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There are many services out there that analyze past and present data to make predictions. Some are AI-based using algorithms that are designed to generate the most likely outcome, thus making an AI sports pick.

Others are models for sports betting that can run thousands of simulations of any game and compute an estimated prediction for the outcome. These models also provide odds and analysis to go along with their projected pick for the purpose of providing extra context to the sports bettor.

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Model Displays

Most of these offerings are going to be in an excel spreadsheet format, thus making it fairly easy for the average user to read. Some have highlights for the best suggestion from the algorithms and some use graphs to show the data. Either way, these graphs make the data organized and presented in a visual manner, therefore making it easier to read and understand.

Below are a few examples of how the data is shared:

AI sports betting picks can be great because of the sheer amount of data the machine can compile. They can offer game simulations, betting line evaluations, and player prop projections, all based around AI technology which uses hard data and mathematical calculations.

Advantages to using AI Sports Picks and Models

Every service offers different ways to help you succeed. A few are:

  • They are not designed by Vegas! They are made to help the average Joe a more informed bettor.
  • Models are exclusive. Only those who chose to pay for the services have them (unless you’re extremely intelligent and make one!).
  • Massive amounts of data complied that would take hours to do by hand.
  • Exact Game Simulations at your fingertips.

While these services can offer great information, it’s important to remember the human element that comes into play with sports betting. Human errors happen all the time in games, that even a computer can’t predict. Keep this in mind when paying attention to AI-based sports picks.

Finding Value in AI Sports Betting Picks

Each service is going to show you value from its own point of view, but the main goal of model is to exploit the spots where it finds an edge against the book.

Some features that services’ offer are:

  • Best Bets. Identifying for you what it believes to be the best places to place your wagers. Some use grading systems to rank.
  • Performance Predictions. These consider real time factors and day-to-day news, not just data for pick suggestions.
  • Money Splits. This will show you how much money is being wagered on both ends of a bet, making it easier to determine the “sharp” side.
  • Betting Experts Picks. Experts give out their picks along with analysis.
  • Line Movement. Lines move all the time before a game starts. These services can help identify the value in the line based on where it’s been and in which direction it’s moved.
  • Odds Tracking. Public wagers and updated news about a player can shift a line significantly. These services keep track of the odds history for you.

Services We Recommend

We recommend two services for AI-based picks with full reviews available.


BetAlytics Screenshots

One of the services is an AI sports betting pick service called BetAlytics. They use their AI technology to create player projections in order to suggest the best picks for games and player props.

Some great features include:

  • Line suggestions from the AI technology.
  • Showing the edge of their line suggestions compared to the sportsbooks.
  • An internal grade assigned based on edge and line.
  • Multiple different sports offered.
  • Ability to choose games or player props.
  • Many prop categories per sport.

You can read our full review of BetAlytics here. We have a special offer where you can get 30% off BetAlytics with code “BNEWS”. Sign up today and start profiting immediately!

The other service is called, which offers both algorithm-based sports picks and handicapper’s picks. One unique part is that you can sign up to be a handicapper on the site, so if you think you have what it takes, go give it a try.

Other features they have are:

  • Betting Trends for all the major sports teams.
  • Simulators to generate game outcomes based purely on algorithms.
  • Consensus reports to see what side winning handicappers are picking.
  • Graphs and charts breaking down the data.
  • New handicappers joining regularly, so it’s constantly growing.

Feel free to check out our review here, and you can try for free with code “RE28864”.

Betting News Aggregated Sports Picks

Another way picks are generated is through aggregated picks. Aggregated picks are based on the market consensus (the most common pick) from free pick providers across the sports betting industry. Picks are compiled from several different sites and presented through the lens of the market consensus.

We offer our own aggregated picks here at Betting News based on the projections of a few providers listed below:

  • OddsShark
  • Sports Betting Dime
  • Pickwise
  • Many More

We use the predicted scores advertised by the providers with free picks to determine the market consensus, so it’s a great starting point to see where most experts are leaning.

You can checkout our aggregated consensus picks here: