2020 Masters Golf Betting Tips

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The Masters Tournament is one of the most well known and exciting weekends of the professional golf season. Even the casual fan tunes in each spring to get a glimpse of the top players in the world competing at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Just like with any major sporting event played in the United States, the Masters has become one of the most attractive events to sports bettors around the world. The Masters is known as “A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” and the different ways to make money surrounding the event fits into this catch phrase as well.

Augusta National Golf Club opened in December 1932 after Bobby Jones designed the legendary course. The first “Augusta National Invitation Tournament” was held in March 1934, and the tournament kept that name until the 1939 season.

Another tradition of the Masters is the legendary and iconic “Green Jacket” that is given to the champion each year. The first green jacket was awarded in 1949, and Sam Snead was the first recipient. American Patrick Reed was the winner in 2018, holding off fellow countrymen Ricky Fowler and Jordan Spieth to win the green jacket.

Since this is one of the most difficult golf courses in the world, it is no surprise that the best players have dominated the tournament. Golf icon Jack Nicklaus has the most ever Masters victories with six, and those titles spanned three decades. Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer have each won the green jacket four times, and Tiger is the youngest winner ever at just 21 years old. There have been several surprise winners throughout the tournament history, but traditionally, the best golfers in the world have the best odds.

How to Bet on the Masters

There are several ways to make money by betting on the Masters Tournament, both during the weekend, and in advance of the tournament. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ways to bet on the Masters below:

Prop Betting: Most major sporting events now have a way for bettors to place “prop bets.” A prop bet is a way to make some serious money if you are able to hit on the right bet, and they are also a fun way to bet on things outside of the golf. Here are a few examples of potential prop bets.

  • Will Phil Mickelson hit the Fairway on his opening tee shot: Yes -150 No +130
  • Will there be a Hole in One at the Masters: Yes -135 No +125
  • Will “Player A” record an Eagle during the Masters: Yes -140 No +110

Futures Betting: This type of betting can be done from now until the start of the Masters tournament. Bettors can look at the current odds to win the Masters tournament, and place a bet on who they think will win. These odds will change almost every day leading up to the tournament, so it is important to keep an eye on them until you find the right golfer at the right odds.

Round Leaders: This type of bet breaks the Masters tournament down into four different days, and gives bettors the chance to pick the winner after each round. One of the most popular betting options is the “First Round Leader” type of bet, but this can be done for each round. Golfers will be given odds after each round is played in regards to their chances of being the leader after the next round.

Over/Under Scores: Sports bettors are given the chance to bet on each golfer and their total score or score for each round. Sportsbooks will set a “total” score for each player and you can bet if they will shoot under or over that particular score. Here is an example of this type of bet:

Tiger Woods

Round 1: Over/Under 70.5

Total: Over/Under 279.5

If you think that Tiger will shoot better than a 71 in round 1, then you will bet the under. If you think Tiger will shoot worse than a 279 for the entire tournament then you will bet the over.

How to Find the Right Sportsbook to bet on the Masters

Whether you are a first time sports bettor or someone who is looking for a sportsbook to specifically bet on the Masters, there are a few things you should look for.

Top Ten Payouts: This has become a relatively new practice, but not all sportsbooks have jumped on board. Find a sportsbook that has payouts for golfers that finish in the top ten or top eight at the Masters Tournament. This type of feature gives you a better chance of making some money, rather than being forced to nail the winner.

Prop Betting: Find a sportsbook that has prop bets surrounding the Masters. Prop bets are fun and are a way to keep you engaged throughout the entire tournament.

Live Betting: Another new feature of many online sportsbooks is a live betting option. This type of betting is done in real time and gives you a chance to hedge on your bets as the tournament is being played.

Reload Bonus: Another thing that anyone who bets on sports should look at is a particular site’s reload policy. Find an online sportsbook that gives you bonuses or specials for reloading money onto the site. The sportsbook offers this as a way to keep you coming back, but you also get some “free” or “cheaper” chances to place more bets to win more money.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Finding the right sportsbook is the most important thing that a sports bettor needs to do. The right sportsbook will give you a chance to make even more money by offering a variety of betting options. As for the golf itself, betting on the game isn’t easy, and the Masters Tournament is always one of the toughest sporting events to predict.

The best way to make money is to make a “Futures” bet and simply pick the correct winner of the tournament. It is not always easy to correctly pick the winner, but looking at each golfer’s history at Augusta is the best thing to do.

There are a number of players in the field who have fared well at this tournament in the past, and they should always be the first golfers to consider betting on. Watching the tournament is another key, and should give you an idea of how each golfer is playing that weekend. Look at the odds, watch the tournament, and make a solid pick. Enjoy the 2020 Masters Tournament and good luck!