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The Bundesliga is the world’s top soccer league in terms of average attendance. In its 2011-2012 season, the league was attended by an average of 45,134 fans per game – second only, in any sport, to the American National Football League (NFL). The Bundesliga’s 2017-18 season recorded its second-highest average game attendance with 43,879. The Bundesliga is aired on television in over 200 countries.

Overview of Bundesliga Betting

The Bundesliga is Germany’s highest division in association soccer. In Europe, the Bundesliga is among the top national leagues: Fourth best for the 2017-18 season according to ‘s ranking. The Bundesliga is currently home to soccer superstars such as Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, James Rodriguez, Manuel Neuer, Marco Reus, Mats Hummels, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller among others. The league is also is known to have produced soccer greats such as Franz Beckenbauer, Jupp Heynckes, Michael Ballack and Oliver Khan.

Competition Format

The Bundesliga is contested by 18 clubs/teams. Each club plays every other club twice, at home and away, in a season. A win is awarded 3 points, a draw 1 point, and no points for a loss. The club with the most points at the end of the season is crowned the league’s champion. The 2 clubs at the bottom of the table are relegated to Germany’s 2nd tier league – the 2. Bundesliga – while the top 2 teams of 2. Bundesliga are promoted to the Bundesliga. The 3rd last team in the Bundesliga and the 3rd best team of the 2. Bundesliga will play a two-leg playoff match for a spot at the top league.

As of the 2018-19 season, the Bundesliga’s top 4 clubs from the 2017-18 season automatically qualify for the Group Stage of the UEFA Champion’s League.

League Finances

In the 2009-10 season, the Bundesliga was the only soccer league in Europe where clubs collectively made a profit. As of the financial year of 2016, the Bundesliga was Europe’s most profitable league with all but 3 of its 18 clubs reporting a profit during the said financial period. Part of the league’s profitability can be attributed to its revenue spending of only 50% on wages compared to the English Premier League’s 64%, Spain’s 57%, and Italy and France’s 69%. While the Bundesliga’s wage to revenue ratio remains the lowest, the league’s wage bill is still the 2nd highest in Europe at an average of €1.35M per week.

Despite the lure of the English Premier League in terms of player salaries, the Bundesliga is able to hold its own. Remarkably, 67.6% of Germany’s best players (composing the national team) ply their trade in the Bundesliga. Among the top leagues, only England has more national team players playing in their local league.

Features of a good Bundesliga Betting Site:

Despite its local popularity, the Bundesliga’s global appeal isn’t quite as far-reaching as that of La Liga’s or the EPL’s. Still, with such a loyal fanbase and global media coverage, the Bundesliga should be an easy favorite for any sports betting site. While we won’t be getting into too much detail, here are some watchouts when choosing Bundesliga betting sites:

Betting Options

It’s going to be a season full of goals, assists, blocks, tackles, and saves – you’ll probably be looking at those stats and not just which club wins or loses. Similarly, you’re likely to be looking for more betting options from a sports betting site than just win/lose, over/under. When choosing a Bundesliga betting site, consider a site that provides a plethora of betting options such as, but not limited to:

  1. Total goals scored in the game
  2. Goals per team
  3. Who scored the opening/closing goal
  4. How many corner kicks were taken during the game
  5. How many bookings were given

Halftime scores

As the season progresses, we’re sure you’ll be having your own predictions on more than just the outcome of the game. Choose a betting site that’s ready for your forecasts.

Live Betting

A good sports betting site should be able to take your bets in during the game. Maybe because you were unable to place a bet earlier, or because you saw something during the game that could influence the match outcome, a sports betting site with live betting will surely come in handy at times.


Pay attention to the sportsbook’s promotions. Go for those with multiple season-long promotions instead of those with just one-time offers. Also, make the most out of deposit bonuses and free bets. If you can stretch the value of your deposit, why not go for it?

Mobile Betting

Some sportsbooks have mobile apps for their services or at the very least a mobile-ready version of their sports betting site. Avoid sportsbooks that aren’t optimized for mobile – especially if you know you’ll be making live bets from time to time. It would be inconvenient to, later on, realize that the only way you can place bets is if you’re in front of a desktop or laptop computer.

Basic Bundesliga Strategy

Fancy yourself becoming a betting expert? If so, don’t go betting without a plan of action. That’ll be the fastest way to lose your bankroll. Here’s a little something we compiled to get you started with your betting strategy – think of it as a Betting 101 guide:

Give yourself a bankroll.

You must’ve figured this out after we first mentioned it: give yourself a bankroll. This is crucial. It will be a long

season and it will feel so much longer if you’re spent out as early as a few games in. Give yourself a budget: plan how much you will spend betting on games, set aside an amount for educated bets and have an amount for gut-feels. Only play with money that you are willing to lose and DON’T risk your entire life’s savings on your bets.

Don’t bet on each game.

There are 18 teams playing 34 games each… DO NOT bet on all of those games! Instead, PICK a team, be a fan. STUDY your team’s strengths and weaknesses. learn about your team’s manager/coach, your team’s key players, your team’s style of play. Then study your opponents. With all that data you will now be able to make an educated bet. Bet only when you’re comfortable with your predictions. If you’re not feeling so confident about betting on the finer details of the game, bet on the more general aspects like which club will win or the goal difference.

Keep track of the bets you’ve made.

You’ll never know how good of a sports analyst you are if you don’t keep track of your wins. Moreover, you’ll never know just how much you’ve actually made or lost. Keep a log of all of your predictions and bets. Review which ones were profitable, which ones weren’t. Adjust your betting decisions based on your win/loss ratio.

Review historical League Standings

Know your team’s usual table position. Especially if you’re new to the league, knowing where your team usually sits in the league table at the end of the season should be a good indicator on just how strong your team is and how they’d fare against other teams. Of course, there will be crucial changes season after season that can affect a team’s rank but a bit of history should be able to help you with trajectory.

Pay attention to changes.

Yes, changes happen every season in the hopes of better results. Identify these changes and see how they will affect the way your team plays. Does your team have a new manager? Who are the new players in the squad? Who’s out? Who’s injured? Has there been a change in the team’s formation? Is a specific player playing better this season than the last? Ask yourself questions like these and find out if these changes are enough to get your bets winning.

Take advantage of Live Betting

Lastly, maximize Live Betting. If you notice something happening on the pitch that you didn’t anticipate but know could alter the course of the game, use it to your advantage. Boost a win or manage a loss, live betting should use live betting when it counts.

When making a review on a sports betting site, we make sure we consider the sports gambler’s psyche. We factor in aspects of a sport that the gamblers are likely to pay attention to or want to make a bet on.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of recommended Bundesliga betting sites. These companies have been reviewed and highly rated by our team and have a great selection of Bundesliga bets for you to choose from. Of course, these sites were also rated based on customer service, payment methods, and withdrawal options available. We’ve taken the overall betting experience into consideration.

We encourage you to look at each one, see if any differences matter to you personally, and then look for the best odds on the games you want to bet on!

The Bundesliga is the most attended soccer league in the world for good reason. Expect fast-paced, organized, attacking soccer. Hopefully, our review helps you make winning decisions. Good luck with the bets!

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