Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays

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While there are many MLB rivalries that are much older than the Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays rivalry, this matchup could be one of the best rivalries in baseball in the years to come.

Since the Blue Jays entered Major League Baseball in 1977, the two teams have been division foes.

In the present, no division has more pennant hopefuls than the American League East, which only serves to spice up every matchup between the division’s top teams.

Of course, the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry grabs top billing in the AL East and in all of baseball.

But Boston is one of the closest cities in terms of geography to Toronto, so the Red Sox and Blue Jays are natural rivals.

And with the Red Sox expecting to be in the mix for the AL pennant every year and the Blue Jays re-emerging as a championship contender with their power-packed lineup, MLB fans and bettors need to keep their eyes on this rivalry this season and beyond.

The Red Sox are one of the most storied franchises in the American League, but the Blue Jays have had some periods of success as well and could be on the verge of another highly successful period for the ballclub.

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays Results and Upcoming Games

All-Time Red Sox vs. Blue Jays Results

  • Overall: Red Sox lead 380-304
  • Regular Season: Red Sox lead 380-304
  • MLB Postseason: To date, the Red Sox and Blue Jays have not met in the MLB playoffs.
  • Longest Win Streak (Red Sox): 11 – 2002
  • Longest Win Streak (Blue Jays) 7 (twice) – 1988-89 & 2007-08

Recent Red Sox vs. Blue Jays Results


  • Red Sox won the season series, 10-9


  • Red Sox lead the season series, 1-0

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays 2022 Games

  • April 19-21 (Three Games): at Fenway Park (Boston)
  • April 25-28 (Four Games): at Rogers Centre (Toronto)
  • June 27-29 (Three Games): at Rogers Centre (Toronto)
  • July 22-24 (Three Games): at Fenway Park (Boston)
  • August 23-25 (Three Games): at Fenway Park (Boston)
  • September 30-October 2 (Three Games): at Rogers Centre (Toronto)

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays Rivalry History

Historically, the Red Sox have had the upper hand in this rivalry, holding a winning record over the Blue Jays in every decade but the 1980s.

Boston has a winning record against Toronto at home and on the road. At home, they hold a 187-158 advantage, while they are 193-146 on the road.

It is somewhat surprising that they have yet to meet in the MLB playoffs, but that is bound to change in the near future, especially with six teams from each league now qualifying for the playoffs.

Early in Toronto’s existence as an MLB franchise, Boston was thoroughly dominant in their head-to-head matchups.

Only twice in the Blue Jays’ first three seasons did they win consecutive games against the Red Sox, a period in which Boston owned a 32-11 advantage.

The Blue Jays finally won their first series against the Red Sox in May 1980, and they would own a 62-59 advantage in the 1980s. However, that is their most successful decade in this rivalry, to date.

Toronto won back-to-back World Series titles in 1991 and 1992, but even in the 1990s, Boston still had the upper hand overall.

As a franchise, the Red Sox have had more recent success, breaking their 86-year wait for a World Series title in 2004 and adding championships in 2007, 2013, and 2018.

But the Blue Jays are expected to be the better team this season, ahead of the Red Sox and everyone else in the AL, at that. They are the favorite to win the AL pennant in 2022 and second behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2022 World Series odds, while the Red Sox are not expected to be in that upper echelon of contenders.

Recent Red Sox vs. Blue Jays Rivalry History

We are only a few years into the 2020s, but the Red Sox have the upper hand in this decade as well, though it is by a tight margin.

In the shortened 2020 season, the two teams split their ten games. Last season, the Red Sox owned a 10-9 edge, though the Blue Jays won five of the last seven matchups in 2021.