betting Shows!

Surgical Stream

  • Where to watch: Twitch, Twitter, Youtube
  • Entertainment or News: Entertainment

The Surgical Stream is a daily live stream hosted by famous Twitter personality @BookitwithTrent and his company @BookitHQ.

The stream is an interactive live show where sports bettors from all backgrounds come together to pitch their best play to Trent and the viewers, and talk about all the best bets of the day.

It has exploded in popularity over the past year since its inception a little over a year ago and has become a main stop for many sports bettors, on Twitch, Twitter, Tik Tok and Youtube.

While it doesn’t have the best information about making the most profitable wagers possible very single day, it is an entertaining experience for the viewer and does make the sports betting world much more inviting to novice and expert gamblers.

Afternoon Betspresso

Afternoon Betspresso, hosted by @SweatpantJesus , @Shaggy_Bets , and @WWMacmiller is an interactive betting show diving into the slate of games and helps you make the best bets every day!

Stop by on Thursday through Monday on Twitch, Twitter or X , Youtube and Spotify for one of the best live betting shows you can find, for the betting knowledge but also the entertainment!

The Pat MacAfee Show

  • Where to Watch/Listen: Twitter, Youtube, Apple Podcasts
  • Entertainment or News: News

The former NFL punter Pat McAfee hosts a daily talk show talking about all the sports news of the day, in a fun and raunchy environment.

While this show is not a gambling show, they do discuss the gambling world and how it is impacting the sports world on a daily basis.

McAfee has a weekly special with QB Aaron Rogers and has another former NFL player AJ Hawk to offer other perspectives of the sports news of the day.

Part of being an educated sports bettor is understanding the ins and outs of the sports world, on a daily basis; following the breaking news, getting the inside scoops and using that information to help you with your bets.

All in all, McAfee and Company produce an incredibly entertaining sports show that is a must-watch for any sports fan AND sports bettor.

The Daily Tip

  • Where to Watch/Listen: Twitter, Youtube, Apple Podcasts
  • Entertainment or News: News

The Daily Tip is a daily morning talk show going over the Betting slate of the day and giving you an overview of the best bets you can make every morning.

The show is hosted by Chelsa Messinger and Michael Jenkins and they discuss everything happening in the betting world on that given day and the biggest news of the sports world.

Not only do they discuss every day bets and cap specific games, they also impart knowledge about the sports betting industry that make it a educational view for not only your daily wagers but also your overall gambling knowledge.

Did you know that was where the super popular Same Game Parlays came from?

Well, now you do 😉

This show is great for its daily betting tips (yes, pun intended) but mostly because of the overall content of the show.

Learning and growing as a sports fan and bettor is the best way to be profitable in the long run and this show is a great watch.

Whether you watch it when it airs, early in the morning with your coffee or a recording later in the day, possibly with a beer, it will make you a more informed sports fan and a more profitable bettor.

Thanks for stopping by!

Come back to this page as we will be updating it frequently with more shows and podcasts that are great for your sports betting brain and most of all, a great watch or listen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Sports Betting Shows?
There are hundreds of betting shows available on television, Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter. In this article, we provide you with all of the best shows to watch for your sports betting needs.
How can I watch/listen to these shows?
You can consume the shows mentioned in this article and many more on streaming television, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and wherever else you get your Podcasts.
Where can I place my Sports bets?
Luckily for you, you can bet from anywhere at any of these highly reviewed Sportsbooks here at Betting News!

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