Which Sports Betting Site has the Best Odds?

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Pick Aggregation Page

Sports betting is becoming more and more a part of the viewing experience as many states across the US make Sports betting legal.

Regulated sports books are available all over the US and if you are lucky enough to live in a state where you can play on more than one sports book, it may sometimes be hard to decide which book you want to use.

Fan Duel

The question around which betting site has the best odds is hard to answer and doesn’t really have a clear and obvious, straight forward answer.

The Sportsbook market is always shifting and with how many regulated books that are now available, there are so many options, with slightly different odds.

Fan duel vs Draft Kings

Just because they are, for the most part, first to the party, however, does not mean that they offer the BEST odds.

So, if you came to this page looking for one sportsbook that always has the best odds, sorry to disappoint.

That page doesn’t exist.

But, never fear. There is a solution to finding the best odds for every wager and it is quite simple so stick around and we will break it down for you!

Whether you are completely new to sports betting or a seasoned pro, there are 3 Easy Steps you can make to find the best lines on any wager available:

  • Sign Up for all Available Sportsbooks
  • Shop for the Best Line on a Wager or ‘Line Shop’
  • Place the Wager with the Best Odds Number

If you have access to multiple sports books, you have an advantage in how you make your bets and shopping around for the best lines.

So first things first….

Sign up for All Available Sportsbooks

The first step in this process is quite straightforward.

This option will vary depending upon where you live and which sportsbooks you have legal access to.

You can go to our Legal Sports betting Page to find out which books you are eligible for in your state and how to sign up for them.

Once you have determined how many sites you are eligible for, sign up for all the available books in your state.

You don’t have to use all the books, but you will see why having them all available to you is important.

Here are several sites available to anyone:

  • Bovada
  • BetOnline.ag
  • MyBookie.ag
  • GtBets.ag
  • SportsBetting.ag
  • Bookmaker.eu
  • everygame.eu
  • BetUS

Now, you are ready for Step 2.

Shop for the Best Line

Ok so you have multiple Sportsbooks available to you and you want to bet on an NHL game.

This is where our Picks Aggregation tool here at Betting News will come in handy for you.

Here are the pages for the 4 Major Leagues.

Pick Aggregation Page

This is the NHL Picks page that shows all the games available on each day.

In this photo, you can see the Red Box that shows the Best Line available for each game and the book where you can find that line.

If you want to bet on the Wild on the Moneyline for example, the best available line is at BetOnline for -176.

Since you have already signed up for BetOnline, you go to the App or Site, select the Wild Moneyline and off you go!

You can also do this manually, without using our Picks Aggregation site, but it takes a little bit longer and isn’t as easy!

For example, you want to bet on the Wild Moneyline as described above.

You start at BetOnline to see the odds offered for that wager.

Then, go to the other 3 Sportsbooks you have available to you and see which one gives the best odds for the Wild moneyline.

You then place the wager at that sportsbook.

This is called ‘Line Shopping.’

Why is Line Shopping Important?


Line Shopping is a crucial aspect to sports betting for you to take advantage of the many options you have available to you in regards to where you play and finding the best line.

Line shopping is like using multiple web sites to buy a pair of shoes. One site might offer the shoes for $90 while a separate site might offer the same exact pair of shoes for $85.

Who doesn’t like saving $5 for the same product for an extra 5 minutes of research??

The same applies with Sports Betting and Line Shopping.

If you can place a wager for -115 instead of -125, that is a huge difference on your return.

It may not be a massive difference for one wager, but over the course of time and many wagers, you are guaranteeing yourself the highest possible return on your investment.

If you use our Picks Aggregation Pages and sign up for as many Sportsbooks as you can, you are setting yourself up to get the absolute best odds available, at all times.

What Did you Learn?

Well, as you can see, there is a pretty simple way to find the best available odds for every single Sports bet you make to make sure you are getting the absolute best odds.

While there isn’t one sportsbook that always has the Best Odds, if you use the advice given on this page and our Picks Aggregation pages, you will always have access to the best odds, all the time!

Find out more of what we offer here at Betting News and how we can help you on your betting journey!

We really are All About the Game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sportsbook has the best odds?
The answer to this is a combination of all of them. BetOnline and DraftKings usually release the odds first but then all books offer different lines for different events. Using a combination of as many books as possible if the best way to ensure you find the best odds!
What is 'Line Shopping'?
Line Shopping refers to looking at different sports books for the same bet and finding the best line possible. Line shopping is the way to ensure you get the best value and odds on every bet you make.