What is a Same Game Parlay?

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There are so many different types of bets you can place on any given game or sporting event.

Placing a single bet for one thing to happen is always exhilarating but there are ways to spice things up even more.

Parlays or a group of bets tied together is a fun way to create better odds on a wager to make the payout more extensive yet adding more risk to your bet.

One of the most popular type of parlay bets you can create is a Same Game Parlay, which is one of the most fun wagers you can build for any given game.


On this page, we will give you the break down of what is a Same Game Parlay and the different sports books that offer it to you as an option.

Same Game Parlays or SGPs, as they are commonly referred, are fun, easy and a great way to bet on the next NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB, with a bit more a chance to have a bigger return on your investment.

Let’s have a look at the ins and outs of the world of SGPs!

What is a Same Game Parlay?

Same Game Parlays have become incredibly popular in the Sportsbook industry and for good reason!

The more legs you add to your parlay, the better payout you can receive!

But before we dive too far into the details of a SGP, let’s talk about simply…What is a Same Game Parlay?

Well, if you understand how a parlay works than you are half way there to understanding what a Same Game Parlay is.

A SGP simply means you select multiple props or betting options from one particular sporting event and parlay them together to make higher odds than an individual straight bet.

SGP example

50% up to $1,000

As you can see in the example listed above, a SGP allows you to pair together multiple different props, sides, and totals from a single game to make a parlay.

There are so many different ways that you can build a parlay and they are available on numerous sportsbooks.

Why place a SGP?

Building a Same Game Parlay is fun because it is never the same and gives you so many options and variables to play with for a single sporting event.

  • Do you want to put together the over 44.5 for the Chiefs/Niners game with Patrick Mahomes to throw 2 touchdowns?
  • In the NBA, do you want to combine Nikola Jokic to have 10+ assists with James Harden to have 8+ rebounds?
  • How about in the MLB do you want to combine Justin Verlander to have 8+ Strikeouts with Aaron Judge to record over 1.5 total bases.

All of these options are possible in the big wide world of Same Game Parlays.

These are the main options available in the SGP market and it is growing every single day.

  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Every option of those (first half total, alternate spreads, etc.)
  • Player props
  • Game props

Bovada SGP

On all the major sportsbooks, you can build your own Same Game Parlay to increase the odds and give yourself something to root for in every facet of the game you are watching.

All in all, SGPs are one of the most fun and fast-growing betting markets in the industry.

While they are not as profitable in the long term in comparison to straight betting, they are one of the best ways to enjoy a game or big sporting event with a little more stake in the game!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Same Game Parlay?
A Same Game Parlay, or SGP, is a combination or 2 or more props from a single event that you parlay together to get higher odds for your sports wager.
Where can you place a Same Game Parlay bet?
Most online sportsbooks have the Same Game Parlay feature available.
Why should I bet a Same Game Parlay?
Same Game Parlays increase the odds to allow for more lucrative returns but the more legs of the parlay that are added, the harder they are to hit! SGP’s are mostly for entertainment and the fun side of sports gambling!


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